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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-02 10:00:00
With Eric Bisch gone from tna as of now, is his co partner Jason Hervey also out too? What about Garrett? Could he be on his way out too, now that his Dad is gone?

As of right now, Hervey and Garrett are both still with TNA. Jason worked in his usual duties at the last taping. I actually hope that the end of Eric doesn't mean the end of Garrett as he's worked really hard to improve and takes some good bumps.

Do you think Ted Turner will ever get into the wrestling business again?

No, he loves pro wrestling for what it did to help get him on the map but at this stage in the game, what good would it do him? He doesn't have any cable networks anymore, so what would he need a wrestling company for? No, he won't be involved again.

After HIAC main event finish, can we ever expect Daniel Bryan to hold the title? I know this is the storyline, but it seems that when wrestlers keep their popularity, it almost can hurt them, if that makes sense. Bryan is so popular that it seems as though creative doesn't want to change his path and we are stuck in this rut of Randy Orton nonsense. The "yes" chants, etc. make Bryan over which is awesome, but as long as the crowd eats it up, then why change the script? When will they legitimize the push to the top that Bryan deserves?

I'd like to hope so personally as I enjoy Bryan's work, but no, I don't think we'll ever see him with a huge reign where he's focused upon as the champ in the company - not anytime soon.

Whatever happened to Skinner?

Steve Keirn, who portrayed Skinner, works for WWE developmental as a trainer in NXT.

Do these Wrestling Cares shows ever come on iPPV? I really want to see them but living on the Gulf Coast of Florida right by the Alabama state line really prevents me from attending a lot of great indy stuff. Though I will be in New Orleans Mania weekend (only a 3 hour drive) so I'll get to see some great stuff there but I keep hearing about how good Wrestling Cares is and would really like to check it out.

Right now, they are not on iPPV, but the first two shows are available for digital download at www.highspots.comso that's your best bet right there.

Better crowd: NYC or Chicago?

This may brand me as a traitor to my own kind, but having been in both of those major arenas several times, I think the Chicago crowd is far more lively and passionate when compared to NYC today.

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