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By Kris Zellner on 2013-10-20 07:12:09


EMLL was forced to strip Rey Bucanero & Tama Tonga of their CMLL Tag Titles last night due to Bucanero suffering an injury. La Mascara & Rush were immediately named champs and faced Damian el Terrible & Tonga in a non-title match which the rudos won and then challenged for a title shot afterwards. The fact they knew Bucanero was injured ahead of time and didn't announce a change to the card is an even bigger fraud than the Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero mask situation but they have done this many times in the past with these titles so it's nothing new but it's another sign of them doing what they want to do whether the fans like it or not. They are playing this though as the TRT tricked the promotion and the commission so they are putting heat on them.

Good news for anyone that is planning on going to Arena Mexico in the future as EMLL has teamed up with the Distrito Federal Department of Tourism to start up a Lucha Libre Bus Service where a charter bus will pick up tourists at 6 PM and will take them around the historic sections of Mexico City before bringing them to Arena Mexico before the start time which is 8:30 PM and then after the show it will take the tourists back to Paseo de la Reforma after the show. Paseo de la Reforma hosts the hotels that most of the foreigners stay at when in the area. The ticket prices are 500 pesos for adults and 300 pesos for kids.


AAA 10/18 - Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla (Heroes Inmortales)
1. Cuervo/Mari Apache/Mini Abismo Negro/Black Mamba beat Elegido/Fabi Apache/Octagoncito/Pimpinela Escarlata and Cuervo cut some of Fabi's hair afterwards before placing a bounty on the rest of her hair.
2. Torneo por la Copa Antonio Pena - Block A: Fenix defeated Silver King - Other participants: Monster Clown & El Mesias
3. Torneo por la Copa Antonio Pena - Block B: Hijo del Fantasma (making the jump from EMLL to be the newest member of El Consejo) beat Daga - Other participants: Axel & Octagon
4. Torneo por la Copa Antonio Pena - Block C: La Parka Jr. defeated Parka Negra after Zorro returned (Zorro had been playing Parka Negra originally but got out of the gimmick recently) and threw his cane in the ring which Parka used to win. Other participants: Electroshock & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr.
5. Torneo por la Copa Antonio Pena - Block D: Chessman beat Psicosis Original after Perro Aguayo Jr. & Cibernetico were both counted out brawling with La Secta Bizarra.
6. 4 Way Dance por el AAA Tag Titles: Los Güeros del Cielo (Angelico & Jack Evans) defeated Crazy Boy & Joe Lider to win the titles after Juventud Guerrera ran out and turned on his former Mexican Powers amigos. Aero Star & Drago were eliminated first and then Escoria & Espiritu were eliminated when Cibernetico & Perrito attacked them. Juventud announced afterwards that he was starting a new faction called La Anarquia with Eterno & Steve Pain.
7. AAA Mega Heavyweight Title: Hijo del Texano beat Psycho Clown with a powerbomb to retain his title. Psycho wore gold and silver arm sleeves and half Brazo mask to honor his uncle El Brazo while Texano wore gear similar to his father when he was a member of Los Misioneros de la Muerte.
8. Torneo por la Copa Antonio Pena - Finals: La Parka Jr. defeated Hijo del Fantasma to win. Order of Elimination: Chessman/Fenix/Hijo del Fantasma.

DTU 10/15 - Arena Coliseo de Monterrey
1. 4 Way Dance: Kalibus beat Jhonky/Optimus/Rex Estampida
2. 3 Way Dance: Lanceloth defeated Artikus & Lacandon
3. Nino Hamburguesa/Zuzu Divine/Chica Yeye beat Dement Xtreme/Golden Boy/Dulce Kanela
4. Scramble Match won by Angel del Misterio - Other participants: Black Fire/Kaleth/Pequeno Cobra/Rocky Lobo
5. Drastick Boy & Flamita defeated Aero Boy & Violento Jack
6. Triangular de Parejas: Crazy King & Miedo Extremo beat Dance Boy & X-Fly and Angel o Demonio & Ovett
7. Triangular de Parejas: Ciclope & Sick Boy defeated Crazy Boy & Joe Lider and Kaientai & Lord Byron

