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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-14 09:15:29
Extreme Rising will be officially announcing that they will resume running live events and will debut on television in the Philadelphia market later today.

Extreme Rising has been silent since canceling their Wrestlemania 29 weekend events in New York and Philadelphia. One of the underlying issues with the promotion, as reported at the time, was that there were issues within management over the talent used as well as the creative direction.

The word is that Steve O'Neill is now in control of the promotion and has secured a local TV series that will air in Philadelphia and the surrounding markets. has not been able to confirm where the series will be airing as of this writing. has been able to confirm, however, that Extreme Rising will be the first promotion to run the former ECW Arena when that venue re-opens. Rising has a date locked in for Saturday 12/28 at the Arena, which has been it's own soap opera-like roller coaster over the last several years, which saw the venue shut down after leaseholder Joanna Pang took over, the inside of the venue ripped completely out, Pang beginning and then halting renovations, a legal battle to remove her, and finally Arena management moving forward with the renovations on their own en route to relaunching the venue as a larger, more upscale facility.

An official press release is slated for this week, at which point, we'll have more of a complete picture on what is planned for the promotion going forward.

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