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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-16 09:59:00

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Now that John Cena has been announced for Hell in a Cell and two months earlier than expected, do you think WWE has made the most of his absence and is this the beginning of the end for Daniel Bryan's push?

No, I don't. They would say that they have done a good job of pushing Daniel Bryan. While that is a matter of opinion, what can't be argued is that they haven't pushed anyone else during the time Cena has been out. Rather than give guys a push, the Macs have been pushing themselves.

Why is the WWE brining back Cena early to take on ADR? Smackdown does have a decent talent pool, why not elevate some of the younger guys to move into the spotlight? Do you think WWE is brining Cena back early because of their recent stock decline and earnings decrease?

Actually, the roster is very light right now on both brands. With ratings being down, WWE has hit the panic button and brought Cena back early. As mentioned above, they have no one to blame but themselves since they were the ones who didn't book good TV while Cena was out.

So as near as I can find, the average person recovering from tricep tear surgery has four to six months before they should even begin strengthening exercises. Cena's unquestionably a freak of nature (a compliment), but he ain't no Wolverine. With the timeline given even the Rumble seemed like a stretch, and now he's back barely three months removed from surgery? That seems, to quote Gorilla Monsoon, "Highly unlikely." What are the odds this is an angle? As fast a healer as Cena is I can't see any way he's going to be anywhere near 100% in time for HIAC.

WWE sources say that the injury wasn't as bad as expected once the surgery was done. If it ends up they don't deliver him at the PPV, after the show starts and is paid for, that would be a colossal mistake on their part.

Dave recently stated that the camera "zoom in and out" thing with the Shield didn't bother him at all. I just wanted to say that it does bother me and I absolutely hate it! I'm so glad that someone else asked a question about this because I thought that I was the only one. It just bugs the hell out of me and makes me not want to watch it. It's as if a 2-year old is playing with the camera. Does someone think this is a good thing? Maybe Kevin Dunn has lost his touch!

I am sure others agree with you. It doesn't bother me though.

Do you think a Hell in A Cell match with Vince, HHH, Stephanie and Creative would draw?

On a PPV? Maybe with some good stuff also on the show. On a Raw? Oh yeah.

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