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By David Dycus on 2013-10-21 12:02:28

My parents and I attended the WWE house show on 10/20 for my mom’s birthday. The show started at around 5:00 PM and lasted around two and a half hours. SIU Arena was probably 65% full. Same card and mostly the same results as the show in Louisville the day before.

1. The Real Americans beat Tons of Funk

Cesaro pinned Brodus Clay after a Neutralizer. No giant swing.

2. Naomi w/Cameron beat Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

Naomi won with a crossbody. After the match, Nikki Bella seemed to berate both Brie and the Funkadactyls and stormed out of the ring alone.

3. Justin Gabriel beat Tyler Breeze

Breeze got no reaction at first, but people quickly caught onto his heel-model act. Skyping his own entrance was a nice touch, and hearing him speak in his high, whiny model voice immediately drew some boos. Gabriel won with a top-rope moonsault from the middle of the rope.

4. Big Show, Miz & Dolph Ziggler beat The Shield by DQ

Big Show came out to a huge reaction. Match went for around 12 minutes before Reigns attempted to bring in a chair. Big Show punched the chair into his face, drawing the DQ against the Shield somehow.


5. Santino Marella beat Fandango

After Fandango attacked Santino during a dance off, Santino challenged him to a legitimate match. Santino won with the Cobra.

6. Ryback beat Kofi Kingston

Ryback cut an anti-SIU promo to huge heat. Match was better than expected with Kofi getting several near-falls. Ryback finally won with the Meathook and Shellshock.

7. Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton

Longest match of the night with Orton getting lots of offense before Bryan came back with the flying knee for the win. Both guys fairly over with the crowd. After the match, the Shield returned to attack Bryan, but the Big Show made the save. Show hit a double-chokeslam on two Shield guys to send the crowd home happy. The faces shook hands and signed autographs in the crowd afterward.

Very fun experience, would definitely go again.


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