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By Ken Morris on 2013-10-25 08:30:00

Dark Match:

Kingston beat Tyler Breeze. Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise in about five minutes.

Main Event:

Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns) beat Goldust (with Cody Rhodes) when Rollins used a distraction of Goldust watching Cody and Roman fight.

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro beat The Prime Time Players.

Cameron and Naomi beat Aksana and Alicia Fox.

Damien Sandow beat Dolph Ziggler.


The show opened with Michael Cole interviewing Triple H.  H said they found out how Big Show hijacked the feed at Raw and fired all six of them.  He said he can't comment on Show due to the lawsuit.  HHH talked about Shawn Michaels and said he will do the right thing in the main event of HIAC.  Daniel Bryan came out and told Hunter he will prove him wrong and did a Yes chant as he left.

The Usos beat The Wyatt Family when Miz kicked Bray Wyatt.  Rowan went after Miz, leaving Harper to get taken out by both Usos.

AJ Lee (with Tamina) beat Nikki Bella (with Brie) in a quick match.

Los Matadores beat 3MB.  Zeb and The Real Americans watched the match.

We saw that The Wyatts caught Miz.  They have him in chains in the back.

Ryback and Paul Heyman beat a guy that they called CM Skunk.  They made the crowd think they were taking on Punk, right down to his music, but Skunk came out instead.  Heyman cut a great promo on Punk after the match.

I forgot to mention this earlier but they made a match where The Rhodes Brothers, Daniel Bryan and Miz take on The Shield and Randy Orton in the main event. With Miz chained up, Big E sweet talked Vickie Guerrero into taking Miz's spot in the match.

Alberto Del Rio did a promo on the stage talking about what he will do to John Cena on Sunday. No, he didn't say lose.

Fandango and The Great Khali went to a no contest when their respective ladies started fighting.

In the main event, Bryan pinned Orton for the win for his team.

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