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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-31 10:00:00
What is David Otunga's role within WWE at this point? He's not out injured that I am aware of. Is he acting in a legal capacity or just working on the Be A Star Program? I can't remember the last time I saw him on WWE TV.

Otunga is still signed to a WWE deal, but hasn't been utilized as a wrestler of late. He's popped up on the WWE website, giving quotes for different stories.

In regards to the Boogeyman, I am going to assume that those worms were fake. But whether or not they were fake, why would anyone in WWE agree to allow another wrestler to spit something into their mouths? That's just not sanitary....

The worms were not fake, ever. As far as why wrestlers allowed that, well, they had a good paying job and wanted to keep it. If you were getting wormed, 99% of the time, you were in a position where you didn't want to make waves.

With TNA seeminly copying situations from WWE lately what are the chances, I know absolutely crazy, of TNA President Dixie Carter, taking part in an acutual wrestling match?

If both she and we are lucky, zero.

I know that when a wrestler leaves a company & is still champion, they're supposed to drop the belt before they leave, even though Alundra Blayze/Madusa & Ric Flair took their championships w/them to the other organization (which is also what VInce McMahon was afraid that Bret Hart was going to do). My question is, say a wrestler leaves WWE for TNA or vice versa, purchases a replica championship & brings it w/them, can the company do anything about it? I understand if they left the company w/the belt, but there's nothing illegal about going online to buy a championship.

They, like anyone else, could buy a replica or have another belt made for themselves from the belt crafter. Taking it onto another company's TV would be actionable for copyright and trademark infringement, however and I don't think in today's age, either company is willing to do that.

AJ Style is taking/defending the TNA belt in other countries and other wrestling companies. I think it's a great idea cause it gives the TNA belt more exposure, makes it look more like legit of a world title, helps TNA and the company it's defended in, and is like how the old NWA champ had to travel around the world to defend it. I think it's a great idea. What do you think? That idea in theory is great, but considering the idea here is basically that TNA stripped him of the belt, what the hell does any of this do for TNA? Plus, Styles walked out of the company because he hates Dixie Carter, but when you think about it, he also walked out on the TNA fans that wanted to see him get the belt back, so in a way, he's abandoned them. Worse, the entire thing is a play on the CM Punk storyline from a few years back and any time TNA does something that is a version of a WWE angle, it makes the company look secondary and they can't afford that in any way, shape or form, in my opinion.

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