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By Steven Ronquillo on 2013-11-04 09:30:12
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood “Open Door Challenge”

Championship Wrestling from Wrestling held its first ever Open Door Challenge event live from the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California on 11/3.

Unlike their other events this was a non-televised show due to Samoa Joe taking part of the event.

Heritage Tag Team Champions PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) vs. El Revolucion (Che Cabrera & Sasha Darevko)

Before the match, Sasha asked everyone to stand up and help him sing the Russian national anthem. During the anthem PPRay made their way to the ring with Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” theme playing. The match started with El Revolucion attacking PPRay. Both members of PPRay began Hulking up and did the point, big boot, and leg drop spot for the two count. El Revolucion rolled to the outside of the ring and both members of PPRay dove to the outside on their opponents. Avalon and Sasha are both in the ring. Rosas makes the tag as he and Avalon double team Sasha in the corner. Rosas works over the left shoulder of Sasha. Avalon comes off the top rope with a double axe handle on Sasha’s shoulder. Rosas goes to the top and does the same thing. Rosas with a series of elbows and covers Sasha for a two count. Sasha off the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick to Rosas. Cabrera is tagged in and he works over Rosas in the corner. Che positions Rosas in a tree of woe and connects with a running drop kick. Sasha is tagged back in and attempts a power bomb only to have Rosas slide out of it. Drop kick by Rosas and tags in Avalon. A series of double team moves by PPRay to Sasha. Avalon with a snap suplex to Sasha for a two count. Sasha fights back and tags in Cabrera. Cabrera comes off the middle rope and connects with an elbow drop onto Avalon. Cabrera picks up Avalon for a press slam and tosses him onto the knees of Sasha. Sasha tags in and works over the knee of Avalon. Cabrera comes in for the pinfall but Rosas breaks it up. Avalon with a drop kick to Cabrera and tags Rosas. Sasha and Cabrera perform series of double team moves to Rosas. Neck breaker from Sasha to Rosas for a two count. Sasha grabs Rosas for a side headlock but Rosas counters with a side suplex. Both men are down but Sasha is able to tag in Cabrera. Rosas ducks a clothesline and hits a Back Stabber on Cabrera. Both men crawl to their partners and make the tag. Avalon off the top rope for a cross body but Sasha catches him in mid-air. Avalon is able to escape and comes off the ropes for a scissors kick. Sasha connects with a fisherman’s suplex on Avalon for a pin attempt. Rosas jumps off the top rope to attempt to break the pinfall but Sasha catches him in mid-air with a cutter that lands on Sasha breaking up the pin. Cabrera is in and he connects with a double suplex on both members of PPRay. Sasha is back in and stretches Rosas. Cabrera comes back in and hits the Jackhammer on Rosas for a two count. Avalon distracts Sasha from the outside and as Rosas slingshots Cabrera to the corner, Sasha accidently super kicks Cabrera. Rosas covers Cabrera for a two count. Avalon is in and connects with a hard kick to the head of Cabrera. PPRay get Cabrera on the top rope for a double superplex attempt. Cabrera pushes Rosas to the mat but Rosas jumps up and hits a Code Breaker on Cabrera. Avalon jumps off the top rope and lands on Cabrera’s head and is covered for a three count.

Winners and still Heritage Tag Team Champions PPRay!

A fun opener to the show. PPRay are always entertaining and show tons of charisma. They are easy to judge based on their look and size but Avalon and Rosas are workhorses and never disappoint. Cabrera and Sasha were impressive as well. Cabrera has improved a lot this year.

Eric Cross, Sgt. Majors, and someone who’s name I did not catch (sorry) vs. Rudy Tawalana, Angel Lopez, & Daniel Joseph

Joseph and Cross start off the match. Before any action could begin Cross wants Rudy to tag in. Joseph tags in Rudy and he starts the match with Cross. Cross is teasing Rudy because of his size and Rudy shoves Cross. Cross Irish whips Rudy into the ropes but Rudy comes back and connects with a huricanrana. Cross is embarrassed and asks for Joseph to be tagged back in. Joseph is back in and Cross tags out to the guy whose name I did not catch. The crowd was chanting Bobby Hill at this guy so I will refer to him as Hill (sorry). Hill with a side lock but is pushed into the ropes for a shoulder block. Joseph with a drop kick to Hill and Hill tags in Sgt. Majors. Lopez comes in and Majors attempts a series of shoulder blocks and cannot move Lopez. Finally Lopez goes off the ropes and hits his own shoulder block sending Majors to the mat. Majors gets back up and connects with a series of hard strikes to Lopez. Joseph is back in and slams Majors to the corner. Joseph comes off the ropes for an elbow drop. Majors gets to his feet and super kicks Joseph and tags in Cross. Cross body slams Joseph. Majors is back hits knee strikes to Joseph in the corner and follows it with an overhead suplex. Cross and Majors hit a double suplex on Joseph. Majors hits his finisher and Cross covers Joseph for the win.