EMLL 10/18 - Arena Mexico
1. Fuego/Titan/Triton beat Misterioso II/Puma King/Sangre Azteca
2. Ephesto/Tiger/Vangelis defeated Angel de Oro/Maximo/Stuka Jr.
3. CMLL Femenil Title: Marcela beat Dalis la Caribena to retain her title.
4. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Gran Guerrero/Niebla Roja/Ultimo Guerrero) defeated Los Estetas del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) - Niebla Roja wore an El Brazo shirt to honor his late uncle.
5. Caballera contra Caballera - Super Libre Plus Rules: Rey Escorpion beat Brazo de Plata by DQ when Maximo who couldn't stand watching his father take anymore punishment ran in the ring to attack Scorp. The story was though that Porky could've made a comeback but his son snapped too soon. After the match and after Porky getting his head shaved they honored the memory of the late El Brazo.
6. Damian el Terrible (subbing for Rey Bucanero) & Tama Tonga defeated La Mascara & Rush

Independent 10/13 - Arena Azteca Budokan de Neza
1. Batalla Campal won by Super Alfa & Tropical - Other participants: Black Estruendo/Estrella del Futuro/Frayle Maldito/Guerrero Mixteco Jr./Principe Imperial/Rey Tribal/Jhon Terry
2. Cronico/Flanagan/Lagarde Jr. beat Kid Jaguar/Rayo Star/Skyman
3. Broso/Comando Rivera/Golden Bull defeated Aventurera/Hell Boy/Korix
4. Angelito/Hijo del La Parkita/Super Alfa/Super Bracito beat Espectrito/Mini Cibernetico/Mini Mohicano/Pumita
5. La Dinastia Moreno (Cinthia/Esther/Rossy) defeated La Chola/Diosa Maya/Hija del Espectrito
6. Crazy Boricua/Dragon Boy/Mascara Sagrada Jr./Shaolin beat Bazooka/Black Abyss/Nimrod/Puma
7. Heddi Karaoui/Oriental/Zumbi defeated Dr. Wagner III/Histeria/Monsther

Invasion RCH 10/17 - Arena Naucalpan
1. 5 Way Dance por la Copa RCH Junior won by Electro Boy - Other participants: Atomic Star/Aviador/Emperador Azteca/Latigo
2. 4 Way Dance: Centvrion beat Mr. Leo/Alan Extreme/Fulgore I
3. Fabi Apache & Lolita defeated Sexy Lady & Taya Valkyrie
4. Lucky Boy/Nino Hamburguesa/Nino de Ebano beat Carta Brava Jr./Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Steve Pain
5. Drago/Jack Evans/Fenix defeated Eterno/Pentagon Jr./Ultimo Gladiador
6. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) beat Perro Aguayo Jr./Hijo del Texano/Psicosis Original when Psycho fouled and pinned Texano.


SVE 10/18 - Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. Metalik Boy & X-Peria beat Exodo & Pulpo Dorado
2. Dementor & Pit Buoll defeated Cyrax & Fantasy Kid
3. Black Extremo/Maquiavelico/Shamu beat El Cholo/Naruto/Venum Blacj Jr.
4. Camaleon de Oro/Super Rino/Rubi Gardenia defeated Tony Casanova/King Azteca/Tornado Negro
5. La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666 (31st Anniversary Match)/Bestia 666/Halloween) beat The Kiss/The Kiss Jr./The Kiss III
6. Por la Copa Frontera: Hijo del Santo/L.A. Par-K/Mascara Sagrada defeated Dr. Wagner Jr./Hijo del Solitario/Super Parka with Santo going over Parka - There was a moment of applause for El Brazo before the match.



<b>10/20 - Arena Lopez Mateos
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. AULL Tag Titles: Chucho el Roto & Iron Love (c) vs. Negro Navarro & Rocky Santana</b>


<b>11/17 - Arena Coliseo de Coacalco
1. Psycho Kid vs. Karma
2. Silueta vs. Reyna Isis
3. 5 Way Dance: Aero Boy vs. Astro Rey Jr. vs. Titan vs. Latin Dragon vs. Magnifico
4. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rey Cometa vs. Impulso
5. Belial vs. Ricky Marvin
6. Parejas Increibles: Cerebro Negro & Trauma I vs. Dr. Cerebro & Trauma II
7. Arkangel de la Muerte vs. Jeque
8. Solar I vs. Black Terry
9. Negro Navarro vs. Valiente</b>


