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By David Pee on 2013-11-06 08:15:00

JBL does some backstage interview with Renee Young talking about Zayn's suspension(?)

Bo Dallas does a backstage interview saying goodbye to Sami Zayn, and reminding us not to stop Bo-lieving.

Starting the next episode is Sylvester Lefort, counting his money on the way to the ring. He'll be going up against Alexander Rusev. The mystery blonde woman is now announcing Rusev's entrance in what I can only assume is Bulgarian. We still haven't seen them correspond in any way, but there will probably be some vignettes explaining their relationship. Rusev immediately slaps on the Camel Clutch and wins. Looks like Rusev is no longer a part of the Legionnaires.

El Local comes out to some solid applause with a Chimaira cape. Looks like Ricardo Rodriques is set to go one-on-one with Leo Kruger. It's worth mentioning that Kruger has a solid spinebuster. Three snap suplexes and a quick submission hold and El Local taps out.Leo Kruger wins.

Two jobbers sneak into the ring; their names are never announced. The Ascension comes down and makes short work of another tag team after brief confusion about who the legal man is. Jobbers get more reaction than the Ascension; not sure what that's about.

Another jobber sneaks into the ring; no name announcement for this one either. His opponent is Mojo Rawley. He's one of the most-cheered of the night. Less one-sided than the tag match before it, but Rawley pulls out an easy victory nonetheless.

Luke Harper is here! Going up against Kassius Ohno. Among rumors of Ohno needing to hit the gym, he's in fantastic shape. All black ring gear with a small KO! on his elbow pad. Ohno dominant early, solid back and forth. Good to see Ohno back; he can sell with the best of 'em. Harper picks up a win after hitting Ohno with a spinning elbow shot vaguely reminiscent of a Bullhammer Elbow.

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