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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-26 10:00:00
Why doesn't PWInsider institute Facebook comments so we can comment on stories?

Honestly, just about every website that allows them - from newspapers to entertainment outlets to sports sites - showcases some of the most embarrassing behavior from a good majority of those who are posting. We would prefer not to spotlight some of the bottom-feeders on the site. I get really ashamed reading some of the comments posted on the websites for my local NYC Newspapers. PWInsider readers deserve far better than that, plus we have an Elite message board for subscribers that want discussion and our Facebook page at is there as well.

Why hasn't the WWE brought in Tito Santana to be the manager of Los Matadores? He was EL Matador during one of his WWE stints.... Just kidding, what is Tito Santana up to today? Is he still connected to the world of professional wrestling? Thanks and keep up the great work on this site!

Tito Santana is indeed still working independents from time to time, mostly in the Northeast region. He has a full-time job teaching in New Jersey and his family owns a beauty salon as well. Santana saved his money and invested in a post-wrestling future, so he is doing quite well for himself. I don't believe WWE ever reached out him regarding Los Matadores, but it certainly would be a fun cameo for down the line. Thanks for the question and the kind words!

My question is regarding TNA. I remember when they first started out, at the Von Braun Center, they were doing great attendance wise. I mean almost every Wednesday Night Pay-Per-View was filled. Scott Hall recently posted up a picture of TNA's flagship show, BOUND FOR GLORY and it was absolutely sad. How is it that they were able to draw 6-7,000 people to the Von Braun Center in 2002 but they can barely fetch 2,500 in 2013? Also, I think when they first started out, they had a way better product. I think overall, they need to go back to the Nashville Fairgrounds. It just has a mystique to it when you watch it on TV. It feels like a wrestling building. If they're going back to the Impact Zone, I don't know, it feel like it's too disneylandish when watching it on TV. What do you think TNA needs to do to stop the bleeding?

A lot of those photos that were floated around were shots of the side of the venue that was never opened up and sold to the general public, and were only used for production equipment and friends and family comp tickets. So, to judge TNA on those photos is completely unfair. It would be like going to Raw and taking a picture of the empty sections behind the stage and claiming the show wasn't sold out - those seats were never on sale, so how could they be? TNA's product has seen better days, absolutely, and I think what they are doing - getting away from being on the road every week for TV is the best thing they can do. They aren't going to ever be WWE or WCW or hell, even let them figure out how to be the best TNA they can be. There's no shame in being the little guy, as long the product is good and TNA can figure out a way to make it profitable for themselves. Trying to become the next WCW Nitro was not.

During a match when the referee asks a wrestler, male or female, if they give up the wrestler responds by saying no, they then look over to one side and yell no? Why do they do that? Who are they yelling at? The janitor? The wall? No one in particular? I noticed WWE referees do that. What's the story?

In the advent that this is not meant to be a parody of a question, I will answer the impossible for you - they are yelling at the timekeeper, who is waiting to ring the bell and signal that the match is over! Where's my No Prize?

On WWE on Demand, I just watched the go home Nitro from December 1997 before Starrcade, the biggest PPV in WCW history. The entire show was an NWO takeover and relentless kissing of Hogan's butt. Awful television. I'm not sure even the Russo era of WCW had a worse Nitro. Where would you rank this episode among the worst of the Monday Night Wars?

I don't know where it would rank but to me, the worst episode was the last Nitro, because it meant dozens of people were now out of work and an entire genre of pro wrestling that dated back to the early 1900s had gone to its grave.

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