10/25 - Unidad Deportiva de Fortin
1. Jhonky/Optimus/Zuzu Divine vs. Gran Prix/Pajaro Madrugador/JC Maclean
2. 3 Way Dance: Black Baby vs. Rex Estampida vs. Sepultura
3. Triangular de Parejas: Artikus & Lanceloth vs. Kalibus & Principe Haru vs. Baby Star & Sangre Nueva
4. Triangular de Parejas: Kaleth & Slayer Pack vs. Angel del Futuro & Crazy Star vs. Destroyer & Spider Boy
5. Thumbtacks Death Match: Black Fire & Drastick Boy vs. Miedo Extremo & Pequeno Cobra vs. Angel del Misterio & Jinzo
6. Ultraviolent Death Match: Crazy Boy vs. X-Fly vs. Angel o Demonio vs. Ciclope vs. Dement Xtreme

10/26 - Arena Xalapa
1. Jhonky & Optimus vs. Gran Prix & Pajaro Madrugador
2. 3 Way Dance: Black Baby vs. Rex Estampida vs. Sepultura
3. Triangular de Parejas: Artikus & Lanceloth vs. Kalibus & Principe Haru vs. X
4. Miedo Extremo & Slayer Pack vs. Angel del Futuro & Crazy Star
5. Scramble Match - Participants: Angel del Misterio/Ferrari Jr./Hacker/Jinzo/Kaleth/Pequeno Cobra
6. Thumbtacks Death Match: Drastick Boy vs. Perro Mocho Jr. vs. Black Fire
7. Ultraviolent Death Match: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs. Angel o Demonio & X-Fly vs. Ciclope & Dement Xtreme


10/20 - Arena Coliseo
1. Astral & Stukita vs. Nitrito & Universito Dos Mil
2. Metatron/Soberano/Stigma vs. Camorra/Espanto Jr./Guerrero Negro Jr.
3. Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr./Rey Cometa vs. Hooligan/Namajague/Bobby Zavala
4. Atlantis/Marco Corleone/Thunder vs. Misterioso II/Mr. Niebla/Pierroth
5. Valiente vs. Ultimo Guerrero
6. La Mascara/Shocker/La Sombra vs. La Triada del Terror (Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto)

10/20 - Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Explosivo & Indigo vs. Relampago Azul & El Tapatio
2. Los Hippies (Martin y Tony Escobedo) vs. Angel del Mal & Demonio Rojo
3. Leon Blanco/Metatron/Virgo vs. Acertijo/Infierno/Magnum
4. Fuego/El Gallo/Triton vs. El Barbaro Cavernario/Exterminador/Malefico
5. Revancha Match: Rush & Titan vs. Rey Bucanero & Tama Tonga

<b>10/21 - Arena Puebla
1. Black Tiger & Paris vs. Ares & Toro Bill Jr.
2. Astral/Bam Bam/Electrico defeated Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito/Sauron
3. Estrellita/Goya Kong/Marcela vs. Amapola/Dalis la Caribena/Princesa Blanca
4. Marco Corleone/Rush/Thunder vs. La Maquina del Destruccion (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Vangelis)
5. CMLL Trios Titles: Los Estetas del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) (c) vs. Mr. Niebla/Polvora/Rey Escorpion</b>

10/22 - Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. El Divino & El Idolo vs. Demonio Maya & Evola
2. Black Metal/Esfinge/Leo vs. Espectrum/Hooligan/Nitro
3. El Gallo/Smaker/Triton vs. La Dinastia Casas (Felino/Puma King/Tiger)
4. Blue Panther & Shocker vs. Los Sicarios del Infierno (Averno y Mephisto)
5. Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/La Sombra vs. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia/Gran Guerrero/Ultimo Guerrero)

10/22 - Arena Mexico
1. Metatron & Robin vs. Disturbio & Zayco
2. Aereo/Mini Fantasy/Stukita vs. Mercurio/Pequeno Warrior/Pierrothito
3. Diamante/Fuego/Sagrado vs. Namajague/Sangre Azteca/Virus
4. Lightning Match: Rey Cometa vs. Misterioso II
5. Los Reyes de la Atlantida (Atlantis/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr.) vs. Dragon Rojo/Rey Escorpion/Vangelis
6. Brazo de Plata/Titan/Valiente vs. Mr. Aguila/Kraneo/Volador Jr.

