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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-27 08:00:00


October 27th

On this day in history in ....

1950 - Rito Romero wins his third NWA Texas Heavyweight Title, by ending the second reign of Verne Gagne in Houston, Texas.

1960 - Mike DiBiase defeats Pancho Lopez (Lorenzo Parente) to win the Amarillo version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Amarillo, Texas.

1961 - Sputnik Monroe defeats Dory Dixon to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas.

1964 - Fred Blassie & Mr. Moto defeat The Destroyer & Hard Boiled Haggerty for the WWA Tag Team Title in Long Beach, California.

1965 - Danny McShain defeats Dick Dunn for the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama, ending Dunn's fourth reign.

1966 - Tony Borne & Mr. Fuji defeat Rene Goulet & Shag Thomas for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title.

1967 - The Hangman wins the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title from Sonny Myers in St. Joseph, Missouri, ending Myers' 13th reign.

1971 - Ed Francis defeat Moondog Mayne to win the NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Title in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1971 - Sweet Daddy Siki defeats Sam Steamboat for the Hawaii version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Title.

1973 - Dutch Savage & Jimmy Snuka defeat Bull Ramos & Ripper Collins to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title.

1973 - Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong defeat Stan Vachon and Bobby Duncum for the NWA Georgia Tag Team Title.

1977 - Dr. X & Ciclon Negro defeat Porkchop Cash & Ray Candy for the Tri-State version of the NWA United States Tag Team Title.

1978 - Butcher Brannigan & Ox Baker defeat Larry O'Day & Mario Milano to win the NWA Austra-Asian Tag Team Title in Sydney, Australia.

1978 - TNT defeats El Nazi for the Mexican National Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1978 - Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen defeat Tommy Rich & Mr. Wrestling II for the NWA Georgia Tag Team Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1980 - Larry Latham & Bill Irwin defeat Tommy & Eddie Gilbert to win the AWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1984 - Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez and Jake Roberts defeat Kerry Von Erich, Mike Von Erich and Bobby Fulton for the Texas (WCCW) version of the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas.

1984 - Bruiser Costa & Spider Web defeat Ole Olson & Randy Rich for the Vancouver version of the NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada.

1986 - Big Bubba (Fred Ottman) defeats Tracy Smothers for the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Smothers' second reign.

1987 - Strike Force (Tito Santana & Rick Martel) defeat The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) for the WWF World Tag Team Title in Syracuse, New York. Martel forced Neidhart to submit to a Boston Crab, ironically, the same move Stan Hansen had used to beat Rick Martel for the AWA World Title two years earlier.

1990 - WCW Halloween Havoc was held in Chicago, Illinois at the UIC Pavilion. Here are the results: 
- In a dark match, Tim Horner defeated Barry Horowitz.
- In a dark match, Rip Rogers defeated Reno Riggins. 
- Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) when Rich pinned Lane after hitting him with a tennis racket while Tracey Smothers & Steve Armstrong distracted the referee and Jim Cornette. This would be the last Midnight Express match in WCW. 
- Terry Taylor defeated Bill Irwin.
- Brad Armstrong defeated JW Storm. 
- The Master Blasters defeated Tracey Smothers & Steve Armstrong.
- The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin) defeated Chris & Mark Youngblood when Hayes pinned Chris with a DDT. 
- United States Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated The Nasty Boys when Scott pinned Knobbs with a Frankensteiner. 
- Junkyard Dog defeated Moondog Rex with a powerslam.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions Doom vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson ended in a double countout with all four men fighting on the floor.
- Stan Hansen defeated Lex Luger to win the United States Title. Danny Spivey came to ringside and tried to toss Hansen a bullrope, but Luger blocked it. Luger then went for a clothesline, Hansen ducked, and Hansen hit Luger with a lariat for the clean pin.
- NWA World Champion Sting defeated Sid Vicious. During the match, Sting and Vicious fought to the back, and when they returned to the ring, "Sting" went for a slam, and Sid fell on top for the pin. However, the real Sting ran from the locker room, a piece of rope around his waist, and pinned Sid with a Stinger Splash. During the brawl in the back, the Four Horsemen had tied up Sting and sent Barry Windham, dressed as Sting, to the ring for Sid to pin. However, Sting "got loose" in time to save the day.

1991 - WCW Halloween Havoc was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the UTC Arena. Here are the results: 
- El Gigante, Sting, Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Stud, Cactus Jack & Big Van Vader in a Chamber Of Horrors cage match. The match ended when Sting was put in an electric chair and Cactus Jack went to hit the switch, but Sting pulled Abdullah The Butcher into the chair, resulting in him getting zapped. 
- Big Josh & PN News defeated The Halloween Creatures (Joey Maggs & Johnny Rich under masks) when News pinned one of the Creatures with a splash.
- Bobby Eaton defeated Terrance Taylor with an Alabama Jam.
- Johnny B. Badd defeated Jimmy Garvin with a knockout punch after Teddy Long distracted the referee while Garvin had Badd pinned with a DDT.
- WCW Television Champion Steve Austin vs. Dustin Rhodes ended in a 15-minute draw. Rhodes hit a top rope bulldog, but time ran out before he could make the pin.
- Bill Kazmeier defeated Oz (Kevin Nash) via submission in three minutes with a backbreaker.
- Van Hammer defeated Doug Somers in less than two minutes with a slingshot suplex.
- Brian Pillman defeated Richard Morton to win a tournament to become the first WCW Light Heavyweight Champion with a flying bodypress.
- The Halloween Phantom defeated Tom Zenk in less than two minutes with a neckbreaker. Later in the show, Paul E. Dangerously, who was fired as an announcer, revealed that he still had a manager's license in WCW, and unmasked the Phantom as his first charge.... Rick Rude. 
- WCW World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko defeated U.S. Tag Team Champions Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip when Anderson pinned Chip with a spinebuster.
- WCW World Champion Lex Luger defeated Ron Simmons in a two out of three falls match. Simmons pinned Luger to win the first fall with a spinebuster. Simmons was disqualified in the second fall for throwing Luger over the top rope. Luger pinned Simmons to win the third fall, and the match, with a piledriver after Simmons missed a charge in the corner and hit the ringpost.

1992 - Shawn Michaels defeats Davey Boy Smith for the WWF Intercontinental Title in Terra Haute, Indiana. This would mark the first major singles title victory for the 'Heartbreak Kid'.

1992 - Shawn Michaels defeats Davey Boy Smith in Terre Haute, Indiana for the WWF Intercontinental Title.

1996 - WCW Halloween Havoc was held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Here are the results: 
In matches held on "The Main Event":
- Jim Powers defeated Pat Tanaka.
- Psicosis & Juventud Guerrera defeated Damien & Halloween. 
In matches held on the Pay-per-view:
- Dean Malenko defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr. to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title by reversing a top rope rana into a powerbomb.
- Diamond Dallas Page defeated Eddie Guerrero with a Diamond Cutter to keep the "Lord Of The Ring" ring.
- The Giant defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification when Ric Flair ran in and hit The Giant with a low blow.
- Syxx defeated Chris Jericho with a leg lariat. The story of the match was that referee Nick Patrick (who was about to turn heel) gave Jericho a fast count.
- Lex Luger defeated Arn Anderson via submission with a torture rack after hitting him with a chair.
- Steve McMichael & Chris Benoit defeated The Faces Of Fear when Benoit pinned Meng after McMichael hit him with a steel briefcase. 
- Kevin Nash & Scott Hall defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship when Nash hit Stevie Ray in the head with Col. Rob Parker's cane.
- WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Savage after Ted DiBiase and The Giant beat up Savage on the floor. After the match, Roddy Piper came out (his WCW debut) and confronted Hogan. The two had what many feel was a great promo exchange over who was truly responsible for wrestling's popularity, with Piper telling Hogan "Do you think they (the fans) would have cheered for you, if they didn't hate me?".

2000 - Akua & Kaimana are awarded the newly revived NWA Hawaii Tag Team Title in Kalihi, Hawaii.

2001 - Apolo defeats Glamour Boy Shane for the IWA Heavyweight Title in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

2002 - The Great Muta defeats Genichiro Tenryu for the AJPW Triple Crown Title in Tokyo, Japan, beginning Muta's second reign.

2003 - WWE Raw from Fayetteville, North Carolina saw Rob Van Dam win his fourth Intercontinental Title and Chris Jericho win his sixth Intercontinental Title, all in one night. Tim Whitehead's original TV report:

The 10/27/03 episode of RAW IS ON A ROLL aired live from Fayetteville. They seem to be on a roll with good shows, and they're doing a great job of building up Survivor Series early. 

The opening video montage was of Batista destroying Goldberg last week to collect Triple H's $100,000 bounty. 

