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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-04 09:18:19
New York Wrestling Connection will begin filming TV footage for their planned TV debut locally in the area at their 11/30 event at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, Long Island.  The current plan is for the series to debut in early 2014.  There are two potential stations in play currently, both of which would give them coverage over Long Island and one that would also put them in some part of the NYC Metropolitan area.  Dave Marquez is coming in to help with production of the taping, since they are getting TV through the new Wrestling United Network group that Marquez has put together.  For ticket details, visit

In a crazy story, Killer Tim Brooks' NAWA promotion in Waxahachie, Texas had their championship belt returned to them by police, 20 years after it was stolen.  Brooks unveiled the belt over the weekend and put it back into the promotion's storylines, awarding it to Nobe Bryant after he defeated Max Muscles, Mr. Wrestling IV and Joe Angelo Garcia in a four-way elimination match to become the NAWA Champion.  The promotion had been using a Texas Heavyweight championship belt, which has now been retired.

Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian defeated Papadon to become the new ECWA Heavyweight Champion over the weekend in Newark, Delaware.  The match went a legitimate 42 minutes, ending with Papadon finally falling to the Spanish Fly and was said to have been the best ECWA bout in about a year.  Working the undercard were Kid USA (former ECW ref Mike Kehner under a mask), Apollyon (who is one of the best big men workers on the indy scene right now), Ahtu and of course, Mr. Ooh La La..    The undercard featured Chris Wylde & ECWA Women’s champ Jessie Kaye defeating ECWA Mid Atlantic Champ Ricky (The Model, doing a Rick Martel deal) Martinez & Renee Michelle   The promotion is running 12/7 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club with JJ Dillon appearing.  They will be doing a toys for tots drive at the show. 

PWG and CWH star  Willie Mack will be making a pretty rare independent appearance in New York City on 12/13, working for the Maximos' Fighting Spirit Wrestling at their FSW Arena (133 29th Street) in Brooklyn, NY.  FSW Primero champion Whiplash will defend against Jigsaw, Mack, BLK Jeez and another competitor to be name in the main event.  Da Hit Squad (who are now doing a lot of indies together again), The Maximos and more are also set to appear.  For more, visit

Tracy Smothers & Flash Flanagan beat Sexy Shawn Cook & JKO in the main event of Hoosier Pro Wrestling's 15th anniversary event in Columbus, Indiana over the weekend.

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