<b>10/25 - Arena Mexico
1. Electrico & Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Nitrito & Pequeno Olimpico
2. Estrellita/Goya Kong/Marcela vs. Dalis la Caribena/Princesa Sugei/La Seductora
3. Angel de Oro/La Mascara/Stuka Jr. vs. La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla)
4. Lightning Match: Mascara Dorada vs. Niebla Roja
5. Maximo/Shocker/La Sombra vs. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia/Gran Guerrero/Ultimo Guerrero)
6. Marco Corleone/Rush/Thunder vs. La Maquina de la Destruccion (Damian el Terrible/Tama Tonga/Vangelis)</b>


10/25 - Lienzo Charro Constituyentes del Distrito Federal
1. Akela & Mascarita Sagrada vs. Luzbel Jr. & Mini Chessman
2. Charly Madrid/Marabunta Jr./Lolita vs. Maiden/Rider/La Jarochita
3. Argenis/Jack Evans/Nemesis vs. Decnis/Loco Max/Scorpio Jr.
4. Dr. Wagner III/Hijo del Anibal/Tinieblas Jr. vs. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown)


10/26 - Salon Morokos de Nogales
1. Jako Jr. & Luz y Sombra vs. Cachorro Cortez & Simigamy
2. Destroyer & Red Power Jr. vs. Dark Iron & Scare Face
3. Aztec/Principe Asgard/Yako vs. Willy Cortez Jr./Impacto Jr./Rey Maligno
4. Destello/Hijo del Santo/Huron Jr. vs. Mocho Cota/Tigre Cota/X-Truendo


10/20 - Arena Coliseo de Coacalco (16th Anniversary Show)
1. Angel Destructor/Clarck/Silver Can vs. Aptiel/Black Danger/MK Tozco
2. Mascara contra Mascara: Teseo vs. Ciclon Infernal
3. Aeronix/Golden Cat/Locki/Morvius vs. Chicago Rush/Nekir/Rey Justicia/SWAT
4. Aramis/Ukkonen/Ztizan vs. Puma King/Tiger/Virus
5. Guerrero Maya Jr./Iron Love/Judas el Traidor/Magnifico vs. Damian el Terrible/La Triada del Terror (Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto)
6. Atlantis & Negro Navarro vs. Blue Panther & Ultimo Guerrero

10/20 - Cancha de Usos Multiples de Samula
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Fabi Apache & La Jarochita vs. Sexy Lady & Taya Valkyrie
5. Fenix/Black Mamba/Pasion Kristal vs. Machine Rocker/Pentagon Jr./Soul Rocker

10/20 - Unidad Deportiva de Amecameca
1. ?
2. ??
3. 3 Way Dance: El Guapito vs. El Gallito Feliz vs. Chamuel
4. Big Mama & Paloma Rouse vs. Black Fury & Skadylu
5. Los Brazos (Oro/Platino/Super) vs. Los Payasos Tricolor (Coco Azul/Coco Blanco/Coco Rojo)
6. Angel de Oro & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Scorpio Jr. & Vangelis

10/27 - Unidad Deportiva de Ixtapaluca
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Fabi Apache & Pasion Kristal vs. Mari Apache & Nygma
5. Electroshock & La Parka Jr. vs. Cuervo & Escoria

11/10 - Arena Coliseo de Coacalco
1. Belial/Fulgore I/Terremoto/Toscano I vs. Angel Celestial/Aramis/Epidemia/Ztizan
2. Cuadrangular de Parejas: Ares & Impulso vs. Mr. Leo & Metaleon vs. Incorregible & Mino vs. Ojo de Tigre Jr. & Wotan
3. Huracan Ramirez/Hijo del Huracan Ramirez/Ultraman vs. Espectro Jr./Jaque Mate/Jaque Mate Jr.
4. Black Terry vs. Black Warrior
5. Por el Campeonato UWF: Shu el Guerrero (c) vs. Negro Navarro


<b>10/20 - Arena Naucalpan
1. Alfa & Omega vs. Los Fulgores I y II
2. Dragon Celestial/Golden Magic/La Heroina vs. Ciclon Black/Imposible/La Sadica
3. Alan Extreme/Black Terry/Bombero Infernal vs. Guerrero Mixteco/Picudo Jr./Tony Rivera
4. Por el Junior de Juniors Campeonato: Trauma II (c) vs. Pirata Morgan Jr.
5. Pirata Morgan/Relampago/Trauma I vs. Cien Caras Jr./Eterno/Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil

10/24 - Arena Naucalpan
1. Atomic Star & Sky Angel vs. Electro Boy & Fulgore II
2. Emperador Azteca & Latigo vs. Fulgore I & Zurdog
3. Dragon Celestial/Golden Magic/Mr. Leo vs. Alan Extreme/Ciclon Black/Guerrero Mixteco
4. Dr. Cerebro/Relampago/Veneno vs. Carta Brava Jr./Eterno/Imposible
5. Dr. Wagner III & Hijo del Medico Asesino vs. Las Traumas I y II