HHH wasn't there, so Ric Flair & Randy Orton & Batista came out as Evolution. For obvious reasons neither Jim Ross nor Jerry Lawler mentioned why HHH was absent. They put Batista over as a monster for eliminating Goldberg. Batista grabbed a mic and told Goldberg, whom he assumed was watching at home, to take the beating he received as an honor. After all, Batista noted, the bounty proved that HHH took him seriously as an opponent, otherwise he wouldn't have gone to such expense to take him out. Batista said he knew he'd be the one to collect the bounty from the beginning, and declared that he was the unseen guy two weeks ago who tried to take Goldberg out (the mystery man who tried to run him down in a car and who later dumped a bunch of crates off a ledge nearly onto Goldberg's head). He said those incidents were designed to rattle Goldberg and make him vulnerable and an easy target. Batista boasted that Goldberg is now gone from the business for good. Orton took the mic and said the injured Goldberg won't be able to defend the world title, so he suggested stripping him of the belt and returning it to the prior champ, HHH. Eric Bischoff came out and did his now-common routine where he at first pretended to be angry at Evolution, but then he smirked and congratulated them. He said they made him the happiest man on the planet by destroying the guy who speared him without provocation a few weeks ago. He was glad Goldberg was history, and announced that he had picked up something that Goldberg left behind as he was being carted off to the hospital last week. It was the title belt. Bischoff said he would ignore the 30 day rule and just go ahead and present the belt to a deserving champion. But before he could announce who that was, Steve Austin came out. He flipped everyone off. Austin told Bischoff he can't strip Goldberg of the title because Goldberg will be wrestling at Survivor Series. He said he's talked to Goldberg and that he's angry and out for revenge, so Austin set up a Goldberg vs. HHH title match for the PPV. Flair grew enraged and went off big time on Austin, prompting Austin to tell him to calm down or he might blow his pacemaker. Austin noted that Goldberg will be fighting badly injured, but that he's willing to do that to get at HHH. Batista, who had thought he permanently eliminated Goldberg, was fuming. When Austin turned to leave, Batista ran after him and threatened him by saying, "you're next" (Goldberg's frequent catch phrase threat). As Batista and Austin had a staredown on the ramp, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade ran in through the crowd and attacked Flair & Orton. Batista ran back to help his allies, but Jindrak & Cade escaped. This was a pretty good way to get some new guys over. 

Trish Stratus & Lita were walking around in their bras. No complaints from me about that. Trish said Chris Jericho left a phone message for her, and she seemed happy about it. Lita was a little more suspicious about Christian's interest in her. She thought Jericho & Christian were plotting something, and vowed to get to the bottom of it. 

Booker T defeated Rico in 1:38. Jackie Gayda was at ringside, but didn't have a chance to get involved. Rico attacked before the bell and hit some kicks. Booker went for a scissor kick but Rico evaded it. Booker then hit a second scissor kick and scored the pin. Booker was about to do his post-match spinaroonie when he was interrupted by Jericho. There was a cage suspended over the ring, and at the beginning of the broadcast JR & Lawler had wondered why it was there. That was about to be explained. Jericho entered the ring, announcing plans to interview Booker in an impromptu Highlight Reel segment. He called Booker stupid and naive for joining Austin's Survivor Series team. Scott Steiner & Christian charged the ring as Jericho called for the cage to be lowered. The idea was that they were going to do a three-on-one on Booker in the cage as a warning to Austin, but before the cage could get all the way down, Rob Van Dam ran in. He cleaned house with kicks, sending the three heels from the ring. So when the cage finally lowered, the heels were outside while RVD & Booker were safe inside. RVD announced that he will join Austin's team. For the record, Christian is on Bischoff's team, as was revealed when he came out with Steiner. Neat angle! 

Backstage, Jericho & Bischoff were furious that RVD's run-in ruined their plans to destroy Booker and send Austin a message. Jericho asked for an IC Title shot against RVD, insisting that taking the IC belt from RVD would really send Austin a message. Bischoff agreed and made that the main event. 

Theodore Long led Mark Henry to the ring. He said that crackersnake Austin cost them $100,000 last week by ejecting them from the arena before they could finish Goldberg off. I seem to recall that they walked off voluntarily and were only ejected after that, but I guess an excuse is an excuse. Long vowed to take out his frustrations on a white boy, which led to.... 

Henry squashed Lance Storm by DQ in 0:47. So much for Storm's push. Henry was mauling Storm when "Heartbreak Cracker" Shawn Michaels ran in. He nailed Henry with the sweet chin music, which had the side effect of getting Storm DQ'ed. Afterward, HBK high fived the large contingent of servicemen in the crowd (Fayetteville is a strong military town, with Ft. Bragg & Camp LeJeune nearby). 

JR & Lawler reported on several upcoming media appearances by Austin. 

Hurricane & Jon Heidenreich were scheduled to team together, which was billed as the tryout match Austin gave Heidenreich as reward for giving him that RAW ticket a few weeks ago. Heidenreich was all excited and was proud to team with Hurricane. Rosey asked them to pose together for a shot for the Daily Globe. As they posed, Heidenreich whispered the identity of Little Johnny into Hurricane's ear. Afterward, Hurricane told Rosey that Heidenreich is nuts, without revealing who Little Johnny is to the TV audience. 

Lita visited Christian and began asking questions about why he came to her rescue last week. Christian opened up a copy of Lita's book, to reveal a photo of the two of them together. He interpreted that photo as meaning that Lita has a crush on him. Guess he belongs to the Stone Cold school of interpretation. Lita tried to explain that it was just one of many photos in her book, but sort of got flustered and left, with Christian more confident than ever that she has the hots for him. 

Jonathan Coachman interviewed Shane McMahon. Shane was scheduled (by Bischoff) to fight a mystery opponent in a no-DQ match. Coach smirked and predicted the mystery man would be Kane. Shane calmly replied that he hoped it would be. 

Hurricane & Heidenreich defeated La Resistance in 5:54. The heavily military crowd rallied big time against the French team. Lawler said he saw an ad on ebay for a French army rifle which said it had never been fired and had only been dropped once. Rob Conway attacked Hurricane as he was about to toss his mask to a brat in the crowd. Hurricane rallied and hit a somersault plancha on Rene Dupree. Conway nailed Hurricane with a neckbreaker off the top. They destroyed Hurricane for a while to set up the Heidenreich hot tag. Heidenreich went wild when he came in, laying out both foes with lariats and kicks. He hurled Dupree from the ring and chokeslammed Conway for the pin. Pretty good debut for him. Afterward, as Heidenreich was high fiving the troops, La Resistance began waving the French flag so he went back in and beat them up again. 

Hour two began with Shane beating Test in the no-DQ match in 6:24. Both JR & Lawler had assumed all night that Kane would be the mystery foe, but it turned out to be Test. Test blamed Shane for breaking his foot, and swung his crutch at him to start the match. Shane ducked the blow and went after Test's bad leg. Test rolled from the ring and began yelling for Kane to come out. Apparently the storyline match plan was for Kane to run in and help Test maul Shane, but the joke was on Test when Kane never ran in. Test tried to flee, using Stacy Keibler as a shield, but she slapped him and Shane pounded him back to the ring. Test took command and rammed Shane into the stairs. He again yelled for Kane to come out, saying, "We had a deal!" But the insidious Kane didn't show. Test full nelson slammed Shane and retrieved his crutch. Stacy grabbed the crutch and he shoved her down. Shane took this opening to spear Test and then to hit him with like 346 shots from a garbage can lid. Kane's flaming entrance pyro went off, and everyone looked for Kane to run in, but it didn't happen. Test went for a pump handle slam but Shane blocked it and DDT'd Test on a garbage can. Shane hit the Van Terminator and scored the pin after a chairshot. Being the promoter's son is a priceless advantage. Afterward, Shane got on the mic and dared Kane to come out, calling him gutless. As a message to Kane, Shane walloped Test's broken foot with a chair across the stairs. Test really got creamed here. Kane finally came out on the ramp top. Shane said Kane has pushed him over the edge and that he's now just as sick and twisted as Kane. He said he wants their match at Survivor Series to be an ambulance match, meaning they fight until one man is hauled off in the meat wagon. Kane simply nodded yes, smirked, and walked off. Kane had better win that one. 

Lita won a four way match over Trish, Victoria, and Gail Kim to earn the women's title shot at Survivor Series in 2:50. All four were in the ring at the same time. Trish hit a spinebuster on Gail as Victoria slammed Lita. Molly Holly came out to watch the match from the ramp top. Trish chopped Victoria hard. Gail legdropped Lita. Steven Richards caused Trish to bump out and hit the security rail. Gail & Victoria doubled on Lita. Victoria put Lita down with the widow's peak, but Gail broke the pin up. Victoria then went after Gail. The finish saw Victoria collide with that clumsy fool Richards, allowing Lita to pin Victoria after a DDT. Molly just kept staring at Lita. 

The make-up lady was preparing Coach for his next segment. He kept bragging about his looks. 

The video segment honoring Hawk (which aired on Smackdown) aired. Hawk will be missed. 

Coach came out to do a live review of Austin's book, titled "The Stone Cold Truth", which hits the bookstores tomorrow. Coach even had a podium with his name on it. Coach said he read the book from cover to cover and that it had no truth in it at all. For example, he said Austin's story that Bischoff fired him via phone from WCW because he lacked the guts to do it to his face was a flat-out lie. He said Bischoff got in his car and drove over to Austin's house to fire him in person, but Austin wasn't home so he had no other option but to do it long distance. He said the book contains hundreds of lies such as that, and recommeded that we all buy the book to see for ourselves what a liar Stone Cold is, adding that the book may become a valuable collector's item since Austin will be gone from WWE after his team loses at Survivor Series. Austin came out and went through his routine of daring Coach to provoke him. Coach wouldn't, so Austin announced that Coach would be assigned to interview him after the Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff challenge match at Survivor Series. Austin said Coach was the first guy he wants to see after the rule banning him from beating up the talent is repealed. Coach looked terrified. I get a kick out of Coach. 

