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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-01 10:00:00
I read where Hulk Hogan's name was removed from the TNA roster. Does this officially mean he is no longer with TNA? If so, is he under a 90 day no compete clause or can he go ahead and sign on with WWE if he chooses to do so? What is Eric Bischoff's current status with TNA?

Hogan is no longer under contract. There are no non-compete windows when a contract runs out. The only reason there are 90 day no competes are because when WWE lets someone go, they pay them for an additional three months, almost like they are giving someone notice - and during that window, the talent cannot sign elsewhere because technically, they are still under contract. Bischoff is still signed to TNA until some point in the first quarter of 2014 but has pretty much been sent home.

Whenever someone criticizes WWE's content, Vince McMahon has repeatedly claimed over the years that he listens to the audience and gives them what they want. Considering what we've seen the last few months with Daniel Bryan repeatedly robbed of the WWE title despite the fans' overwhelming support, how absurd is Vince's claim?

Considering how poorly Summerslam did, Vince can say he gave the fans what they wanted - and they weren't willing to pay for it, so not absurd in the least.

Since Vince McMahon has gone on record saying that Summerslam had a "weak" showing and that fans didn't "buy the attraction", is it safe to attribute that to the fact that fans didnt "buy the attraction" because most already assumed that there was going to be a screw-job ending to the main event?

It's quite possible some fans didn't order because of that reason, but that would fall under the company not delivering creatively for the audience - which Vince pretty much admitted happened when he called it a "swing and a miss" in terms of their delivery of an "event" to the audience.

Whatever happened to Iron Mike Sharpe?

Great question, but unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. Sharpe moved back to Canada and lost touch with everyone in the wrestling business - including WWE and his own students - years ago. No one is sure where he is, or how he is doing.

Do WWE give tours of the Performance Center? I saw that Mike Johnson went there.

No, the facility is not open to the public. When I visited the Center this past July, I was part of a group of media that WWE reached out to and invited for their official grand opening ceremony.

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