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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-21 17:17:29
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla held their latest event in Reseda, CA and we've heard nothing but raves. In a lot of ways, the promotion is pretty much the Ellis Island of the independents as every major promotion except WWE and TNA has talent floating through.

Since the Reseda building is so intimate (it holds about 400 or so) and the atmosphere is so electric, it's quickly become one of the most popular places to get booked on the indy scene because PWG's mantra is to pretty much let the guys go out and do what they want with no restrictions, which fosters a lot of creativity and collaboration among talents that don't work together outside of PWG.

Saturday's show was titled "Matt Rushmore", which is the name of the top heel faction right now, featuring The Young Bucks, PWG champ Adam Cole and Kevin Steen. The main event saw Cole defeat Kyle O'Reilly after Steen interfered. The crowd wasn't thrilled with the finish and chanted "Bullsh**." They worked over O'Reilly which led to the locker room making the save. Johnny Gargano challenged for a title shot.

The Young Bucks retained their PWG tag straps, defeating Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae. Ryan and LaRae feuded in the past, but Ryan's been a babyface since he return to TNA. The Bucks are sort of like Sabu a generation ago, where they get lots of criticism from fans for not "knowing how to work" but are beyond spectacular in what they do and are legitimate draws on the independent scene. It should be interesting to see what touring for New Japan does for their work.

On the undercard, Kevin Steen defeated ACH and laid him out with package piledriver after package piledriver.

Johnny Gargano defeated Roderick Strong in what was said to have been a good match.

There was a four way with Drake Younger beating Tony Nes, Tomasso Ciampa and Brian Cage. At one point, Drake nailed a light hanging from the ceiling with his feet while performing a moonsault to the outside. Whoops. Nese is actually working with an ACL tear right now that he just learned about and will be getting further diagnosis on it. He's been working with a brace on his knee of late.

Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor, billed as the Best Friends defeated AR Fox & Rich Swann.

Willie Mack and B-Boy defeated Ray Rosasss and Peter Avalon in the opener. Avalon worked the Ethan Carter III on the TNA PPV the next night.

The PWG Matt Rushmore show will be released on DVD by

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