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By Gregory Davis on 2013-10-21 08:04:04


Knight Wagner & Markus Crane d. Moondog Bernard and The Sea Man


Midane defeated J.K. Kennedy


1.       Nikki Storm d. Heidi Lovelace

2.       Mia Yim d. Melanie Cruise

3.       KimberBomb (Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee) d. Crazy Mary Dobson & Mary Lee Rose

4.       Saraya Knight d. Thunderkitty

5.       Kana d. Allysin kay

6.       Portia Perez d. Hiroyo Matsumoto

7.       Mercedes Martinez d. Santana Garrett

8.       SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: 3G (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) d. Neveah & Sassy Stephie

9.       Madison Eagles d. Jessika Havok

10.   Kendo Stick Match: Hikaru Shida d. Nicole Matthews

11.   SHIMMER Championship: Cheerleader Melissa d. LuFisto


1.       Santana Garrett d. Neveah

2.       Jessika Havok d. Crazy Mary Dobson

3.       Mia Yim d. Angie Skye

4.       ThunderKitty d. Taylor Made

5.       Nicole Matthews d. Heidi Lovelace

6.       Leva Bates d. Nikki Storm

7.       MsChif d. Miss Natural

8.       Hiroyo Matsumoto d. Portia Perez

9.       SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: 3G (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) d. KimberBomb (Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee)

10.   3 Stages of Hell – Christina Von Eerie d. Saraya Knight 2-0 (Stage 1 – Pinfall only [Stage Limit Draw]; Stage 2 – Submission only [Eerie]; Stage 3 – Hardcore Rules [Eerie])

11.   Madison Eagles d. Hikaru Shida & Kana

12.   Falls Count Anywhere: Mercedes Martinez d. LuFisto


·         Cheerleader Melissa’s streak of wrestling on every volume ended at 60. Following her match with LuFisto, she had to get stiches. A tag of Melissa/Martinez vs. LuFisto/Kana was presumed to be the main event of Volume 61. That said, she did get involved in the main event, so you can at least consider an “appearance streak” intact.

·         Retaining the championship, 3G will now go on to defend against Allysin Kay & Ivelisse of Valkyrie at SHINE 14 this Friday.

·         Lisa Marie Varon appeared to put over the company and indy wrestling overall, and to promote an after party at The Squared Circle.

·         Next tapings will be in the spring. The current plan is to tape four volumes either a week before or after WrestleMania weekend, which also includes the SHIMMER iPPV in New Orleans.  But of course, all subject to change.

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