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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-05 11:19:38

Our friends at have released three more volumes of their excellent DVD series "When Wrestling Was On the Marquee" featuring classic, never before seen footage from different territories. The first volumes were awesome and full of a lot of rare, unique material and these look to be the same:



When Wrestling was on the Marquee - Volume 4 Wrestling From the Aloha State

Soul Patrol (Rocky & Ricky Johnson) vs. Long Riders (Scott & Bill Irwin)
    Lars Anderson Interview
    Lars Anderson vs. Kevin Sullivan
    Bruiser Brody vs. Col. Buck Robley
    Antonio Inoki vs. Hacksaw Higgins
    Buddy Rose vs. Bill Francis
    Bad News Allen vs. Don Muraco
    Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin Interview
    Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin, The Sheik & Prince Kamalamala vs. Lars Anderson, Superfly Tui, Grizzly Smith & Bruiser Brody - Cage Match
    Kevin Sullivan Interview
    Bruiser Brody Interview
    Bruiser Brody vs. The Sheik
    Texas Outlaws (Joel & Dave Deaton) vs. The Samoans Connection
    Debbie Combs vs. Fallen Angel (Nancy Sullivan)
    Siva Afia vs. Jimmy Garvin (JIP)
    Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin vs. Bruiser Brody & Superfly Tui
    Johnny Mantell vs. Seiji Sakaguchi
    Kendo Kimura & Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Kendo Nagasaki & Mr. Pogo
    Jerry Lawler vs. Uncle Elmer
    Ric Flair vs. Samu - NWA World Title Match

Bonus Footage

    Kevin Sullivan Interview
    Rocky Johnson Interview
    Lia Maivia Interview
    Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin Interview
    Angelo Mosca Interview
    Kevin Sullivan, Fallen Angel & Mark Lewin Interview
    Col. Buck Robley & Mark Lewin Interview
    Angelo Mosca, Lia Maivia and Siva Afa
    Angelo Mosca and Siva Afa Interview
    Dirty White Boys Highlights
    Tag Team Title History
    Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel Interview

When Wrestling Was on the Marquee - Volume 5 Big Time Superstars and Bruising Battles

    The Sheik vs. Sailor Art Thomas
    Austin Idol vs. Eddie Dices
    Terry Funk vs. Mark Lewin
    Haystacks Calhoun vs. Killer Brooks
    The Sheik vs. El Brasero
    Thunderbolt Paterson vs. Jim Paturalski
    Mark Lewin vs. Ox Baker
    Killer Karl Kox vs. Junior Paturalski
    Mark Lewin vs. Kurt Von Hess
    Don Kent vs. Chief Jay Strongbow - Shark Cage Match
    Cowboy Bob Ellis vs. Bobby Heenan
    Wilbur Snyder vs. Angelo Poffo
    Andre the Giant vs. Baron Von Raschke
    Mark Lewin vs. The Sheik - Loser Leaves Town - US Title Match
    2 Ring Battle Royal - Featuring: Andre the Giant, Bobo Brazil, Kurt Von Hess, Chris Taylor Dominic DeNucci and many more.

Bonus Footage:   Bobo Brazil vs. The Sheik - Hype Documentary

When Wrestling Was on the Marquee - Volume 6 Tag Team Wrestling

Some would consider tag team wrestling a lost art. Well here is your chance to study this art form from some of its masters.

  1. Fabulous Kangaroos vs. Sam Shell & John Ruffin
  2. Wahoo McDaniel & Scott Casey vs. The Mongol & Dale Valentine
  3. Dominic DeNucci & Paul Christy vs. The Bounty Hunters
  4. Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs. Scott Casey & Relampico Leon
  5. Wahoo McDaniel & Ivan Putski vs. Eddie Mansfield & Tank Patton
  6. Luis Martinez, Nelson Royal & Capt. Ed George vs. Don Kent, Magnificent Zulu & Johnny Davis
  7. Hell Angels vs. Arnold Skaaland & Jim Dillion
  8. Fabulous Blondes vs. Bobby Fulton & Tony Falk
  9. Fabulous Blondes vs. Chicky Starr & Tony Falk
  10. Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher & Sailor Art Thomas vs. Ray Stevens, Baron Von Raschke & Blackjack Mulligan (2 out of 3 Falls, Only 1 Fall shown)
  11. The Sheik & Dory Funk Jr. vs. Stan Stasiak & Don Kent
  12. The Grapplers vs. Ricky Morton & Ken Lucas
  13. The Grapplers vs. Armando Guerrero & Rick McGraw
  14. Dory Funk Jr. & Manny Fernandez vs. Moon Mulligan & Tank Patton
  15. Dick The Bruiser & Andre the Giant vs. Ox Baker & Killer Karl Krupp
  16. Al Perez & Manny Fernandez vs. Fabulous Blondes
  17. Dory Funk Jr. & Pierre LaFive vs. Don Kent & Kurt Von Hess
  18. Dick The Bruiser & Bruno Sammartino vs. Baron Von Raschke & Ernie Ladd



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