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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-17 10:00:00
What the hell happened to Richie Steamboat in NXT?

Steamboat suffered a pretty serious back injury and had surgery last year. He's still signed but is out convalescing. It's not known if or when he'll be able to return to the ring, which is a shame as he was really good.

Can you think of a worse 2nd generation tag team match then David Flair/Eric Watts vs Sim Snuka/ Tiger Ali Singh?

No, I think you cornered the market there.

It never made sense to me why Michael Hayes beat Lex Luger for the U.S. title. Explain?

It was just an angle to bring Terry Gordy into the company. Luger won the belt back, but the title change established that the Freebirds were there.

I haven't been a fan of John Cena for a while because I find his character exhausting. However, putting that aside, as a parent I see what John Cena is doing now as completely inappropriate. He is twerking on Carpi Sun commercials and he is using suggestive cursing ""I am not a goose, face, cow, decoy, or stepping stone. I am #JohnCena @WWE this is your 2 week notice, get ready, in 14 days WE RUN S***"" (Twitter) in his public messages. This is not the kid-friendly John Cena we used to see. So, from a parental point of view, I cannot see how the WWE would want to keep him at the top. It seems since his marital demise, that his public persona has taken a dive. Thoughts on this?

I think you are reading far too much into things. If you think he's being sexually suggestive in a commercial for a children's drink, you definitely are looking too much into things!

Aside from incidents where the move was carelessly performed (Whitmer/Bennett on the apron, Owen/Austin at SS97), can you think of any instances where the use of the standard piledriver injured/hurt somebody? I get that it can be dangerous, but I think banning it outright like WWE did was a stupid decision.

Off the top of my head, Taz broke his neck taking a stuff piledriver from Dean Malenko and 2 Cold Scorpio. It's not a stupid decision. It only takes one slip because of sweat or being off balance or one guy doing a move a split-second before the other guy is ready. It's best to err on the side of caution. Use the move, but sparingly.

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