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By Dave Scherer on 2013-11-06 09:59:00

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Do you think they have missed yet another chance of making a man an established main eventer when they decided to let Cena beat Del Rio, clean in the middle of the ring? Here they had the one chance to protect Cena (as if he needs it given his status), the whole story of him coming back early after a severe arm injury playing perfectly into his opponent's finisher, the cross armbreaker (which had been firmly established). What a perfect set up it could have been: Del Rio targeting the arm, the announcers selling it as Cena may have come back too early, his pride taking over, Cena could've passed out due to the immense pain, Del Rio wins and Cena likely gets a rather positive response for trying to work through the pain (that is, if he would actually really sell it ...).

Yes, I think they made the wrong call there. If there was ever a time where Cena could easily lose and have it not matter, that was it. But, they felt they need Cena back on top to help the company. I think they should realize that they reason they need him there is due to the fact that they have booked others so poorly, but they didn't ask me.

Do you think WWE just squashed Damien Sandow on Raw? They just had him lose to a one-armed John Cena after Sandow destroyed his arm before cashing in his MITB contract. Is WWE planning a story involving the two? Otherwise it was a complete waste of Sandow who is an excellent performer.

I think it was a waste of a moment as well, much for the same reason at the answer above. I would not normally advocate Cena losing to Sandow but the way they set it up could have made it believable. Oh well.

I sometimes disagree with Jim Ross' opinions, but I have to applaud him in regards to his thoughts on the HIC PPv main event. He was spot on!……Ryback on the other hand, came across as an ignorant fool who has lost touch with the fan base that shells out their hard earned money, only to get screwed at the end! Don't these wrestlers think about what they tweet, before they hit that "send" button?

Ryback is a heel and is supposed to say heel things. That is how I took his tweet.

With the current burying of Bryan and cooling off of CM Punk a few years back, could it be that they are stars that Vince didn’t really get over?

I think that it's very fair to say that both man did the best that they could with what they were given to work with and were more responsible for getting themselves over than Vince was.

What is the point of buying a PPV when you know the guy in the main event (Daniel Bryan) has no chance on winning. They did the same thing with Ryback during his babyface run. Have the face get super-over with the fans and screw him every time in a PPV. Jmo, but you can only do that so many times and its starting to get old.

I think you make a good point. If you condition the audience to think the guy they want to win won't, after a while they will indeed stop paying to see that exact thing happen.

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