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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-31 14:44:25
E! has posted a preview clip from the new season of Total Divas with John Cena discussing having an in-ring, well, accident, and pooping his pants. Believe it or not, I know quite a few wrestlers that has happened to over the years. To check the clip out, click here.

This has been quite a big week for wrestling news and with everything going on, the best way to sift through it is with the discussion and analysis we provide in the Elite section. If there was ever a week to check us out, this is it and you can by clicking here.

There is an online pre-sale for the 12/26 Chicago return using code Punk starting tomorrow. CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and The Wyatt Family are being locally advertised. Thanks to Billy Krotchsen.

Thomas Rude sent the following videos:

Happy Halloween From The WWE Divas

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Ringside Fest X 2013 Interview

WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam Ringside Fest X 2013 Interview

WWE Diva Kaitlyn Ringside Fest X 2013 Interview

WWE Diva AJ Lee Ringside Fest X 2013 Interview

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