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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-12 09:00:10
Hulk Hogan, who's TNA deal expired on 10/1, was interviewed by the AP and discussed a recent discussion with Triple H and a potential WWE return at this link.

Some highlights:

On TNA: "We couldn't figure things out. We're still talking, but it's wide open."

Meeting with Triple H at a recent charity event: "He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home, the door's open."

A Final Match: "Let me put it to you this way, brother, with the right guy, the right situation, with a big enough event, big enough storyline, you're damn right I have one more left in me."

Issues with his last run in WWE: "Maybe my ego was in the way. I felt like, man I can still do this," Hogan said. "Listen to the crowd. Don't you guys hear what I hear? Even though I passed the torch to The Rock, I kept feeling there was more gas in the tank. Maybe I couldn't see what everybody else saw. Maybe I was going out there and embarrassing myself when I wrestled The Rock, I don't know. I just wanted something different for the character."

His Future: "I really feel you owe it to the fans at this point...That's where I'm having the toughest time in my head. I owe it to those fans that have been loyal to me for 35 years for this Hulkamania thing to probably not end, it will probably go on forever after I'm dead and gone, but, what's the logical extension? What's the right direction right now? I owe it to them to make the right choice."

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