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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-20 09:59:00

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It seems like Mike Johnson just travels around the country to watch wrestling, occasionally by bus with other fans. Does he have a job outside of this website?

Where would he find the time? Mike is a full time, and then some, employee of the site.

Are the results and percentages of the fan votes through the WWE app true to the wishes of the viewers or predetermined to fit the storyline?

Yes, every time I have asked WWE sources I have been told that the voting is legitimate.

I have been a supporter of TNA since their beginning because another company is good for the business and they have had great PPVs, fueds, matches, shows many many times, however just like any company they have the bad. If Bound for Glory is TNAs business indicator, wouldn't Dixie Carter look back at the 07 and 08 and see that the live attendance was thousands better paid than any of the Hogan Bischoff years (10-12)? When Jeff Jarrett was deciding things and when Vince Russo actually had a clear head, in my mind TNA was way more interesting and I remember angles and certain stars being hotter. Do you think Dixie Carter by now realises that the ideas pushed forward by Bruce Prichard, Hogan and Bischoff have taken business backwards instead of forward?

She knows that the things that Hogan and Bischoff promised never came to fruition. She knows that the company has regressed from a financial standpoint. Where she places the blame for that, only she could tell you.

So is it safe to say that WWE doesn't have faith in their roster to take Cena's place. To me it's obvious that Randy Orton didn't do a good job and didn't trust Bryan enough to keep the title so they come up with a ridiculous "vacant title" story until Cena's return. In other words hold the title vacant until Cena returns, make money, and throw around the title to whoever now just cause Cena is back. Did I make sense??

I disagree with you. I think the one thing that has held everyone back since SummerSlam is the booking of the product. Going into SummerSlam, they were doing a good job of making people matter. Once Cena got hurt, they abandoned ship and turned the product into the Triple H and Stephanie show. It's hard for guys to step up and stand out when they are being booked as subservient to two non-wrestlers.

Keep up the great work! Just wanted to get your opinion on this and if you'd personally like to see it. The last few years we've seen less and less of the undertaker. Do you think he'll ever do one last full time run with WWE, or do you think he's happy where he's at and will just stick to making his annual Wrestlemania appearance? With the talent pool so thin right now, I think he could really help elevate younger guys like Sandow, and Bray Wyatt and help them get over. Especially with Kane about to come back, just picture the brothers of destruction vs. the Wyatt family. Your thoughts?

I think at this point in his career, where he will be 49 years old at next year's WrestleMania, his days as a full time performer are over. In addition to his age, he has battled injuries the past few years. I think he is best used as an attraction at this point of his career. He is one of those guys that the fans just want to cheer. They don't want to see him lose to younger guys.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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