Terri interviewed Jindrak & Cade. They began arguing over, of all things, the terminology used to describe their plans against Evolution. Cade said they'd prove they could "hang" with Evolution, while Jindrak wanted to "beat" them, as if Cade was using language that was too soft. WWE seems to be getting a little ahead here, as they usually wait until a team gets popular before starting to break them up. HBK arrived and calmed them down. He also praised their theft of the bounty money last week, not caring that it didn't work (not to mention that he wears Christian T-shirts and the Bible says "thou shalt not steal"). Theodore Long interrupted this crackerfest by reminding HBK that Henry destroyed him a few weeks back and dragged his bloody carcass up the ramp. He challenged HBK to fight Henry next week. HBK accepted, and was immediately confronted by Bischoff, who had the cops escort HBK from the building so he couldn't interfere in the main event (i.e., Bischoff had plans to interfere himself). HBK deliberately bumped against Bischoff as he left. A provocation, perhaps? 

Jindrak & Cade beat Flair & Orton in 3:13. Flair got a lot of cheers in Fayetteville, but not as many as usual in the Carolinas, probably because the crowd had so many servicemen in attendance and they are from all over the country as opposed to being Carolina natives. Batista was in the Evolution corner, so Maven came out to be in Jindrak & Cade's corner. I like this upward mobility. Orton lariated and stomped Cade. Flair chopped the hell out of Cade and hit his kneedrop. Jindrak came in and backdropped both opponents. Jindrak does a great dropkick. The finish saw Flair roll Jindrak up, but with the ref distracted, Maven came in and lariated Flair to reverse the roll up. Jindrak pinned Flair, which was treated as a big deal. Batista went wild afterwards and the faces were all left laying by Evolution to get their heat back. JR put over Batista's sit down powerbomb as devastating. 

Jericho beat RVD to capture the IC Title in 4:23. Jericho started with a choke. RVD hit a springboard crossbody. Jericho retaliated with an enzugiri but hit the post when he went for a charge. RVD scored two with a northern lights suplex. Jericho went for a lionsault, which missed when RVD rolled clear. Jericho then rolled clear when RVD went for the frog splash. Jericho hit a low blow and hooked the walls. RVD made the ropes but Bischoff had by this time arrived, and he distracted the ref as Jericho pulled RVD back to the center and continued with the walls. RVD tapped for the title change. Austin came out and claimed he couldn't overrule the ref (apparently forgetting that he's done it before) but said that he can order a rematch. So he called for the cage to be lowered and ordered Jericho to immediately defend the belt against RVD. Austin also banned both general managers from ringside. Bischoff ran to Austin to protest, and stumbled and bumped into him. That was a "provocation", so Bischoff fled in terror with Austin chasing him. 

RVD beat Jericho to regain the IC Title in the cage in 6:05. Jericho worked RVD over, hitting a backbreaker. RVD hit some kicks and sent Jericho crashing repeatedly into the cage. RVD twice tried to climb from the cage but Jericho hauled him down. Jericho bulldogged RVD and nearly climbed over, with RVD barely stopping him. Jericho again went up, but was thwarted by RVD. Jericho bumped to the mat and RVD started over the top. As RVD was coming down the outside of the cage, Jericho started through the cage door. RVD kicked the door into Jericho's face, bloodying him, and then dropped to the floor for the win. Both matches were good. Afterward, Steiner & Christian attacked RVD and threw him back in the cage for a three-on-one. The Dudleys ran in for the save to even the odds. Henry then arrived and joined the heels, with Long padlocking the cage to keep anyone else out. Or so he thought, as Booker arrived, climbed the cage, and did a leap off the top onto Henry & Steiner inside. But Henry's power carried the day, and in the end the four heels destroyed the four faces. Jericho climbed the cage top and posed, as if they had succeeded in sending a message to Austin. I presume we can safely say that the Dudleys are now on Austin's squad, and Henry on Bischoff's, so that leaves one man apiece to round out the teams.

2004 - Fergal Devitt defeats Dru Onyx to win the NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Title in Cardiff, Wales, England.

2006- Ring of Honor ran Dayton, Ohio.  Chris Johnson filed the following live report:

Pre Show: *There was a 6 man tag but I missed most of it so I am really not sure who was in it. *Matt Cross (M-Dogg 20) defeated Pele. This was pretty much a squash.

Main Show: *ROH champion Bryan Danielson defeated Sal Rinuaro. This was a squash as well. Sal got in very little offense. Danielson got the win with a small package. After the match Jimmy Rave slapped Sal in the face and tossed him out of the ring.

*Dragon's Gate Shingo defeated Jimmy Rave. An OK match but nothing to special.

*Irish Airborne defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Colt Cabana. This match was hilarious. Cabana kept acting like Jim Duggan and the crowd was chanting USA and 3 Point Stance. Jimmy was pinned by one of Crist brother via a rollup. After the match Lacey yelled at him and called him a loser.

*Christopher Daniels defeated the debuting Bret Albright. This was the best match of the first half.

*Roderick Strong won a Four Corner Survival defeated Chris Hero. Also involved in the match were the debuting Tank Toland, and Mark Briscoe. Not a very good match overall. Tank didn't fit in well IMO and seemed pretty blown up at several points during the match. Roderick won when he made Hero tap out to the Strong Hold.

*Austin Aries defeated Claudo Castagnoli. Austin won with 450 splash. After the match Aries took Claudio's CHIKARA tag title and whipped him with it.

Intermission: ROH returns to Dayton on 2/23 which will be the 5th anniversary to the day of ROH's first show.

*Davey Richards defeated Jay Briscoe with a Butterfly Brainbuster. This match was super stiff and very good.

*Delirious defeated. Matt Sydal in what was definitely the match of the show. Sydal was playing a heel in this match with the crowd so behind Delirious.

*Homicide & Samoa Joe defeated Steve Corino & Adam Pearce w/Jim Cornette & Shane Hagadorn. Before the match the heels all cut promos and ripped on Dayton. Pearce said some women in the crowd was such a whore that when her legs are spread that her knees are in two separate area codes. I got into some jaw jacking with Corino who said I am a f** because I had on a Christopher Daniels t-shirt. The funny part about it was that Corino himself had on a Daniels knit cap while saying this. Cide got the pin on Pearce following a lariat. This match had relaxed rules so it pretty much went all over the place. After the match Corino took out a plastic bag and suffocated Homicide with it until all the faces ran down and broke it up.

Notes: Attendance was down for this show. They had the place set up alot different so obviously this was expected. I would guess between 350-400 people were there. War of the Wire 2 back in July had around 600 people....Overall I had a good time and give the show a thumbs up but it was for sure one of the weaker ROH shows I have attended.

2007 - AWA legend and WWE Hall Of Famer Verne Gagne was inducted into the Museum of Broadcasting Hall Of Fame in Minnesota.  

2008 - Ring of Honor released Gabe Sapolsky from the company.  He had been serving as booker from its creation.  Sapolsky would be replaced by Adam Pearce.

2008 - Conrad Efraim, known to the masses as Special Delivery Jones back in the old WWF, passed away in native Antigua a few days after suffering a stroke.  He was 63 years old.  Back in the days when promotions rarely put marquee matches on TV, SD was one of the great "enhancement talents" of all time.  A match with him was different than your usual "jobber" bout because Jones would get in a lot of offense and have a competitive match, which his opponent had to work to win.  While he did get more of a push earlier in his career, his is best remembered for being a top enhancement guy during the early years of Vince McMahon's WWF.

2008 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Last night at Cyber Sunday, the people in the WWE Universe showed by their text messages who they wanted to see wrestle and referee last night. We saw the obvious choice become the referee for the Chris Jericho/Batista World Title match, and Steve Austin was a fair referee in the match. He was not the only referee in that match since there was a ref bump and both Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton got involved. In the end, we have a new World Champion since Batista was able to hit the Batista Bomb on Jericho for the three count. Also from the Raw brand, Santino Marella approaches one year away from matching the Honky Donkey Man, and he got to face the man whose record he is trying to beat. Santino walked out with the title belt, but he did not walk out with the win. He also got to get up close and personal with his other two potential opponents. Cryme Tyme got to face John Morrison and The Miz in the battle of the online video segments that most people probably do not watch, but they could not defeat the man with the bedazzled chest and his boy wonder. The Raw brand also provided us with the winner of the Diva Halloween Costume Contest with Mickie James’s homage to Lara Croft. Who will Batista face at Survivor Series? Does Bradshaw return to the title picture because of his involvement in the main event? Will Jamie Noble celebrate with the winner of the costume contest? Will Randy Orton seek revenge for the Stunner he received from Steve Austin? Will Chris Jericho go after Mike Adamle for forcing him to wrestle in a no win situation at Cyber Sunday? Will Shazam O’Neal confront Santino about what he said last night?

We begin tonight’s show with an ‘In Memory’ graphic for Special Delivery Jones, who passed away. Make sure to check out Buck’s audio about Jones on the site.

There is a video package from last night’s Cyber Sunday pay per view. We see highlights from the main event between Chris Jericho and Batista. In case you missed it, Batista won the match.