Winners: Eric Cross, Sgt. Majors, and guy whose name I didn’t catch (sorry)

Following the match Cross attacked both tag team partners and declared himself as the winner of the match. A decent six man tag where all men worked hard.

Brian Weston vs. Pinky

Both men lock up to start the match. Weston pushes Pinky to the corner and Pinky spits on Weston’s face. Pinky is attacking Weston and Weston seems to be enjoying it. Side slam by Pinky. Pinky pulls Weston over the outside apron and does a 10 count strike on Weston’s chest. Both men are on the outside and Pinky continues to have the upper hand. Back in the ring Pinky tosses Weston around. Pinky comes off the ropes and misses a clothesline. Weston hits a drop kick to Pinky’s right knee. Weston begins working over the injured knee of Pinky. Weston pulls Pinky to the corner and wraps his knee around the ring post. Weston goes for a big boot but Pinky catches it but is still caught by a DDT from Weston. Weston puts on a figure four variation on Pinky. Pinky tries to chop his way out of the move and gets to the ropes. Pinky gets up and connects with a spine buster. Both men are down and Weston finally gets to his feet at the referee’s nine count. Pink fights back and hits Weston with a power bomb for the win.

Winner: Pinky

A solid singles match from both guys. Pinky has recently turned face so it was interesting to see his character work in that role. Weston put on a good showing and it will be interesting to see him move forward without being in Pinky’s stable.

Ricky Mandel vs. Mikey O’Shea vs. Big Duke

This was originally going to be a singles match with Mandel and O’Shea but Duke was added. That is why it says “Card subject to change.” Duke and Mikey start things off. They try to shoulder tackle each other but nobody will budge. Mandel makes his way in the ring and O’Shea and Duke shoulder tackle him. O’Shea and Duke double team on Mandel. Mandel goes outside the ring as O’Shea and Duke exchange chops on each other. Duke comes off the ropes but is tripped by Mandel. Mandel is in the ring with O’Shea. Mandel chops O’Shea but it has no effect. O’Shea connects with his own chops on Mandel. Mandel hits a neck breaker on O’Shea and gets a two count. Duke connects with a side slam on Mandel. O’Shea comes back into the ring but is thrown outside immediately by Duke. O’Shea comes back in and misses a splash on Mandel. Duke hits a running boot to O’Shea’s face. Mandel puts Duke in a Boston Crab but O’Shea picks up Mandel for a spine buster. Duke with a running knee to O’Shea’s face. Mandel tosses out Duke and covers O’Shea for the pinfall.

Winner: Ricky Mandel

After the match Duke and O’Shea shake hands. A very fun three way dance. Mandel going over was a bit surprising but I have a feeling he is getting a steady push. He is a great worker and I look forward to his future. O’Shea is a huge fan favorite and is always fun to watch. Duke is no longer in Scorpio Sky’s group so I wonder where he goes from here.

Stu Stone makes his way out with James Morgan, Famous B, and Cedric the Hitman. Stone rips on all of the fans and issues and open challenge to anyone in the back. This brings out local indy talent B-Boy.

James Morgan vs. B-Boy

Early move exchange to start out. Drop kick by B-Boy sends Morgan to the outside. B-Boy with a running flip over the top rope onto Morgan. Back in the ring B-Boy sets up Morgan in the tree of woe. B-Boy goes outside the ring and has a fan Irish whip him to the corner and B-Boy drop kicks Morgan from outside the ring. In the ring B-Boy connects with chops in the corner. Morgan gets the upper hand and works over the left arm of B-Boy. Morgan slams B-Boy’s arm on the outside apron. While the referee’s back is turned Cedric and Famous B work over B-Boy. Morgan throws B-Boy into the corner shoulder first. The Family Stone members once again double team B-Boy while the referee is distracted. Morgan applies an arm bar on B-Boy. B-Boy fights back and goes off the ropes as him and Morgan double clothesline each other. Overhead suplex by B-Boy. B-Boy hits Morgan with a cutter for a two count. B-Boy goes to the middle rope in the corner but Morgan catches him with a DDT. Morgan applies cattle mutilation on B-Boy. Both men are back up and exchange forearm shots to the face. B-Boy comes off the ropes with a spinning DDT followed by a kick. Family Stone tries to interfere but B-Boy throws out all members out of the ring. Stone comes in and B-Boy throws him outside the ring onto Cedric and Famous B. B-Boy had his back turned when Morgan applied the crossface chicken wing until B-Boy tapped.

Winner: James Morgan

Great match by both men. Morgan is a stud and continues to shine with CWFH. It was great to see B-Boy make a surprise appearance.

