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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-14 09:59:00

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With the big push on Twitter, how much control does WWE Creative have on wrestlers tweets before they go out? Is there a middle ground (i.e. If it's about the WWE, WWE approves)?

WWE lays out guidelines for Twitter use to the talent. The further you are up the card, the more freedom you have to post what you want to post. Obviously, it's up to the talent to use good judgement.

So I read a report (and even based on how Smackdown goes this week, it seems plausible) that WWE is turning Damien Sandow babyface. First off let me say HUGE MISTAKE. But my question is this... Do you think a glaring problem of the WWE roster is that the powers to be turn the wrong people or don't know when to turn them? No one seems to bring this up, but it seems the trend is when there's even the slightest trend of the fans appreciating a heels work, they turn them face. (Ziggler & Miz the most obvious examples) however people on the flip who could possibly blossom with a heel turn (Kofi & Ryder come to mind) they just leave them running in circles??

In this case, I actually outlined why they had to turn Sandow face on this past weekend's mailbag. He has been booked so poorly as a heel that he has zero credibility. No one believes he can beat anyone and if he were given the World Title, no one would buy that either. I think they have to turn him face and have him address the fact that "I was arrogant and didn't take this seriously, I will not be that guy any more" or something like that. In Sandow's case, they should do it to try and save his chance at getting over.

This question is half joking/ half serious. Don't you think Scott Steiner on commentary would be the greatest thing of all time? Ratings would be phenomenal.

If he were allowed to just do his thing, it would make for must watch TV, no matter whether the product was good or not. Sadly, he would never be allowed to do his thing.

With the WWE Hall of Fame inducting many people, what about Zeus? He was in the Summerslam Main a movie with Hogan. I am not saying he deserves it but...if others can make it why not him ? Thanks again guys.

He deserves it as much as most of the other "celebrities" already inducted but I think WWE will extend the offer given they he pleaded guilty to a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud charge last year.

I know that logic and history (even recent history) don't mean much to WWE, but given that just a few months ago Daniel Bryan got into a heated argument with HHH backstage after his match with Randy Orton was stopped due to an injury, wouldn't it make sense to include that in the current storylines?

WWE likes to script their stories exactly as they plan them out in creative meetings. I am with you, I would like to see them be more adaptable and not be so overscripted, but that is how they want to do it.

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