We are live from Tucson, Arizona and your announcers are Michael ‘Lute Olson is going to do good things for the Arizona basketball team this year’ Cole and Jerry ‘If the Honky Donkey Man had won, would I have gotten a title match’ Lawler.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring without any fanfare and he is not in a good mood. Jericho is introduced as the former champion by Lillian Garcia and that only makes Chris angrier. He says that what happened last night was the biggest screwjob in WWE history. Adamle wanted Batista to be champion so he did whatever he could to help him. He says the fans were involved in this too. They chose the most biased referee ever in Steve Austin. He talks about the things that Austin did to screw him over and that is why Batista is the champion. Jericho says that if he was Batista, he would be embarrassed to call himself a champion because Batista did not beat Chris Jericho. It was an army of people who beat him. He runs down the list of people involved in the conspiracy. Jericho says that he is dying to get his hands on Shawn Michaels and Batista. Jericho says that he wants more. He says that he has a championship rematch clause and he will use it next week to regain what is his and he will be champion again.

Mike Adamle comes out and he looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Adamle tells Chris that he needs to hang on for a second. Adamle tells Jericho that in order to ensure that there is no outside interference next week against Batista, he has decided to make the match next week a steel cage match.

Jericho asks Adamle if he wants to lock him in a cage with the Animal. Jericho bumps Adamle as he leaves the ring and walks to the back.

Randy Orton comes out while Jericho walks to the back. Adamle looks a bit confused as Orton walks to the ring. Orton wants to know if Adamle is satisfied with himself. Orton comes out last night as an emergency referee even though he was not comfortable with it. Then he gets a Stunner from Steve Austin. He says that is inexcusable. Orton says that he is going to make sure that Adamle does not get away with this. Orton tells Stephanie and Shane that they need to come to Raw next week to fire Mike Adamle. Orton threatens to quit if Adamle is not fired. Orton says that the WWE needs him more than he needs the WWE. Orton asks Adamle what is he going to do. He calls Adamle spineless and a failure. Orton wonders if he went to Chicago to see his wife and kids, he would find out that Adamle was a failure as a husband and father. Adamle slaps Orton and Orton gets nose to nose with Adamle. Orton leaves the ring and walks to the back.

We go to footage from Unforgiven when CM Punk was attacked by Rhodes, DiBiase, and Manu only to see Kingston try to help. We then see Orton’s kick to Punk’s head.

Kofi and Punk are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: CM Punk and Kofi Kingston versus Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase with Manu
Kofi and Rhodes start things off. Rhodes with a hammer lock and side head lock. Kingston with monkey flip and Punk tags in and he kicks Cody in the back and Kofi hits a jawbreaker. Punk with a flying forearm to the head for a near fall. Rhodes with a jawbreaker and he tags in DiBiase. Punk with a drop toe hold and a side head lock into a front face lock. DiBiase backs Punk into the corner and DiBiase misses a punch in the corner. Punk with kicks and forearms but DiBiase with a jawbreaker and punches to Punk. DiBiase punches Punk in the corner and the referee pulls him off.

DiBiase with a European uppercut and then Punk with a cross body and drop kick. Kofi with a drop kick to Rhodes and they go outside. Kofi helps Punk with a plancha onto Rhodes and DiBiase. We go to commercial.

We are back and Punk misses a punch and Rhodes hits a side Russian leg sweep followed by a knee drop to the head for a near fall. Rhodes with a knee to the head and a punch. Punk gets Rhodes up on his shoulders but Rhodes with a sunset flip and Kingston tags in. Kofi with a springboard cross body and clothesline to Rhodes. Rhodes sends Kingston to the apron and he fights off DiBiase and Rhodes but DiBiase pulls Kingston off the apron when Kofi tries to go up top. Rhodes runs Kofi’s back into the ringside barrier. Rhodes rolls Kingston back in and he gets a near fall. Rhodes with a kick to the head and ribs. Rhodes with a full nelson and then he sends Kofi into a punch from DiBiase before he returns to the ring. DiBiase with a fist drop and then he chokes Kofi in the ropes. Kofi punches DiBiase but Ted punches him back. Rhodes is back in and they double team Kingston.

Rhodes with a punch to Kingston but Kingston blocks and hits a forearm. Rhodes with a drop toe hold to keep Kingston from making the tag. DiBiase tags back in and he kicks Kofi and taunts him. DiBiase is pulled off by the referee. Kingston with kicks to DiBiase, but DiBiase with a kick to the chest. Kofi with an inside cradle for a two count. DiBiase responds with a clothesline and he tags Rhodes back into the match. Rhodes punches Kofi while Ted holds him. Kofi with forearms but Rhodes stops him and slams Kingston. Kofi with a rana and he is able to tag in Punk. Punk with a swinging neck breaker and clothesline to DiBiase. He knocks Rhodes off the apron and then he hits a series of kicks and slaps to DiBiase. Punk with the running knee into the corner. Punk kicks Manu off the apron. Kingston and Rhodes go to the floor after he leap frogs Punk. Punk holds on to the ropes on the Million Dollar side Russian leg sweep and Punk hits the Go To Sleep for the three count.
Winners: CM Punk and Kofi Kingston

After the match, the new champions celebrate in the ring while the former champions leave dejected. Rhodes and DiBiase yell at Manu as we go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole talks about Wrestlemania 25, with tickets going on sale in a few weeks.

It is time for some guest commentators and Roddy Piper comes out. He is joined by Goldust and the Honky Tonk Man.

Santino Marella gets on the mic. He says before his opponent comes out, there are two things he would like to say. First, he wants the Honk-A-Meter unleashed. While the Honky Donkey Man was champion for 64 weeks, Santino has been champion for 11 weeks. Santino says that in one week . . . and one year, he is going to catch him. At that time, he will be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all the times. Santino wants all of the pregnant ladies to look at the three men joining Cole and Lawler. He says that is what happens when you do drugs while pregnant. Santino tells the camera man to Zoomit on Beth.

Santino is interrupted by Beth Phoenix’s music and Charlie Haas has had some work done as he is dressed like Beth.

Santino attacks Haas and throws him over the top rope and then he punches Charlie, asking him if he thinks that is funny. Santino slaps the Honky Tonk Man and then Goldust and Piper distract Santino. Santino turns around and he gets nailed by the guitar. Piper checks on Santino and he is out cold. Beth checks on Santino as we go to commercial.

We are back with a Did You Know Moment about the power of

Michael Cole brings out Batista. Cole congratulates Batista for his win and asks how it feels to be champion again. Batista says that he cannot describe it, but it feels so good. It has been a long journey to the top again, but the WWE Universe was there every step of the way and he wants to share it with them. Batista says the title is back where it belongs and it is not going anywhere for a long time. Cole reminds Batista about his match next week in a steel cage against Chris Jericho for the title. Batista says that he is not concerned about his title. He says that the steel cage is his playground and his comfort zone. Jericho has nowhere to run or hide. At the end of the day, he will be World Heavyweight Champion.

Mickie James, Candice Michelle, and Kelly Kelly are walking in the back as they head for their match.

We are back with the WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand Moment: Since Shea Stadium is no more, we see footage from the Bruno Sammartino/Larry Zbyszko Match from the Showdown at Shea. We also see footage from the Hogan/Andre match from that show.

Before our next match, we see footage from the Diva Costume Contest.

Match Number Two: Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Candice Michelle versus Katie Lea, Layla El, and Jillian Hall
Candice and Jillian start things off and Jillian with an arm wringer. Candice with an arm wringer of her own and a leap frog neck breaker for a near fall. Jillian with an Irish whip but Candice with a breakdown for a near fall. Candice with a snap mare and Mickie is tagged in and then roll Jillian for a near fall. Jillian with a punch but Mickie with a clothesline. Mickie with forearms to Lea and Layla followed by a head scissors and drop kick to Jillian for a two count. Jillian kicks Mickie and then she tosses Mickie by the hair. Layla tags in and they hit a double clothesline on Mickie for a near fall. Layla with an Irish whip but she charges into a boot followed by a thrust kick. Katie tags in and she knocks Candice off the apron. Kelly is tagged in and Katie kicks her but Kelly with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors followed by a drop kick. Katie slams Kelly to the mat and Candice breaks up the cover. Candice clotheslines Layla and Mickie with a Thesz Press to Jillian. Kelly hits the K2 on Katie for the three count.
Winner: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and Candice Michelle

Bradshaw is in the interview area and he says that he is all about business. Shawn Michaels cost him one of his best business deals. If Chris Jericho retains the title, then he gets the next title match. Bradshaw says the title is worth a lot of money and he is all about making money. Shawn cost him a lot of money. Tonight, Shawn will pay because he will learn that nobody crosses JBL.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Rey Mysterio versus Kane from last night.

Before the match we hear comments from Rey about how you are a different man after fighting Kane. Then we see Evan stop by and he says that he will be the underdog tonight and he will beat Rey tonight. They shake hands.

Match Number Three: Rey Mysterio versus Evan Bourne

Bourne and Rey shake hands again. They lock up and Bourne backs Rey into the corner and he has a clean break. Rey with a side head lock and Bourne with a back kick and head scissors take down after some acrobatic moves. They lock up again and Rey with a waist lock but Bourne with a standing switch. Rey with a satellite head scissors that sends Evan into the ropes. Rey with a kick but Bourne with a kick. Bourne with a springboard arm drag that sends Rey to the floor. Bourne misses a baseball slide and they both return to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Bourne with a body scissors. We see footage from during the commercial when Rey is tossed to the floor and Bourne hits an Asai Moonsault onto Rey. We are back to live action and Bourne with a reverse chin lock. Rey and Bourne exchange forearms. Rey sends Bourne to the floor and Bourne deals with the whiplash. Rey with a seated splash onto Bourne on the floor. Rey rolls Bourne into the ring and he gets a near fall. Bourne with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Bourne with a kick to Rey’s back for a near fall. Bourne with a bow and arrow to Rey. Bourne with a forearm. Bourne tries for a springboard cross body but Rey with a drop kick and both men are down.

