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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-04 12:32:55
After tonight's Raw, WWE will tape Smackdown and Main Event tomorrow in Charlotte, NC.  They have a rare Wednesday night house show on 11/6 in Columbia, SC with CM Punk, The Wyatt Family and Ryback on top before heading overseas for a huge European tour, featuring the following tour stops:

Wed 11/6 in Belfast, Ireland
Thu 11/7 in Dublin, Ireland
Fri 11/18 in Glasgow, Scotland
Fri 11/8 in Brussels, Belgium
Sat 11/9 in Munich, Germany
Sat 11/9 in Birmingham, England
Sun 11/10 in Cardiff, Wales
Sun 11/10 in Glasgow, Scotland
Mon 11/11 Raw taping in Manchester, England
Tues 11/12 Smackdown taping in Machester, England
Tues 11/12 in Newcastle, England
Wed 11/13 in Nottingham, England
Wed 11/13 in Zurich, Switzerland

If anyone is attending any of the tapings or European tour dates, we are seeking live reports.

WWE NXT has live shows this week at the former FCW Arena in Tampa, Florida on 11/7 and the Jacksonville, FL Armory on 11/8.

Bobby V. sent the following....Local radio advertising for the TLC PPV here in Houston announced Daniel Bryan as the WWE champion.

The cast of Total Divas will be appearing on the 11/5 episode of the Steve Harvey Show to promote the 11/10 return of the E! reality series.

 Former WWE Diva Maryse did a 20 minute interview with Wrestle Talk in the UK, talking about a variety of different subjects   You can check it out at

WWE Studios' Marine 3 is due to premiere in the UK on Sky Premiere 1 this Friday and will be airing a number of times over the coming weeks.

For those of you who are proud masochists, Cinemax on Demand is currently featuring that Academy Award-winning film "Ready to Rumble" featuring David Arquette, Oliver Platt and a slew of WCW wrestlers.  If you've never seen it, well, now's your chance.

Thomas Rude sent along the following videos:

WWE Top Ten-Stolen Finishers

10/28 WWE RAW "Slam of the Week"

11/1 WWE Smackdown "Slam of the Week"

30-Second Fury-2K14 Edition

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