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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-24 17:00:01

From those we've spoken to, TNA morale following today's meeting was very good.

The 24/7 "Action Never Ends" move was presented to the talent as a way for them to really dig in deep and create characters for themselves and as a way for everyone to get an additional spotlight on their work.

According to sources close to Universal Studios, TNA has not yet locked in where they will be running their tapings. There are several (3 I believe) soundstages they can use, but which one has not been locked in. They will not be back at the same Soundstage 21 that housed the Impact Zone.

With so little live events being scheduled over the next few months, TNA talents have been reaching out to different independent promoters trying to book indy dates. One of the biggest issues there is that TNA will not let their talents work for any groups if the footage is filmed for iPPV or DVD. So, unless they are in "dark" segments, that will limit where the talents can work, and might lock them out of most of the higher-profile, better paying independent groups.

The belief among talents is that house shows will pick up again after the European tour.

The 12/27 Philadelphia taping will instead be a house show.

I just finished listening to the TNA Hall of Fame podcast and the speeches were very good. Jeremy Borash was very funny roasting different people in the company, including Dixie Carter.

Robbie E. posted the following:


TNA issued the following:


TNA IMPACT WRESTLING today announces a new multi-year tie-up with leading French TV channel Ma Chaine Sport (MCS).

MCS has been the home of TNA in France since September 2010 and will continue to broadcast TNA IMPACT WRESTLING every Friday night at 9pm, with repeat showings each Sunday and Wednesday afternoon.

The channel will also air TNA’s monthly One Night Only and PPV events, including Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory.

TNA and MCS made history earlier this year at Slammiversary XI when French commentators Célian Varini and Grégory Deas became the first ever announce team from the country to call the action live at an American wrestling event.

Célian, who has been the voice of TNA in France for the last 10 years, said: “A lot of people are saying that wrestling's popularity follows a cycle... but that couldn't be further from the truth in France with TNA.

“The MCS/TNA relationship has proved a great success over the last three years and we're glad to confirm that it's going to continue for the long haul.

“We made history in 2013 and can’t wait to make even more in 2014 and beyond – and prove that France has the most committed wrestling fans in the entire world.”

MCS is now in 25 per cent more homes than when TNA first started on the channel and also broadcasts a string of other popular sporting events from France, Europe and America.

This new deal further enhances the success of TNA all around Europe.

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is currently the No1 rated weekly wrestling programme in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The show also airs in more than 120 other countries, including Portugal where TNA recently announced a tie-up with the country’s leading sports broadcaster, SPORT TV.

TNA Executive Vice President Andy Barton said: “This last year has been a very strong one for TNA IMPACT WRESTLING in Europe.

“France is a key growth market for TNA and we’re delighted to be renewing our relationship with MCS, so that all our French fans can continue to watch the very best in professional wrestling each and every week.”

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