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By Judd Omansville on 2013-11-03 16:18:22
I attended the second annual TNA event in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan last night. The crowd seemed about what they had a year or so ago. Before the show, ODB, Magnus, Kazarian, Bobby Roode, The Bromans, and Austin Aries were all signing.

Here are the results of the show:

*Magnus beat Dewey Barnes via submission. Magnus claimed Dixie Carter was picking his opponents to prepare him for the TNA tournament. Barnes was working the TNA merchandise table before the show. Magnus won with a Sharpshooter.

*Abyss pinned Kazarian with a Black Hole Slam.

*TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim pinned ODB. They did a deal where Kim was trying to flirt with referee Earl Hebner to curry his favor. She put her legs on the ropes to score the pin.

*TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin pinned Manik. This was a weak finish. Manik went for a sunset flip but Sabin dropped down and held the ropes. Earl was the ref here as well, so perhaps he's turning heel.

Gail Kim signed at intermission.

*TNA Tag Team champions Bromans beat James Storm and Gunner after Kazarian interfered and nailed Storm. Really good stuff here, and easily the best thing on the show.

*Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode in a really good back and forth main event. Roode demanded that he get the respect he deserves since he's beaten Kurt Angle twice in a row. They eventually battled onto the stage in the building and Aries nailed a suplex on Roode, which sounded brutal. There was a ref bump, leading to Kazarian, James Storm and Gunner hitting the scene with run-ins. Aries made the comeback and scored the win with a brainbuster. Fun main.

Overall, the show was a good, fun wrestling show.

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