10/27 - Arena Naucalpan
1. Dragoncito de Oro/Mini Multifacetico/Mini Super Astro vs. Los Mini Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911)
2. Alan Extreme/Dragon Celestial/Golden Magic vs. Ciclon Black/Guerrero Mixteco/Karate Kid
3. Bombero Infernal vs. Tony Rivera
4. Extreme Tiger/Pirata Morgan Jr./Relampago vs. Carta Brava Jr./Picudo Jr./X-Fly
5. Ruleta de la Muerte: Dr. Cerebro & Miss Gaviota vs. Apolo Estrada Jr. & Diva Salvaje vs. Imposible & La Heroina vs. La Sadica & Bugambilla del Norte</b>

11/3 - Arena Naucalpan
1. Mini Multifacetico & Voladorcito vs. Bracito de Plata & Mini Canis Lupis
2. Dragon Celestial/Fulgore I/Imposible vs. Ciclon Black/Guerrero Mixteco/Karate Kid
3. Dr. Cerebro/Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Trauma I vs. Decnis/Apolo Estrada Jr./Fuerza Guerrera
4. Caballera contra Caballera: Tony Rivera vs. Bombero Infernal
5. El Castillo del Terror (Steel Cage Match) where the loser must unmask - Participants: Alan Extreme/Canis Lupis/Carta Brava Jr./Centvrion/Golden Magic/911/Picudo Jr./Pirata Morgan Jr./Relampago/Trauma II


<b>11/2 - Arena Bravo de Tultitlan
1. Kid Fly vs. Pequeno Cometa II
2. Babel/Kid Jaguar/Medics I/Vampiro XD vs. Alfred Dino/Oroozz/Rudy Garduno/Sacristan del Diablo
3. Black Shadow III/Bulling/Keshin Black vs. As de Oros/Kaiser Dragon/Toxic Boy
4. Arceus/Fly Metalik/Fly Star/Fly Warrior vs. Corcel Infernal/Halcon Dos Mil/Medics III/Quimico Jr.
5. La Resistencia (Arkanos/Kilvan/Sombra Black/Yoruba) vs. Las Zaetas del Ring (Dinamic Black/Freelance/Pantera/Micke Segura)
6. Triangular de Tercias: Los Porros (Angel o Demonio/Leon Rojo/Ovett) vs. ATM (ATM/ATM Silver/ATM Super) vs. La Secta Negra (Carta Brava Jr./Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera)
7. Tony Rivera/Ultimo Vampiro/Zumbido vs. Super Muneco/Super Pinocho/Pinocho Tres Mil</b>

11/5 - Arena Aficion de Pachuca
1. Gotita de Plata/Jhonky/Kid Jaguar vs. Aspid/Medics I/Sacristan del Diablo
2. Triangular de Atomicos: Arceus/Fly Metalik/Fly Warrior/Flyer vs. ATM (ATM/ATM 1/ATM Gold/ATM Silver) vs. Arkanos/Medics III/Quimico/Shadow
3. IWL Atomicos Titles: Los Porros (Angel o Demonio/Leon Rojo/Ovett/Perico) (c) vs. Aero Boy/Dement Xtreme/Hormiga/Violento Jack
4. IWL Tag Titles: Ultimo Gladiador & Ultimo Vampiro (c) vs. Dinamic Black & Fresero Jr.
5. Steel Cage Match where the loser must get shaved or unmasked - Participants: Carta Brava Jr./Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera/Freelance/Halcon Dos Mil/Loco Max/Ninja de Fuego/Pantera I/Tony Rivera/Micke Segura/Super Muneco/Super Pinocho/Super Raton/Zumbido

<b>11/16 - Arena Neza
1. Centinela/Kid Jaguar/Medics III/Quimico Jr. vs. Arceus/Fly Metalik/Fly Star/Fly Warrior
2. Babel/Corcel/Medics I vs. Black Shabat/Halcon Dos Mil/Orozz
3. Cuadrangular de Parejas: Arkanos & Sombra Black vs. ATM Silver & ATM Super vs. Decnis & Dinamic Black vs. Leon Rojo & Perico
4. Super Libre: El Trio Fantasia (Super Muneco/Super Pinocho/Super Raton) vs. La Secta Negra (Carta Brava Jr./Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera)
5. Steel Cage Match where the loser must get shaved or unmasked - Participants: Aero Boy/Angel o Demonio/Freelance/Ovett/Tony Rivera/Micke Segura/Violento Jack/Zumbido</b>


