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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-03 13:20:23
Curtis Axel took to Twitter to respond to reports about his injury, writing,"For the record: I DID NOT BLOW OUT MY HIPS!!! Where does this info come from? I'm gonna be fine! #BetterThanPerfect" Not sure where the blowing out of the hips came from, but we did hear he had a hip flexor injury. There is still no definitive word on when he is returning to the ring.

In regard to all the online rumors of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards signing with WWE, that isn't true. As we noted, they have not been offered deals. As we have repeatedly written in the past, there is no such thing anymore as WWE wanting and signing someone - all talents have to go through a bevy of medical-related testing before anything is signed and sealed, and even then, the deals can be rescinded after being signed if the company doesn't like something that has come up in a talent's past, behavior, medical exams, etc. In the case of the American Wolves, it's possible they could still be offered deals, but nothing has been offered to them. Neither are currently signed to Ring of Honor and Richards in particular has teased he could be going somewhere, but in a way to get a reaction out of the live crowds he's performing in front of - not a way to say goodbye.

The New York Post claims that Vince and Stephanie McMahon are sending "mixed signals" to investors with statements about the forthcoming WWE network at this link.

WWE has released an official t-shirt from the Hell in A Cell PPV commemorating John Cena's return to the ring.

Rob Van Dam was at last night's Bellator event.

Empire State featuring The Rock is now streaming on Netflix. Thanks to Paul Jordan.

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