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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-19 11:36:26
I really loved Mike's piece on Hulk Hogan returning for Wrestlemania, but does he really want to see Hogan wrestle John Cena on top of Wrestlemania?

Of course not. I was just throwing out possibilities. If I had my druthers, I'd put Hogan in a mid-card tag attraction, teaming Hogan and Roddy Piper against The Real Americans. The match wouldn't be awesome, or anywhere near awesome, but the spectacle of the two teaming, plus billing it as Hogan's last stand, would be a nice "moment."

I see The Amazing Red and the Maximos are still wrestling but never, ever team together. Why is that?

I don't know the entire story but I believe there was a falling out as the trio had a wrestling school and now there are two separate schools. I am told it was a personal issue and don't know more than that.

With WWE launching a comic book series, am I crazy or did WCW have a comic book?

Not only did WCW have a comic book, but they had one published by Marvel Comics, which ran for about a year in the early 1990s and featured the likes of Sting, Cactus Jack, El Gigante, PN News, Jim Ross, Missy Hyatt and more.

Where's Sable these days? How is she not in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Sable is wherever Brock Lesnar is, as the two are married. I don't see how she doesn't end up in the Hall down the road.

I was watching an old ECW DVD called Anarchy Rulz and there was a third Impact Player - Johnny Smith. Who was this guy and where did he comes from and go?

Johnny Smith was from Canada and was billed as Davey Boy Smith's brother. He worked most prominently in All Japan Pro Wrestling. He came into ECW for a run in 1996, mostly working mid-card matches, including a good match against Taz. He was brought back in 1999 with the idea that he would be the third member of the Impact Players with Lance Storm and Justin Credible but quickly disappeared. My guess is he's retired and living in Canada currently. He was a really good hand in the ring.

Updated: Smith is living in Calgary and working as a police officer.

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