Rey with a kick and forearm. Rey tries for a springboard move but Rey hits the ropes wrong and he goes down. Bourne gets a near fall and then he works on the legs. Rey kicks Bourne and then he hits a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Bourne charges into a boot from Rey and Rey goes up top and hits the springboard seated splash. Bourne with an enzuigiri to Rey and both men are down again. Bourne gets a near fall. Bourne tries for a power bomb but Rey blocks it. Bourne with a single leg sweep followed by a moonsault for a two count. Bourne goes up top and Rey gets to his feet to stop Bourne. Rey is pushed off. Bourne with a sunset flip but Rey rolls through. Rey with a catapult and he hits the 619 but Bourne moves on the springboard move. Bourne with a victory roll but Rey rolls through for the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Kane’s pyro goes off and then he comes to the ring. Rey attacks Kane and Kane with a clothesline. Kane tries to take off Rey’s mask and Bourne kicks Kane. Rey and Bourne double team Kane and they hit Total Elimination. Mark Henry comes to the ring and Bourne with a drop kick. Bourne tries a pescado but Henry catches him and runs Bourne into the ring post. Kane choke slams Rey and Henry with a power slam to Bourne. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to find out the official music of Survivor Series and it is from AC/DC.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole talk about how John Cena will be back at Survivor Series. We see footage from Cena’s family talking about John’s desire to be a wrestler. We see footage of John’s first match against Kurt Angle.

John Morrison and The Miz come out and they have mics. Morrison tries to quiet the crowd. Miz says that some think they crossed the line by calling DX, Geriatric X. Morrison says that their sophisticated sense of humor might be too much for the fans. Morrison says that if the fans don’t get it, it is their problem. They have evolved and they will prove it at the 800th episode of Raw when the greatest tag team of the 21st Century takes on the greatest tag team of the 20th Century, Degeneration X. Miz says that tomorrow night there will be a special edition of the Dirt Sheet. They will examine the rise and soon to be fall of the prehistoric pair. Morrison says that after the dust settles and they beat Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the enlightened few can join them when they utter the two words to Degeneration X . . . Be Jealous.

Batista is bouncing in the back and then he walks into a commercial.

We are back and did you know that Raw is approaching 800 episodes (even though they might have had their 800th episode special)

We have an Earlier Tonight Moment of Randy Orton get slapped in the face by Mike Adamle. Cole and Lawler talk about Orton’s ultimatum to Shane and Stephanie.

As Chris Jericho comes to the ring, we see Bradshaw beating up Shawn Michaels and rearranges some of the lights in the hallway. He locks Shawn in one of the rooms in the back.

We return to Chris Jericho entering the ring and he is suddenly much happier.

Match Number Four: Chris Jericho and John Bradshaw Layfield without the JBLimo versus Batista and Shawn Michaels if he can make it to the ring after his beatdown at the hands of Bradshaw

Lawler and Cole talk about how this will be a handicap match at this point.

The referee asks Batista what he wants to do and the match begins with Jericho in the ring with Batista. They lock up and Batista sends Jericho to the mat. Jericho tags in Bradshaw. They lock up and Batista backs Bradshaw into the corner and Bradshaw with a punch to Batista on the break. Batista with an Irish whip and clothesline followed by a kick and suplex for a near fall. Jericho tags in as Bradshaw holds Batista in the corner. Jericho with kicks to Batista and the referee admonishes him. Bradshaw attacks Batista while the referee is with Jericho. Jericho with a kick but Batista with a big boot to Jericho and it is time for shoulders in the corner.

Jericho kicks Batista in his injured knee and then he tags in Bradshaw. Batista with an elbow to Jericho on the apron and then he punches Bradshaw. Batista drops Jericho on the top rope and then he knocks Jericho off the apron and Jericho hits the announce table as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with a reverse chin lock but Batista gets Jericho on his back to get out of the hold by using the turnbuckles. Batista with a clothesline to Jericho and then he slams Jericho’s head into the turnbuckles. Batista with a punch to Bradshaw but Jericho with an enzuigiri for a two count. Jericho chokes Batista in the ropes and then Bradshaw tries to interfere but the referee sees him try to interfere. Bradshaw tags in and he kicks Batista and slams his head into the turnbuckles. Bradshaw with a swinging neck breaker followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Bradshaw punches Batista in the corner and then Jericho chokes Batista while Bradshaw distracts the referee. Jericho with a drop kick to Batista after he tags back in. Jericho with a baseball slide that sends Batista into the ringside barrier. Jericho goes up top and he waits for Batista to return to his feet. Jericho comes off and he is met with a clothesline. Bradshaw tags in and he kicks Batista.

Batista punches Bradshaw but Bradshaw with a sleeper. Batista escapes with a belly-to-back suplex. Jericho makes the tag and he is met with a couple of clotheslines and a splash in the corner. Batista with a clothesline and then he tries to power slam Jericho but Jericho gets out of the hold. Batista with a Bossman Slam and then he tries for the Batista Bomb on Jericho but Jericho escapes the hold and he hits the Codebreaker but both men are down. Jericho cover Batista but he can only get a two count. Bradshaw tags in and he connects with a big boot and he wants Batista to get up for the Clothesline from Wall Street. Bradshaw misses and Batista hits the spear, but both men are down.

Shawn Michaels limps his way to the ring and Jericho sees him come to the ring. Jericho comes in but the referee did not see the tag to Michaels. The referee sends Michaels back to the apron. Jericho tries to hit Batista with the belt but he misses. Batista with a spinebuster to Bradshaw followed by the Batista Bomb for the three count.
Winners: Shawn Michaels and Batista

After the match, Shawn checks on Batista. We see Batista celebrating in the ring as we go to credits.


2009 -Hulk Hogan and TNA shocked the world with a press conference at Madison Square Garden announcing that he had signed with the company.  The press conference had been publicly billed as promotion for Hogan's second autobiography.  Hogan did a morning signing session at a Barnes & Noble, then went to Madison Square Garden for the conference. 

The conference today featured Eric Bischoff introducing Hulk Hogan.  Hogan talked about TNA and stated he was becoming a "partner" in the company and that he was feeling great and looking forward to being a part of the company. 

TNA President Dixie Carter gave a short speech saying she was looking forward to working with Hogan and that while they have great ratings for a Thursday night, Hogan would be the "boost that TNA needed."  SpikeTV's Kevin Kay was also in attendance and gave a brief statement about the network working with Hogan.

A Q&A session was then held, but was said to mostly be fluff fan type questions, although one fan did ask Hogan whether working with Vince Russo would be an issue.  Hogan responded that as long as Russo stayed in his place and didn't cross him, there would be no issues. Hogan then said that if he did, Hogan would have to take care of it. 

When the topic of Eric Bischoff came up, Hogan did not say Bischoff was working with him in TNA but noted they have other side projects they are working on.  Obviously, Bischoff came into the company with Hogan.

2009 - Hulk Hogan discussed signing with TNA during the final few minutes of an interview on CNN's Larry King Live.

King asked Hogan whether he would be wrestling for the company after they aired footage of today's press conference from New York City. Hogan responded that he didn't know what he would be doing for the company yet and that he would be testing himself on the upcoming Hulkamania tour of Australia.

Hogan also threw out the idea of doing an American Idol-type of reality series to find the "next" Hulk Hogan, a reality show concept Jimmy Hart had discussed wanting to see in a 2008 interview.

2009 - WWE broadcasr ECW on Sci Fi.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Rochester, New York and your announcers are Josh ‘I came from FCW first’ Mathews and Byron ‘Living the Dream’ Saxton.

We start off with the show that makes you want to watch anything else, the Abraham Washington Show. Abe’s guest tonight is ECW General Manager Tiffany. Abe does not get the reception he expects. Abe says that he is going to stop running his mouth since it is a big show. Abe threatens Tony for laughing at his comment.

Tiffany comes out and Abe is impressed with Tiffany. Abe hits on Tiffany and Tony jumps in with some lustful laughs. Abe says that Tiffany is on the hot seat because of the job that she has been doing since there was no ECW influence on Bragging Rights. Tiffany says that ECW had a tremendous impact on the pay per view because people like John Morrison and Kofi Kingston had their start on ECW. Tiffany guarantees a bigger influence next year. Abe brings up Sheamus who is no longer on the ECW roster. Tiffany says that if you don’t want to be on ECW, you don’t have to be there. Tiffany says that Sheamus could leave for good after one last match against Shelton Benjamin. Abe asks Tiffany about her arm and she says that it is healing, but before we can get the full Tiffany News Network update, Emperor William Regal and his Imperial Guards come out.

Regal implores to get what he deserves. He wants an ECW title match. Tiffany reminds Regal that he has asked her repeatedly and her answer remains the same . . . no. Regal says that he is losing his temper. Tiffany tells Regal that he is not getting an ECW title match tonight, and he might never get another shot at the ECW Title. Tiffany says that she hopes everyone enjoys tonight’s show.

Abe is about to end his show, but William Regal ends it for Abe and he throws the table and recliner aside.

We go to the announce table where Josh introduces tonight’s new announcer Byron Saxton. Byron is excited to be here tonight because of the title match. We see footage of Yoshi Tatsu beating Zack Ryder to be the number one contender.

