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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-04 10:31:49

TNA has their final "on the road":taping for some time this Thursday in Cincinnati, Ohio with Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin in A Full Metal Mayhem bout, the return of Abyss and the continuation of the Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson feud.


AJ Styles defended his version of the TNA title over the weekend at a AAA TV Taping in Mexico City, defeating Judas Mesias, who worked TNA in a feud against Abyss a few years back.   After the match, a number of heels, including Konnan, hit the ring, but were run off by Mesias and Styles.  The plan is for Styles to pop up in a number of different places to play up the idea that he's gone from the company before returning to confront the newly crowned TNA champion.  Styles' current TNA extension expires in December, so the two sides must have quietly signed a new deal for all this to actually play out the way it's envisioned.

Bellator MMA held what was supposed to be their big PPV event over the weekend  in Long Beach, CA.  With Tito Ortiz out, the PPV aspect of the show was scrapped and it aired instead on SpikeTV.  This was the show that Ortiz and Rampage Jackson were sent to TNA to help promote.  With Ortiz out, Jackson was pulled from the show.  Bully Ray was legitimately petitioning to fight Jackson, feeling it would bring some controversy and attention to both brands.  King Mo, who has trained for TNA but hasn't wrestled there yet, fought on the undercard, losing via decision to Emanuel Newton.  Mo wasn't happy with the decision but after watching the fight this AM, it was the right call.  Jackson will make his Bellator debut on their 11/15 card against Joey Beltran. Rob Van Dam and Diamond Dallas Page were at the event. Bellator ran two plugs for TNA live in the venue during the fight card, promoting this week's Impact.

Lou D'Angeli's comments about Billy Corgan buying into TNA have mysteriously been deleted.

All of the 11/21-11/23 TV Tapings at Universal Studios will line up at 7 PM outside of the park.  Patrons of Universal Studios Orlando will be able to line up inside the park at 6 PM.  The tapings will be held at Soundstage 19, which was built as part of the old Nickelodeon Studios' attraction in the 1990s.  It sits next to the Blue Man Group Theater.  TNA will also be holding tapings there in early December.

Jeff Hardy has released a new music CD "Plurality of Worlds" at

Christy Hemme is the company's Knockout of the month.

Samoa Joe defeated Willie Mack in a rare indy appearance for Joe yesterday at Championship Wrestling Hollywood's event on 11/3. The bout was said to excellent by our own Steven Ronquillo, who has a report on the front page.

Thomas Rude sent the following:

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