<b>10/27 - Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Centvrion/Fulgore I/Mr. Leo vs. Ares/Impulso/Kronos
2. Lady Apache & Lady Sensacion vs. Krazy Star & Kristal
3. Cuadrangular de Parejas: Decnis & Zumbido vs. Carta Brava Jr. & Eterno vs. Las Traumas I y II vs. Comando Negro & Hijo del Pirata Morgan
4. Solar I & Villano IV vs. Black Terry & Negro Navarro
5. Atlantis & Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Damian el Terrible & L.A. Par-K (NOW THIS is an interesting matchup)</b>


11/16 - Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Hakoon & Seiya vs. Euro & Olimpus
2. Cerebro Negro/Freelance/Yakuza vs. Dr. Cerebro/Sadico/Micke Segura
3. Baby Star/Dark Angel/Kairi Hojo vs. X
4. Hijo del Dos Caras & Sicodelico Jr. vs. Las Traumas I y II
5. Dos Caras Retirement Series - Match 1: Los Hermanos Mascaras (Dos Caras/Mil Mascaras/Sicodelico) vs. Canek/Negro Navarro/Scorpio Jr.


10/26 - Centro Civico Gubermental de Ciudad Victoria
1. Jennifer Blake/Lolita/Octagoncito vs. Mari Apache/Taya Valkyrie/Mini Charly Manson
2. Aero Star & Super Fly vs. Cuervo & Espiritu
3. Angelico/Jack Evans/Octagon vs. Pentagon Jr./Psicosis Original/Ultimo Gladiador
4. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Chessman/Hijo del Texano/Silver King


<b>11/17 - Arena Juba de Reynosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. Hijo del Santo vs. Blue Demon Jr.</b>


10/26 - Centro de Convenciones de Minatitlan
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Ruleta de la Muerte - Participants: Flayer/Grey Falcon/Huracan Dos Mil/Krishna/Lasserman/Leonidas/Micky Extreme/Muneca SarcassimoRock Power/Rockero Tri
5. Alas de Plata Jr./Hijo del Canek/Hijo del Rey Misterio vs. Mr. Aguila/Azhor/Hijo del Fishman



10/26 - Arena Nacionalista de Mexicali (24th Anniversary Show)
1. Despiadado vs. Marino
2. Demoledor & Rey Kimbo vs. Caballero Azteca & Rey Cobra
3. Huracan Ramirez/Principe Negro Jr./Rey Negro Jr. vs. Furia Roja/Guerrero Rojo/Pequeno Traidor
4. Fuerza Guerrera/Principe Negro/Rubi Gardenia vs. Estudiante/Humilde/Pirata Morgan


<b>11/1 - Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. ?
2. ??
3. D'Lux/Infierno/Venum Black Jr. vs. Angel Garces/Hijo del Supremo/Humilde
4. Extreme Tiger/Hijo del Rey Misterio/Heddi Karaoui vs. Animaniac/Hijo del Fishman/Mr. Tempest
5. Arandu & TJ Boy vs. Cerebro Negro & Dr. Cerebro</b>

11/2 - Auditorio Rufio Appel de Rosarito
1. ?
2. 3 Way Dance: Pensamiento Negro & Pensamiento Negro Jr. vs. Mr. Maldito & Zorak vs. Los Tapatios I y Jr.
3. Inferno & Mr. Tempest vs. Animaniac & Pit Bull
4. Cerebro Negro/Dr. Cerebro/Hijo del Fishman vs. Arandu/Heddi Karaoui/TJ Boy



<b>10/27 - Kanjo's Western Club in McAllen, Texas
1. Excaliber vs. El Payasin
2. Asesino Negro & Eagle Fire vs. Duelo & Rocker Boy II
3. Lobo & Zarco vs. Aguila Azteca & Wolverine
4. Asterisco Jr./Cougar Jr./Super Parka vs. Aquiles/Hernandez/Spawn</b>


10/20 - The Wild Wild West Ballroom in El Paso, Texas
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Galactico vs. Dragon
5. Hurricane Hector/Pequeno Maldad/Rey Escorpion (El Paso version) vs. Hermes Jr./Rey Escorpion (EMLL version)/Samuray

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