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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-24 10:00:00
I saw online a report where PWInsider stated that Dolph Ziggler had heat for how he represented himself during media appearances for WWE. However, I can't find this anywhere on PWInsider. So what's up?

What's up is that I discussed some of the issues that have led to Ziggler being placed in the mid-card and not being pushed as a top talent right now and someone heard that and then re-wrote it in a way that featured completely incorrect factual information - then credited it to This is why I often shake my head when I receive emails like this - if you want the correct, actual information we report read the site and/or subscribe to the Elite section. It's going to immunize you from reading such silly reports.

As far what I said about Ziggler, it was that whether it's fair or not, he has a reputation for carrying himself with attitude backstage and that has worked against him. There is also a feeling that he doesn't "fall in line" and even when he's making appearances for the media, he has a way to stating how he feels about his place in the card, although he does so in a way that plays into the company storylines.

Is there any chance that one or more of the injuries John Cena has had over the past few years and has come back from way sooner than expected were actually cleverly disguised wellness policy suspensions?


Taking the current build for BFG into account, if for whatever reason TNA were to run the PPV for free on Spike, on Monday, versus Raw, what kind of rating do you think it would get? I guess more importantly, how big of a ratings impact do you think TNA's biggest PPV of the year would have against WWE's flagship show?

It would get whatever Impact usually gets, plus a little extra. Nothing TNA does really deviate from the norm.

I have really been enjoying the return of Golddust. However, I read recently that Golddust has been announced for the upcoming house of hardcore event. I was wondering what is Golddust's contractual status with WWE? Is it some sort of a long-term deal or is it on a per appearance basis? Will it affect his HOH appearance?

Goldust is currently signed to a short term deal and WWE is working with him to make sure he can make his pre-existing independent dates as much as possible. He's still scheduled for House of Hardcore 3 on 11/9.

How much better do you think TNA would be today if they had kept pushing Samoa Joe as the strong style, nearly unbeatable monster, and let him have good, long matches with various talents that would elevate them both?

From the perspective of having unique, awesome matches, much better. Whether it would have drawn better, I don't know. TNA has far larger issues than who's on top.

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