We have a video package for Yoshi Tatsu.

We go to commercial.

We see footage from last week when Sheamus and Shelton battled after Sheamus’s match with JT Quinn.

Savannah is in the back with Shelton Benjamin and she asks him about his last match with Sheamus. Shelton did not appreciate Sheamus’ comments but maybe Sheamus was right that he should pack his bags and leave. Shelton then wondered who Sheamus was because he had to attack Shelton from behind. He calls Sheamus a coward who is high tailing it to Raw. Tonight, Sheamus will get a new found respect for the Gold Standard.

Match Number One: Sheamus (The Raw Traitor) versus Shelton Benjamin

Sheamus works on the arm but Benjamin with an arm drag take down and Sheamus goes to the floor. Sheamus with forearms to Shelton and then he sends Shelton into the turnbuckles. Shelton with kicks and punches and then he clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Shelton with an Asai Moonsault and we go to commercial.

We are back and Shelton uses the ring post to work on Sheamus’s shoulder. Shelton drops Sheamus’ arm on the top rope and returns to the ring. Shelton sends Sheamus’ shoulder into the turnbuckle. Sheamus sends Shelton into the ring post and Shelton goes to the floor. Sheamus runs Shelton’s back into the ring post and then rolls him back into the ring. Sheamus with a knee to Shelton’s back. Sheamus with a rear chin lock but Shelton gets to his feet. Shelton with a kick but Sheamus with a power slam for a near fall. Sheamus with a hard Irish whip and then he stands on Shelton’s neck. Sheamus with a knee to the back and another near fall. Sheamus returns to the rear chin lock with the knee in Benjamin’s back to add more pressure. Sheamus with a different version of a chin lock. Shelton with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down. Sheamus with a forearm but Shelton punches back and they exchange punches until Shelton gets the advantage. Shelton with a cross body and clotheslines to Sheamus. Shelton with the Stinger Splash. Shelton misses the dragon whip but Benjamin with a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Sheamus with a hot shot and bicycle kick for the three count.
Winner: Sheamus

We go to commercial.

We are back and get your closed captioning ready for next week for Ozzy Osbourne.

Rosa is in the back and she talks about how happy she is to be on ECW and she talks about how she is in the best shape of her life and she keeps talking to Gregory Helms. Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill interrupt the meeting and Katie tells Rosa to leave. Paul has a message for Gregory Helms to give to the Hurricane. He tells Gregory to have Hurricane meet him in the ring next week.

It is time to take a look back at the Bragging Rights pay per view because ECW had . . . a dark match?

Savannah is in the interview area with Christian. Savannah asks Christian about what he has said about Yoshi Tatsu in the past. Christian says that Yoshi Tatsu has earned the number one contender spot. He says that Yoshi makes him excited about ECW and he will be a champion someday, but not today. Christian says that he has been mentoring Yoshi and Yoshi will learn to deal with defeat tonight.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Christian versus Yoshi Tatsu for the ECW Title

They shake hands before the match starts and then they lock up with Yoshi giving a clean break. Yoshi with a waist lock and Christian with a clean break. Yoshi with a kick to the leg but Christian blocks a second attempt. Christian with a waist lock but Yoshi with an arm drag take down for a near fall. Yoshi with a top wrist lock and Christian with a side head lock. Yoshi tries to power out of the hold but Christian maintains the hold and does not let go when Yoshi tries to send Christian off the ropes. Christian with a flap jack and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a sunset flip and a near fall. Christian with a kick but Yoshi with a back body drop and a flip senton for a near fall. Yoshi with a back slide for a two count. Yoshi with a side head lock and Christian tries to send Yoshi through the ropes but Yoshi skins the cat on the bottom rope and gets a near fall with a rollup. We go to commercial.

We are back and Christian with a side head lock on Yoshi. Yoshi runs into an elbow and then Christian goes up top for a missile dropkick but Yoshi knocks Christian off the turnbuckles to the floor with a forearm. Yoshi misses a pescado when Christian moves out of the way. Christian hits the springboard cross body onto Yoshi. They return to the ring and Christian with a near fall. Yoshi with a cross body for a near fall. Christian with a snap mare and a neck vice. Christian with a kick and a neck breaker for a near fall. Christian with a forearm and then he sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles. Christian tries for the tornado DDT but Yoshi pushes Christian away. Yoshi goes up top and hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Yoshi with kicks to Christian and a drop kick. Christian misses a charge into the corner and Yoshi with a roaring elbow but Christian kicks out. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Yoshi with a kick to the back. Christian with a drop toe hold into the ropes and then Christian chokes Yoshi on the ropes. Christian slingshots to the floor and he punches Yoshi. Christian with a missile drop kick from the second turnbuckle and then he goes up top but Yoshi blocks it and gets a two count with a jackknife cover. Yoshi with the knees to the chest and he hits the rolling snap mare but he misses the roundhouse kick. Christian with an inverted DDT for a two count. Yoshi with a kick and Irish whip but he charges into a kick. Christian with a sunset flip but Yoshi rolls through and gets a near fall after a kick. Christian with the Killswitch set up but Yoshi escapes it again. Christian with the pendulum kick and a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Christian waits for the Killswitch and he gets the three count.
Winner: Christian

After the match, Christian helps Yoshi up but the Emperor’s guards attack Christian and Yoshi. Emperor Regal makes his way into the ring and then Zeke and Vlad with a double uranage. Regal holds the title belt that Tiffany will never let him get a chance to wrestle for and he stands over Christian.


2010 - Colt Cabana and comedian Marty DeRose, along with, launched a new DVD series, $5 Wrestling, combining Mystery Science Theater riffing with pro wrestling.

2010 - The Chicago production of the excellent play about professional wrestling "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" won five awards on 10/25 at the 42nd Annual Jeff Equity Awards. The play won Best New Work for playwright Kristoffer Diaz, Best Production, Best Director for Edward Torres, Best Actor in a Principle Role for Desmin Borges (who later performed the role Off-Broadway) and Best Fight Choreography for Choreographer David Woolley.

2010 -  Heritage Championship Wrestling champion "The Future" Donovan Ruddick signed a WWE developmental deal.

2010 - WWE made the decision to resurrect the King of the Ring tournament for a November three-hour edition of Monday Night Raw.

2010 - The Connecticut Post ran a story where Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz responded to the discrimination lawsuit that Vince McMahon filed yesterday concerning her not wanting to allow voters in her state to wear WWE clothing to the polls on Tuesday.  She had asserted that while WWE clothing doesn't bear Senate candidate Linda McMahon's name, the implication is it is there since she is so closely identified with World Wrestling Entertainment. Bysiewicz said that her intentions had been misconstrued and sent the following letter to registrars and town clerks yesterday. 

"Be advised that it is the position of this office that simply wearing WWE apparel at the polls, including apparel with the trade name or logo of the WWE or the name or photograph of any WWE entertainment that does not display the name or photograph of Linda McMahon, U.S. Senate candidate, or the name or logo of Ms. McMahon's campaign does not trigger a violation.  Further, even when an individual is found to be wearing campaign material in violation of the 75 foot restrictions, they should never be told to leave the polls. They should be simply asked to remove or cover the item or apparel in question. Once this is accomplished, the individual should be allowed to vote."

2010 - A&E issued the following press release:



NEW YORK, NY – October 27, 2010 – Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, has been world-famous for almost thirty years. From the fan frenzy of Hulkamania all the way through to the tabloid-driven fascination with his family, Hulk has lived his entire adult life in the public eye. Losing nearly everything in the aftermath of his divorce, a pending lawsuit from his son’s tragiccar accident, and a body riddled with injuries from years in the ring, Hogan must now start over at a time when he thought he would be happily settled into his retirement. Emotional, and completely honest, “Finding Hulk Hogan” tells his side of the story — and gives viewers a Hulk Hogan they’ve never seen before. The one-hour special premieres Wednesday, November 17 at 10PM ET/PT.

Hogan gives fans a stark glimpse at his entire life, including his darkest moments of depression, thoughts of suicide, alcohol and prescription pill abuse, his broken marriage, losing his entire fortune, deciding to return to Totally Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling despite severe medical warnings, making amends with his children, finding God and committing to his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel.

Candid interviews with Hogan and the people in his life help chronicle the ups and downs and round out the story of a man who is trying to rebuild the pieces of his empire and move forward with his life.

“Finding Hulk Hogan” is produced by Bischoff HerveyEntertainment. Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Terry Bollea are the Executive Producers. A&E Executive Producers are Robert Sharenow and Andy Berg.

2011 -
TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

We start off with a video package looking back at last week when James Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the World Title, as well as backstage comments talking about how hard he's worked to become champion and how it's like a dream, and if anyone pinches him to wake him up, he's going to knock that guy out. We then go out to the ring as the new champion addresses the crowd, telling them about how he watched Wrestlemania 3 with his late dad and he decided that he wanted tobe World Champion one day, and he silenced all the people who said he wasn't good enough because now, he's the champion. He couldn't have done it without the fans, so he wants to thank them for helping make his dream come true, but he also wants to bring Fortune out to the ring to thank them as well. He specifically wants to tell Roode that he got screwed out of the opportunity he worked his whole life for, so he got drunk and decided to give Roode the first shot at the title. Roode accepts of course, but Samoa Joe comes out to say he used to be part of this group that fought the power that held them down, but for all their self righteousness they preach, he sees the same four scumbags that he did a long time ago, and he sees another Immortal group trying to keep it all in the family, which shouldn't be too hard for that hillbilly James Storm. Joe's words, not mine. Instead of giving all his friends title shots, he's going to prove to everyone that it's a new day and give Joe a title shot. Storm says Joe had his opportunity and the window closed, and maybe he should give his friends title shots first since Joe's lost to everyone for months now. Sting's music hits, and the new Authority Figure comes out to settle the dispute. He says they both have really strong cases, so tonight, it'll be Joe against Roode with the winner getting a title shot next week in Macon, Georgia.

