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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-22 11:12:37
The original plan for last night's Raw was to main event with Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield in a handicap match. The direction was changed over the course of yesterday so that instead they set up the three-way and Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose was added to open the show. The last minute changes were Vince McMahon decrees.

Dean Ambrose looked to have tweaked his knee last night being tossed out of the ring by Daniel Bryan in the opener but it wasn't believed to be anything serious. He was limping slightly backstage.

There was also lots of talk that CM Punk was really banged up coming out of last night's tag match as well. We don't have any confirmation however.

There were a lot of people shaking their heads at Triple H's comments about Daniel Bryan not being a star, feeling he was burying him as a performer as opposed to being a villain that was knocking the hero in a way Bryan could get back at him. Unless they are building to Bryan vs. HHH with Bryan winning, I can totally see that point.

Although he was backstage last night, Xavier Woods was not scripted to debut on the main roster last night. WWE connected him to Big Show with the petition a few weeks ago, so it's possible he'll end up involved there.

Tyler Breeze got good reviews for his work on the house shows over the weekend, specifically his heel mannerisms.

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