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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-12 10:00:00
Whilst NXT is a training ground for on-air talent, do they also train live TV editors, cameramen (+women) and other TV production staff there on how best to shoot/edit/produce pro-wrestling/sport entertainment? I would imagine it takes quite a bit of unique skill to film and edit a live broadcast (especially in the days of HD) in a way that doesn't demystify/devalue certain moves or should I say shows certain moves in their most effective manner. I would imagine such skills, knowledge and practice for a live TV environment would be hard to learn from any other type of TV production.

Yes, NXT does all that as well. WWE has cultivated a relationship with Full Sail University and students from the school actually work with them on different aspects of the production end of NXT. So, WWE is grooming the potential next generation of producers for their product as well.

Hi guys, been following your work since the days of the Lariat. Must be 15 years now, thanks for all you do. Wondering what you think of this scenario? The current direction of the Stephanie and Triple H character got me wondering, what if they turned on "Mr. McMahon"? This would make "Mr. McMahon" a babyface, something that I don't ever remember happening, and would be an "on air" way of Vince passing the torch to the next generation if he ever decides to get off TV permanently. I realize he will most likely die with his hands on the reigns from a backstage standpoint, this is simply for the Mr. McMahon Character. Thanks again!

That is certainly a storyline that has been discussed - The power couple vs. Vince. Whether they go that route or not, we will have to wait and see, but it has been batted around as a potential direction. Of course, they will have to explain how this happened, since HHH has been basically following what his father-in-law wanted from Summerslam on, but it's not like they don't ignore the past and logic to get to wherever they want to be in the current storylines.

Any chance Cena isn't ready to go but has healed enough to do one good match... and then be put back on the shelf by Sandow to finish his recovery? WWE is desperate enough for Hell in a Cell buys to have Cena on the show, and I'm sure they think that kind of rub would be great for Sandow. Of course that puts them in a bind with questions about who Cena would go after during a Rumble return, but it's not as if WWE has had many reasonable answers for anything lately.

While anything is possible, one thing WWE is not going to do is push John Cena to come back early from surgery and injury. He is far too important to the company to risk being out even longer by trying to push things. No way they gamble his Wrestlemania match with a World title bout made with just few weeks' notice out of nowhere.

I got the impression Lei'D Tapa was going to face ODB for the Knockout title at Bound for Glory. After what happened on Impact with Lei' D Tapa completely destroying ODB with great success led me to assume that would be the case. Why the confrontation? What was the purpose if it wasn't going to lead to a title match at Bound for Glory?

The purpose was to tease something greater with Tapa down the line. They shouldn't rush every storyline.

If Chris Benoit has been erased from WWE history, why is he in the WWE Encyclopedia?

WWE left the direction of that book to the publisher and authors and the feeling was that it was impossible to have a listing of every talent in company history without having an entry for Benoit - which focuses on his career in the ring and nothing more.

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