Tonight: Jeff Hardy has his first match since March as he faces Bully Ray, and Gail Kim makes her own return against Tara.

We go backstage to Christopher Daniels, who claims that AJ Styles fed doctored audio through the speakers to make everyone think he quit at Bound For Glory, and he'll show how good he is next when he faces "Bob" Van Dam.

Let's go to the ring for our opening match...

Christopher Daniels vs Rob Van Dam

Chain wrestling sequence to start and Vam Dam gets a bodyscissors rollup for 2. Another back and forth sequence leads to Daniels rolling RVD up for 2 as AJ Styles comes out to join Mike and Taz at the announce booth. RVD boots Daniels in the face and hits a standing moonsault for 2, Daniels drop toeholds RVD into the bottom turnbuckle and puts the boots to him, but eats RVD's boots on a charge into the corner. He hits a uranage and goes for the BME, but Van Dam moves and hits the stepover leg lariat. RVD with the rolling monkey flip out of the corner and a springboard thrust kick, but Daniels rolls out of the ring to escape Rolling Thunder. RVD doesn't miss a beat and hits a dive over the top rope, rolls Daniels back into the ring, and Daniels rolls to the floor to dodge the five star frogsplash. RVD goes out to the floor and drapes Daniels on the guardrail and hits the leg lariat off the apron. Daniels goes under the ring and grabs a toolbox, ramming it into RVD's ribs to get himself disqualified.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by DQ

Daniels grabs a screwdriver out of the toolbox andstalks RVD with it, but AJ drops his headset and comes tearing down to the ring to chase Daniels into the crowd.

Karen Jarrett, Gail Kim, and Madison Rayne are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

Karen Jarrett comes out with her entire entourage in tow. Anyone care to explain to me how she's still in power since Immortal lost control of TNA? Gail Kim says everyone can stop with the emails asking her why she did what she did last week, because it's nobody's business. But she's happy to tell us anyway: people have been telling her what to do for her entire career, from TNA to ANOTHER COMPANY and back, but finally Karen made her realize it's not about the company she works for or the fans who never put a dime in her pocket, it's all about her being the center of attention and being the one who's noticed, but most of all, it's about her being treated like the main eventer she is. Karen says that since Gail's been suc ha good sport, she's going to get her title match with Velvet at Turning Point, and the sooner they get the belt off that prostitute Velvet Sky and around the waist of Gail, the better off everyone will be. Gail says she won't let Karen or herself down, and she wants a piece of fresh meat to come out so she can prove her greatness.

Gail Kim vs Tara

Yep, that Tara is green as grass. Gail attacks Tara on her way into the ring and starts viciously ramming Tara's face into the mat and then repeatedly drills her in the head with right hands. Tara tries to fight back, but Gail just rips her head off with a hard clothesline. Gail hauls Tara up by the face and yells at her that she's pathetic before dumping her out to the floor. Karen shoves Traci around and yells at her at ringside as Gail hauls Tara back into the ring and stomps her in the face as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Gail Kim is choking Tara with her boot in the corner. Gail misses a charge into the corner, but catches Tara with a back elbow and locks her in the modified Royal Octopus. Tara hiptosses out of the hold and finally begins firing back on Gail, taking her out with a series of clotheslines and a rolling neckbreaker for 2. Gail drop toeholds Tara onto the bottom rope and chokes her with herboot again, then hauls Tara back to her feet and htis Sole Food for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

This was the best Knockouts match I've seen on Impact in forever, and Gail looked like a million bucks and showed in one appearance what WWE was missing out on for years.

Jeff Hardy's backstage saying he's back in the ring tonight against Bully Ray, and they go way back, but it's been a long time since he's faced him or anyone else and this will be a real test for him tonight.

Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are backstage tonight, and they blow off Robbie E blabbering about his TV Title match because Flair is busy telling Bischoff to kick the crap out of his kid. There's some quality family sentiment there.

Time for a title match...

TV Title Match: Eric Young vs Robbie E

Okay, this is pretty funny: Rob Terry is Robbie E's bouncer and stands in front of a velvet rope holding waving at the fans to stay back while Robbie fist pumps. Well, I guess they have to justify paying him somehow. Young comes out looking homeless and ties up with the referee and backs him to the corner before the match, and then starts unloading on Robbie when the bell rings. He hits Robbie with a flying forearm, then does the Flair Flip to the apron, comes flying over the top with a clothesline, and htis a really nice belly to belly. He gets distracted by Rob Terry and Robbie backdrops him, but Young gets his foot up as Robbie charges him in the corner and gets a crucifix for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

Rob Terry blindsides Young after the match and holds him so Robbie can ram his fist into his gut. Young goes down in a heap, but Terry pulls him back up and now Robbie rams his knee into Young's midsection. He tells Terry to pull him up again and Young just piefaces Young and sends him down in a heap. They head to the back, and Young grabs a microphone and is aghast that Robbie punched him in the stomach. He's never been accused of being the smartest guy, but Rob Terry got involved and now, he's got to bring in the Hollywood heavies, so when they get to Georgia, he's bringing Ronnie from the Jersey Shore. Okay.

Eric Bischoff is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

Christopher Daniels is backstage trying to negotiate his contract with his agent, and Frankie Kazarian comes in and says this stuff with AJ has to stop. He wants Daniels to call him and talk things out friend to friend. We then go to Bully Ray, who asks if Jeff Hardy pissed in Sting's cornflakes because he must have to get him in his first match back. He's going to make sure Jeff's first match back is his last match back, and he's never respected Jeff because rehab is for quitters.

If you can believe this, we go to a Garrett Bischoff video package, and we see all kinds of clips of Garrett intentionally blowing calls to benefit his dad as he talks about how he thought all he had to do was follow his dad because he idolized him his entire life, but he doesn't want to be like him anymore. He doesn't want to hit his dad or beat up an old man, and then immediately after that we see a clip of last week when he knocked his old dad out.

Now we go to the arena and Bischoff is coming out to talk. This ought to be enlightening. If boos could kill a man, Bischoff would have been dead before he got close to the ring. He has some family business to take care of here, because his firstborn son, and the crowd actually chants "we want Garrett" as Bischoff calls his kid out for a chat. Yeah, encourage him, way to go. Garrett comes out and gets in the ring, and Eric says that he conceived and raised him to follow in his footsteps, and he didn't waste his semen so he could go follow someone else. He's raised him to follow in his footsteps from the day he brought Garrett to the AWA studios in Minneapolis, and Garrett let him down and embarrassed him and the entire Bischoff family for generations to come. He could kick Garrett's ass, but instead, he'll do what he never does for anybody. Garrett says he doesn't want it to go down this way, and Eric says he doesn't give a damn what he wants and calls him a selfish little prick (again, his words), then says that Garrett will apologize to him before the end of the night or he'll kick his ass. He calls his son a punk and walks off. What a great segment.

Ric flair is backstage losing his mind over Garrett being a disrespectful punk, and he's going to find Garrett and talk to him about respect.

Garrett is backstage with Flair and says "Hello, Mr Flair" but Flair says it's not Mr Flair, it's God. Wrestling needs men, and not disrespectful little punks like him. Garrett tries to explain, but Flair says he doesn't want to hear it because Garrett isn't big, tough, or have enough balls to do what his father did. This business is breaking in punks who couldn't walk in his shoes 30 years ago. Garrett keeps trying to talk, but Flair keeps cutting him off to tell him that he needs his ass kicked in front of the world to teach these kids respect because this is a sport for men who have bled and sweated and paid the price and not to be surprised if Flair is out there kicking his ass too. Flair slaps him around and shoves him hard in the chest several times before saying something that gets bleeped out and walking off.

Jeff Hardy video package, as he talks about how he needed to go home and get away from TV and wrestling and just get his head together while everyone else wants him gone from TNA. Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring and says there's one thing missing from the video package, and that's the way Hardy looked when he showed up all messed up at his last appearance in early 2011. Maybe they should show him main eventing Turning Point 2006, except that they can't because he didn't show up. Hardy's music hits and he comes out to confront Jarrett, who tears his shirt off and dares Hardy to get in the ring with him. Hardy slides into the ring and they brawl until security comes out to pull them apart yet again. As you might expect, Bully Ray runs out of the back and blindsides Hardy, and the bell rings...

Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray

Crowd is solidly behind Hardy as Bully Ray drills him in the head and lights him up with a massive chop in the corner and we go to commercial. We're back and Hardy is unloading on Bubba in the corner and hits the Whisper In The Wind, then goes for the Twist of Fate but Bubba shoves him off into the ropes and takes him out with a boot to the face. Bubba gets Hardy in a nerve hold, Hardy tries to fight out but Bubba just yanks him down to the mat by the hair. Bubba hits a slam and comes off the ropes with a sweet elbowdrop for 2, then hits a running avalanche in the corner for another 2. Bubba repeatedly drills Hardy with crossfaces and the referee yells at him for some reason I don't understand because it's a legal move. Bubba charges Hardy in the corner, but Hardy gets the boot up and comes off the second rope with a legdrop for 2. Bubba hits a big backdrop but misses a big splash, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and Swanton and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Christy Hemme is at ringside and congratulates Jeff on his return to Impact Wrestling, and Hardy wants to welcome everyone back into his life, but the interview is cut short when Jeff Jarrett comes back through the crowd and lays Hardy out from behind. He tosses Hardy back into the ring and Bubba takes his head off with a clothesline. Jarrett pulls a table out from under the ring and they set it up on the inside, but Ken Anderson runs out to save Hardy from death via super bomb and Jarrett and Bubba hightail it to the back.

Bobby Roode is backstage saying he has a ton on his mind: he's got a chance for another title shot tonight, his best friend is the World Champion, and tonight he has to go through Joe for another shot at achieving his lifelong dream.

It's main event time!

#1 Contender Match: Samoa Joe vs Bobby Roode

Tie up and Joe takes Roode to the corner and just beats him down, but Roode pops up and stomps a mudhole in Joe in the corner. Roode tears through Joe with a clothesline and gets a neckbreaker for 1. Joe gets a back elbow, but Roode takes him down into the Crippler Crossface and Joe quickly slips out to the floor. Joe pulls Roode out after him and rams Roode back first into the ring apron, then they head back in and Joe snaps Roode over with a quick powerslam for 2. Joe with the inverted atomic drop, running boot, and senton combo for 2. Joe gets Roode in a rear chinlock, Roode fights his way out but Joe drops him with a running forearm to the face and goes back to the chinlock. Joe gets another inverted atomic drop, but comes off the ropes and Roode catches him with an Arn Anderson spinebuster or, as Tenay calls it, a "Double R" spinebuster. No idea who Double R is, but I'm sure he was watching on proudly. They go toe to toe in the ring with Roode coming out on top, and Roode gets the advantage and takes Joe down with a Blockbuster for 2. Joe hits a Death Valley Driver but only gets 2, so he goes for the Muscle Buster, Roode slips out and gets him in the Crippler Crossface, and Joe reverses to a cradle for 2. Joe with a double kneebreaker, but Roode reverses a whip to send Joe hard into the corner and gets a Perfectplex for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

James Storm comes out of the back and shares a look of respect with Roode, then motions that it'll be the two of them next week as Roode smiles excitedly. We then go backstage to Bischoff, who says he's looking forward to confronting his son after what happened last week.

Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring and says it's embarrassing to have your family dramas play out in front of a national audience, but families can work things out and put stuff behind them, and calls Garrett out to apologize because he raised him right and he made a mistake, but he's a good kid and he'll do the right thing. Garrett comes out and Eric says that before he apologizes, he just wants to say that there's two sides to every coin, so he wants to say that he forgives Garrett for getting caught up in the emotion because he understands what it's liketo be young and dumb and let things cloud your judgment, so he can go ahead and tell the world he's sorry and things will go back to the way they used to be. Garrett hesitates, and Eric reminds him that he said to go ahead and apologize because he's pushing him to the point where he might not forgive him, and he wants him to apologize in front of all these people. Garrett says no, so Eric slaps him and says to apologize. Garrett grabs his dad by the shirt and backs him to the ropes, but Ric Flair comes out and shoves Garrett back. He says he told Eric to treat Garrett like he treated him, then yells at Garrett to quit worrying about the fans and apologize to his father. Flair slaps Garrett and tells him to apologize to his father and then kiss his ass. Flair slaps him again and says he's not messing around like his dad and tells him one more time to apologize. He takes his coat off and shoves Garrett into the ropes, and Garrett comes off and decks Flair in the face. Flair pulls his jacket off and kicks Garrett low, then Eric comes from behind and punches his son in the junk, then Flair stomps on his groin, beats the crap out of him in the corner, and kicks him in the nuts again. Flair steps on Garrett's head and tells him to kiss his ass before stomping on his head as we wrap up this week's stellar installment of Impact.

2012 -WWE announced that Lilian Garcia was hospitalized after being struck by a car in Los Angeles.  Garcia made a full recovery.

2012 - The NWA championship is now vacant following the end of the Best of Seven Series between Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana. Cabana won the series but not the title. They announced before the bout that the NWA had ruled the bout was non-title.

Pearce awarded the belt to Cabana anyway, only to have Cabana bury the NWA saying the letters epitomized the past and that the current board of directors were "morons" among other insults. He said he would accept the win and the end of the feud, but not the title.

However, since Pearce lost, he said he would not accept the title either. Pearce said that by not sanctioning the match, the NWA robbed the fans and Cabana, as well as one of the finest champions who ever lived in Cabana. Pearce then reminded everyone that he had promised to "leave the NWA" if he did not beat Cabana. He said he was stepping down as champion and said that the NWA pushed him out when they did wrong by Cabana.

So whether the NWA is happy with that or not, the NWA belt is now vacant.

Here are highlights from that announcement, where Cabana and Pearce pretty much buried the NWA. The pair spent the last several months trying to raise the awareness and credibility of the NWA title, only to see the entire landscape of the company change with the lawsuit that led to the change in its ownership power.

So, Pearce and Cabana ended up with an exit from the promotion, burying it at the end, as opposed to their original plans to elevate the championship - a situation that became the basis for Adam Pearce's documentary "Seven Levels of Hate."

2012 - WWE broadcast Saturday Morning Slam.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

This week’s show will have a Halloween theme.

In the main event, Antonio Cesaro will face Derrick Bateman.

We start off with our other match this week.

Your announcers this week are Miz and Josh Mathews.


Match Number One: Brodus Clay (with the Funkadactyls) versus Epico (with Primo)


Epico is not sure what to do while Brodus shimmies in the ring. Epico with a waist lock but Brodus powers out of the hold and he struts. Epico yells at Clay and he kicks the rope in frustration. Clay tries for a hip toss but Epico blocks it. Clay blocks a hip toss and he dips Epico before giving Epico a hip toss and arm drag. Clay with a slam.

Epico rolls to the floor to discuss strategy with Primo. Epico bumps into Primo when they went in opposite directions. Epico and Primo try to surround Clay and Primo gets on the apron to distract Clay. Clay bumps Primo to the floor and then Clay catches Epico and hits the sheeeplex. Clay with the splash for the three count.


Winner: Brodus Clay


We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane says that we might know him as the angriest and most vengeful monster in WWE history. Kane says that there are other monsters who have drawn him to the dark side.

The first one is the Boogeyman, who had his worms with him. He was a nightmare come true. You never knew when he would strike.

Next is Papa Shango. He had powers from beyond and used black magic. In the end, he was consumed by the darkness and was sent to parts unknown.

He mentions his greatest enemy and his greatest ally, the Undertaker. He has been doing this for more than two decades. His ultimate legacy is his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

The most disturbing monster is himself. He has destroyed all who have stood in his way. Anger management will not stop him from unleashing his terror on the WWE.

We move to the other side of the ledger and we go to Kaitlyn who talks about preparing a Halloween costume.

She says that she will be transforming into a penguin. She mentions the clothing that you will need. Then she applies some feathers. Next it is the makeup on the face to finish the penguin look.


It is time for the Third Degree and the Superstars tell us what their favorite Halloween costume is.

Alicia says that she loves being Pocahontas

R Truth says that he enjoys being Superman.

AJ Lee says that she likes being a strong female video game character.

Miz says that his favorite costume is of himself and that everyone should want to be the Miz for Halloween.

Ted DiBiase says that he was a cowboy.

Brodus Clay likes being part of the two man horse costume.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the main event.


Match Number Two: Antonio Cesaro versus Derrick Bateman in a Non Title Match


Derrick comes to the ring with an American flag and he gives it to the Miz.

They lock up and Cesaro backs Bateman into the corner and he says something to Derrick about the US. They lock up again and Bateman poses while chanting USA. Cesaro and Bateman criss cross and then Bateman stops Cesaro and gets a USA chant going. Bateman with a jackknife cover.

They criss cross again and Cesaro tries to stop Bateman with a Switzerland chant but when he goes for the take down, Bateman counters and gets a back slide for a near fall. Bateman with a Japanese arm drag. Cesaro with a nerve hold and he sends Bateman to the mat. Cesaro returns to the nerve hold. Bateman escapes and he gives Cesaro a drop toe hild and he applies a nerve hold.

Cesaro escapes and he appears proud of his actions, but Bateman sends Cesaro into the mat and then sends Cesaro to the floor. Cesaro has some words for Miz at the announce table and we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro works on Bateman’s leg with a step over toe hold. The crowd chants USA to try to motivate Bateman to escape the hold. Cesaro with a dead lift side salto and he gets a near fall. Cesaro with another near fall on Bateman. Cesaro returns to the leg and he works on the ankle.

Bateman uses his legs to roll Cesaro out of the hold. Bateman with a back body drop and then he drops Cesaro on his chest and gets a near fall. Cesaro with a giant swing and he sets for a lariat but Bateman moves and Cesaro goes over the top rope to the floor. Bateman struggles to get his equilibrium back after the giant swing but he is able to hit a tope.

Bateman returns Cesaro to the ring and he goes up top but misses a cross body. Cesaro picks up Bateman and hits the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.


Winner: Antonio Cesaro


We go to credits.



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