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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-18 10:00:00
Was the brilliant idea for heel Dixie Carter spawned from the heat she was getting online for not paying Zima Ion's medical bills? And if so, why do these creative geniuses only pay attention to the IWC for nonsensical heel turns, but ignore us when we beg for logic, returning the X division to prominence and booking good wrestling matches?

I don't think there's an actual connection between the two, but I can see why you might think so. TNA sources have claimed thAt the Carter turn is meant to take the company in a new direction - what that direction is, we will see.

Has TNA ever sought to stage a wrestling tour in the former Soviet Union (Russia)?


With Hulk Hogan currently listed as a free agent how hard do you think TNA will try to resign him or just simply let him go?

The two sides are talking, but it doesn't appear TNA is in a position to offer Hogan any huge amount of money. We will see what happens, though.

Did the final Impact before Bound for Glory give you any inspiration to buy the Bound for Glory PPV?

Unfortunately, I don't think the recent direction has given anyone inspiration. It's obvious they are working with an overexposed, limited crew and something really great and fresh needs to be injected into the company. I love Bully Ray as a heel and there are a slew of other talents there who are great, but it's obvious something isn't gelling.

Chris Sabin turns heel, his girlfriend Velvet Sky is a face, every time he shows up and does something bad she just stands there looking shocked and doesn't do anything. If I was to do something bad my girlfriend(yes, it's amazing a wrestling fan with a girlfriend-joke) would more than just looked surprise, she would question me, try to stop me or even leave me. This makes Velvet Sky come of as weak. Your thoughts?

They are building the storyline. You can't look for real life logic in pro wrestling at a lot of the times. They are building to the moment where Velvet slaps him and is done with him OR goes to the dark side.

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