MAV-TV Champion Joey Ryan vs. Drake Younger

Younger with a cross body onto Ryan. Lots of fast paced action to start things off. Both men go outside the ring and they are all over the place. Too much is going on to keep up with. Tons of plunder is going on as they are fighting on the stage. Back in the ring Younger takes control. Drop kick by Ryan and Ryan works over Younger in the corner. Ryan uses the ropes to choke Younger. They go back outside and Ryan with an Irish whip on Younger into the ring post. Ryan throws Younger back in the ring and gets a two count. Younger comes back with a spinning DDT on Ryan. Younger with an overhead suplex onto the turnbuckles in the corner for a two count. Pump handle slam by Ryan. Hard forearms by Younger and applies a double hook sit-down power bomb on Ryan for a two count. Ryan gets back up and hits a super kick for a two count. Both men climb the top turnbuckle and Younger connects with a Death Valley Drive off the top rope and gets a two count. Younger off the top rope but misses the stomp. Younger turns around and is hit with a super kick from Ryan. Younger drops to his knees and is super kicked again by Ryan for the three count.

Winner and still MAV-TV Champion: Joey Ryan!

An excellent match with tons of crazy plunder. I hope this is not the last we see of Drake Younger in CWFH because he is an unbelievable talent. Ryan continues to shine since his return to Hollywood.

Heritage Champion Scorpio Sky vs. Matt Striker

Lots of technical wrestling to start off the match. Both men are exchanging locks and holds. Wrist lock by Striker. Sky tries to escape but Striker continues to hang on. Sky is able to reverse the hold but Striker out wrestles Sky and has the upper hand again. This match has been straight up wrestling and it is great. Sky tries to bite the side of Strikers body but Striker refuses to let go of the wrist lock. Sky reverses the hold and goes after Striker’s ankle. Striker escapes and goes after the left wrist of Sky. Sky reverses and applies an arm bar on Striker. Striker fights off Sky and applies an ankle lock on Sky. Striker continues to work the ankle as Sky tries to escape. Sky gets out and applies a guillotine choke on Striker. Sky moves Striker over and applies an ankle lock. Striker is able to reach over to Sky and get him in a side headlock and proceeds to stretch him in a cobra stretch variation. Sky rolls up Striker for a two count. Sky continues to work over the ankle of Striker. Sky gets Striker in a cradle pin and both men roll each other around for a series of two counts. Both men get to their feet but Sky with a running knee to Striker for a two count. Sky applies an arm bar into a triangle choke and Striker passes out. Referee calls for the match.

Winner and still Heritage Champion: Scorpio Sky!

Such an awesome match! Striker completely took Sky out of his element and kept everything on the mat. A completely different match for Sky who is normally a high flyer. There were no aerial moves this entire match as everything was kept to the mat. For anyone who enjoys pure wrestling then you would have loved this match. Great CWFH in ring debut by Striker and I hope there is more to come from him.

Samoa Joe vs. Willie Mack

Mack gets upper hand to start off. Shoulder tackle attempt by Mack but he cannot move Joe. Joe goes for a tackle but Mack hits a dropkick. Mack whips Joe to the corner and comes back with a splash on Joe. Hard elbows by Mack to Joe. Joe is sitting on the mat and Mack is lying in some knees followed by a snapmare. Joe gets up and lands some hard chops. Mack goes to the top rope but took too long and missed the cross body. Joe with a series of hard strikes. Joe whips Mack into the corner and hits an enziguri. Joe begins to chop Mack’s back. Mack is Irish whipped off the ropes and is met with a powerslam by Joe. Joe has Mack in the corner but Mack comes back with a corkscrew elbow. Joe applies a sleeper but Mack fights back. Mack with a Samoan drop on Joe followed by a standing moonsault for a two count. Mack hits a cross body for a two count. Mack hits Joe with a running boot and then gets Joe in a tiger suplex. Joe is sitting on the top rope and Mack hits him with a hard slap. Back to the mat Joe applies a sleeper hold but Mack drops to the mat for a stunner. Joe hits Mack with a series of hard kicks and gets Mack to the mat. Crossface applied by Joe but Mack gets to the ropes. Both men to their feet and Joe with an atomic drop followed by a big boot to Mack. Joe attempts a muscle buster on Mack but Mack with a sunset flip gets a two count on Joe. Mack to the top rope connects with a frog splash for a two count. Mack goes for a clothesline is met with an elbow from Joe and a CCS enziguri. Joe puts Mack on the ropes and hits a muscle buster on Mack. Joe goes for the pin and Mack kicked out at one. The crowd went nuts for that. Joe off the ropes and hits Mack with a hard lariat for the three count.

Winner: Samoa Joe!

Outstanding match! Joe cut a promo after the match saying that he is a Southern California professional wrestler. He put over the talent of CWFH and says the best wrestlers in the world come from California. Really nice words coming from Joe. A great showing from Joe like I expected. Mack is an awesome talent who I feel deserves more exposure. Fans from California know how fantastic Mack’s work is but it would be nice to see him get more exposure to more fans across the country. Mack reminds me of a young Samoa Joe and proved it tonight against the original.

Overall, a fantastic night of wrestling from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Dave Marquez put on a very organized event that started on time and ended at a decent hour.

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