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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-11 08:55:58
Impact Wrestling:

*Robbie E defeated Hernandez, Eric Young, and Christopher Daniels in a Four Way.

*TNA President Dixie Carter came out. There will be a contract signing for Bound for Glory tonight. Bully Ray came out, which led to Magnus coming out. Dixie set up a main event between them.

*Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin with the Kokina Clutch. Austin Aries attacked Joe, leading to Manik and Jeff Hardy hitting the ring.

*AJ Styles cut a promo. Aces & Eights came out. James Storm and Gunner came out and there was a quick brawl, leading to.

*Gunner defeated Knux.

*Kurt Angle cut a promo. He said that Roode is just like him five years ago. Roode came out and attacked him. Bad Influence beat everyone him down.

*TNA Champion Bully Ray defeated Magnus. Sting came out and went nose to nose with Magnus.

*They held the contract signing with Dixie officiating. There was a storyline where Carter tried to bribe Styles to skip the match but he blew her off and promised to win.

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