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By Dave Scherer on 2013-11-05 09:59:00

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Where I'm from, Triple H is hated. I mean turn off the tv hated, the we can't stand to watch him X-Pac hate. Personally I feel the same way about him as I felt about Lex Luger. I think part of the reason people I know dislike him is because all you really know about the guy is the character he portrays on tv, and that persona anyone would hate and it really looks like he married his way into the company. Anyway my point is I for one have no idea what he is like away from tv, he could be father of the year and an awesome guy for all I know, so my question is this... Does H purposely stay out of the limelight outside the ring so that the only persona you see is the one he is portraying on TV? Secondly, do you know what his real personality is like? I would like to believe the 'best for business' persona really isn't his true personality, but when Kevin Nash is one of your best friends and all I ever hear is negative things about him I got to wonder.

Triple H is part of the family now and they all stay out of the public eye off of TV. It's just how they do things and I don't blame them for it. When he was younger H was a savvy political player. Now part of the family for 10 years, with his position solidified, behind the scenes he does what he thinks is best for the long-term health of WWE. I don't know him personally so I can't comment on what he is really like.

If The Rock doesn't return after suffering an injury during WM29 - does that make a mockery of when he said in 2011 'I am back and I promise you I'm never going away again'? We all know its wrestling and its entertainment but during that promo he spoke as Dwayne Johnson in his own words, and not 'The Rock', since then he's been out in the media stating he doesn't know if he's done or not?

It will to some people I am sure, but it doesn't to me. I respect the fact that he came back but also that in doing so, he suffered an injury that hurt his promotion of a film. At the end of the day, he is a movie star first and a wrestling personality second. I appreciate and accept that.

It's being reported on other website's that TNA is shopping it's self to a certain buyer's. My question is this why can't company's gain ground against WWE, I know WCW had a large southern base when it started to compete with the WWE and obviously it was being well funded by Ted Turner. As a fan of wrestling it bothers me that we don't have a 2nd company to watch. WCW drove WWE to be better now it seems that its just happy putting out mediocre story lines and pumping up angles that don't go anywhere. Could you ever see a TNA or ROH being bought and pushed to the level that WCW was back in the 90's or are both companies just to small to make any kind of impact that WCW did? Thank you for your time

TNA folks say that they are not shopping themselves. But in any business, you always listen to offers. WCW had a national base by the time it took on WWE, due to airing on cable throughout the country. TNA was a start up while WCW was already established. So when things broke WCW's way in the mid-nineties, they were able to attract disgruntled WWE fans. TNA has never been in that position due to being the new kid on the block.

There have been quite a few fan vote matches where both a Street Fight & Falls Count Anywhere are both options. Punk & Ryback from this past RAW being the latest example. Can you explain to me why Street Fight always overwhelmingly wins?? Simple logic tells you that Falls Count Anywhere is a Street Fight, but can end anywhere, thus more possibilities in the match, whereas a Street Fight actually has to finish in the ring.

That is easy. Weapons are legal in a street fight. People like plunder.

On Raw John Cena proceeds to mock and imitate JBL, is this going to lead to something more? Is JBL going to make a return? He's gotta be in great shape after years of rest and the training involved for his mountain climbing.

It's more just Cena getting heat on a heel. Layfield is going to be 47 years old this month. I don't see what a Cena-JBL match does for the World Champ.

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