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By Trent Van Drisse on 2013-11-03 11:01:14

Myself and two married women attended tonight's ROH show at the Masonic Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, titled "The Golden Dream". This was the third time ROH has run this venue in Cincy, and we've been to all three shows. This was fell in the middle both attendance wise, and show quality wise. I'd guesstimate the crowd around the 300 range. They didn't announce a return this time. This show set up some key stipulations for the December 14th "Final Battle" show in New York City.

Nigel McGuinness did a Q&A session from the ring before the show began. Cliff Compton, of all people, crashed the Q&A, and asked McGuinness why Kevin Steen was in the main event tonight. When asked why he even cared, Compton said he wanted to kill Steen, but then wasn't seen again the rest of the show.

McGinnness then opened the show by announcing that Adam Cole could not defend the ROH World title against Steen tonight due to a concussion Cole suffered last week in Chicago. Jay Briscoe, carrying his own "real world title" belt, Michael Elgin, and eventually Kevin Steen all came out state their cases for being the champion, and airing various beefs they had. It was finally decided that the winner of Jay Briscoe vs Kevin Steen tonight would be added to the Cole vs Elgin main event at Final Battle, turning that December match into a triple threat for the ROH title. Cole was in attendance tonight, and McGuinness added that anyone who touched Cole tonight would be immediately suspended from ROH, because they are serious about concussion issues.

Lenny "Legend" Mercer was the ring announcer tonight. McGuinness did commentary with Kevin Kelly for the entire first half of the show.

1. Bobby Fish w/Kyle O' Reilly beat Mike Posey w/Corey Hollis

The gimmick here was called "Instant Reward", if either of "Alabama Attitude" beat either of "ReDRagon" in singles matches, Alabama Attitude would receive an immediate shot at the ROH World tag titles. Fish beat Posey with a Shining Wizard style round house kick to the head.

2. Kyle O' Reilly w/Bobby Fish beat Corey Hollis w/Mike Posey by submission

O' Reilly caught Hollis coming off the turnbuckle into a Gogoplata for the submission victory. So no tag team title shot for poor Alabama Attitude on this night.

3. Michael Elgin beat Silas Young

Fun battle here, but nobody in the building bought that Young had a chance to win. Elgin won it with a buckle bomb, followed by a spinning power bomb.

4. Davey Richards beat ACH

Richards played very subtle heel here in some spots. Match was just fair early on, but picked up greatly down the stretch. The last few minutes were awesome. Richards won with a double stomp off the top rope.


5. Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & Scarlett beat Adam Page to retain the ROH World TV title

An extremely scary moment happened when Page gave Taven a sunset flip off the apron, and Taven hit the guard rail back first super hard, and his neck snapped violently too. Several ran from the back to check on Taven, but he was able to continue the match just fine, which was amazing, could have been a real disaster. Taven did have a large red mark across the middle of his back. Taven won with his "Climax" variation of a DDT finisher to retain the ROH TV title. Jay Lethal did commentary with Kevin Kelly during this match.

6. Jimmy Jacobs beat Roderick Strong in Jacobs' "Trail series match #5"

Cincinnati native BJ Whitmer did commentary with Kelly here. Veda Scott wandered out during this match, whispered something into Whitmer's ear, which he seemed to dismiss, then she left. Pretty Long match. Jacobs wasn't over enough as a babyface to make this match as effective as they wanted it to be. Strong got mostly babyface reactions, though the crowd was subdued in general. Strong threw his entire arsenal at Jacobs, who even kicked out of the "Sick Kick". Jacobs finally won it with a slop drop like reverse neckbreaker from the top rope. With this win, Jacobs earned himself a shot at the ROH World title on November 15th in Dearborn, Michigan.

Maria Kanellis came out and said Michael Bennett has bigger fish to fry than trying to earn a shot at the ROH TV title, namely he wants Kevin Steen, so he wouldn't be appearing tonight in the "Four Corners Survival match". Bennett did not make it to this show for whatever reason.

7. Tommaso Ciampa beat Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal to earn a shot at the ROH TV title at Final Battle

Matt Taven joined Kevin Kelly for this one, which went from a four way match to a three way match with no Michael Bennett. Mostly good action here. Lethal took out Taven at ringside with a dive, meanwhile Ciampa hit Mark Briscoe with a lung blower type back cracker to win it. So Ciampa gets a shot at Taven's ROH TV title at Final Battle.

8. Jay Briscoe beat Kevin Steen

The ultra smug Adam Cole cut a promo before this match, and then joined Kevin Kelly on commentary, as did Nigel McGuinness, in a vain attempt to keep order here. Cole later went over and grabbed Briscoe's "real world title" belt. Steen hit the package piledriver on Briscoe, but Maria Kanellis ran out and stopped referee Todd Sinclair from making the three count. Briscoe got the win after hitting two "Jay-Drillers" on Steen, so Briscoe will be added to the Cole vs Elgin main event at Final Battle. Elgin came out after the match and jawed heavily with Briscoe, which became a pull apart. Meanwhile Steen went to the back and grabbed Kanellis out, and attempted to give her the package piledriver, but was stopped by the refs, and the young boys at ringside. Steen's answer to that was to give two young boys, and referee Paul Turner, package piledrivers. Steen then cut a promo saying he wanted, and deserved, the winner of the Final Battle title match. Send any feedback to

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