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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-21 16:25:24
Rob Van Dam will be appearing this weekend at the tenth annual Ringsidefest. He was booked for the event through WWE, so that should kill any continued rumors that he's no longer under a WWE contract. AJ Lee, Daniel Bryan and Kaitlyn are also scheduled to appear, as are members of the Mattel action figure team to show off the latest from the WWE action figure line. For ticket information, visit

Multichannel News picked up Dave Scherer's article on the WWE Network (and WWE's response) from over the weekend. You can check it out by clicking here.

WWE ran an article about Rey Mysterio returning to the ring over the weekend, but ignored his match in Mexico, noting instead that he returned saving R-Truth from an Alberto Del Rio attack in Mississippi.

Del Rio suffered a bloody nose from an errant Truth shot at that same event.

WWE's Money in the Bank Anthology DVD will be released next Tuesday 10/29. The Blu-Ray version features all of the cash-ins and title matches as well.

The 12/17 Raw taping in Austin, Texas will go on sale this weekend.

Advertising campaigns for the return of Total Divas, including billboards in major cities, have begun to roll out. The series returns to E! on 11/17.

WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper is booked to appear at the Mad Monster Party convention this March in Charlotte, NC. I attended last year's gathering and it was awesome, so highly recommended for those of you who are horror fans.

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