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By Dave Scherer on 2013-11-04 09:59:00

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Why does Triple H have to bury former stars like Jericho and Edge, along with RVD in his Raw promo? I basically do not understand any logical reason behind that aside from doing it with an egotistic point of view. These men gave everything to the WWE during their tenures and rose through on pure technical ability,and are arguably better wrestlers than Triple H who cannot be mentioned without his association with the McMahons. It's insulting on the intelligence of wrestling fans to hear comments like these ,even if they are intended to give a current storyline some intensity, and I think it is a shame HHH went down the low route given how involved he seems to be in the creative process lately.

He does it because Vince McMahon books him to do it. Vince thinks it's a way to get babyface pops for Daniel Bryan. I am with you, I think it's goofy but Vince doesn't really care what I thing.

Why doesn't the WWE even attempt to pretend to take the tag-team division seriously? Case in point: what's the idea behind turning the tag team of Primo and Epico into Los Matadores? They were a pretty decent duo prior to making them an essentially comedy/gimmick act. It beats my imagination as to why their creative unit seems never to be build stars around reality-based characters but rather attempt lame and inane stunts at mysterious or comic acts.

The idea was to create a character in Torito that would pop children (and probably Vince McMahon). Sure, it's goofy and all but Epico and Primo will make more money and have a better position doing this gimmick than the will doing their old one. It's just a fact of life in WWE.

Is it possible that Shawn Michaels could come back for one more match at wrestlemania 30 vs. Daniel Bryan? It's a classic student vs. teacher storyline they could use.

Possible? Sure. Shawn has been very serious about retiring but he has also said that if Vince McMahon ever needed him to come back and do a match he would. Given the importance of WrestleMania XXX, as well as the fact that The Rock will probably not wrestle and Steve Austin is iffy at best, Vince may need to lean on Shawn to bring some extra star power to the show.

The night after A.J. Lee won the Divas title, they teased a feud with her and Steph over her not being a good champion for the division. According to the poll, with over 92,000 votes, most people consider A.J. a face. Considering it fits the current face of the company storyline, do you think it would be a good idea for a A.J. face turn against Steph? Possibly leading to a match for Wrestlemania 30?

I think people like AJ and would definitely cheer for her, especially against Steph. The question is whether Steph wants to actually do a match. If so, I think it would pretty interesting.

My dirty mind keeps seeing Wrestlemania XXX and not in the PG way. If a risque film company decided to put out a movie named Wrestlemania XXX, would they be able to, or is the Wrestlemania name copyright? Also, has WWE given any thought to the correlation of "XXX" with porn? I mean, it's not like TNA is any better.

WWE would lay the legal smackdown on them so fast their head would spin. Yeah, some in WWE have mentioned that but they have done the Roman Numerals for years and like the way it looks. And you know, it may actually get them some buzz if people look at the title the way that you do.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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