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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-15 11:34:25
WWE cleared AJ Lee to return to the ring following her concussion. The early word is that she probably will not wrestle until the Hell in A Cell PPV, but that's always subject to change. Bellas vs. AJ and Tamina has been discussed for the PPV.

There were a lot of late re-writes on last night's Raw taping.

There are plans to move the Usos into the Tag Team title picture for the PPV. That was why they had an interview with the Usos upset that Rhodes family passed them when they were next in line for a title shot at the Shield. That may be a tease for a heel turn from the Usos, but more likely they are building to a three way.

The reason Paul Heyman and Hell in A Cell were added to the Ryback vs. CM Punk match at the PPV was to make it more of a "spectacle". That was a Vince McMahon call.

WWE is purposely keeping Shawn Michaels and HHH away from each other, so that it's a bigger moment when they come face to face.

The talk backstage if Triple H vs. Big Show is penciled in for the Survivor Series PPV.

Miz vs. Bray Wyatt was planned for Hell in A Cell, but is Wyatt is not cleared to wrestle, it will be moved back to Survivor Series. The talk backstage was that WWE would work around the injury by having Wyatt torment and haunt Miz as a way to build the rivalry more until he's cleared.

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