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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-11 09:20:00
The AJ Styles autobiography, which was slated to be released later this month, has been pushed back. VIP Publishing released the following announcement: "After months of board meetings between VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. and A. J. Styles both sides have come to the agreement to slow down on the release date of the book due to waiting on copyright approvals, a few more interviews, as well as the timing of the match for the Heavy Weight Championship with Bully Ray. We feel that the fans deserve nothing but the very best and that is what we intend to give them. While we know this is a disappointment, we want the fans to know, we are just as disappointed as you are. As both sides continue to work diligently together, please keep a watchful eye to the website and A. J. Styles' Facebook page for more updates. As soon as we have a release date and cover layout, we will release another press release."

The November "One Night Only" PPV will feature a tournament among former TNA champions to determine the "best TNA champion in history" featuring James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode vs. Sting and James Storm vs. Bully Ray in the first round.

The latest TNA podcast featuring Jeff Hardy, Kazarian, Pat Kenny, Taz, Mike Tenay and more is now online at this link.

After BFG, the next Impact taping is 10/24 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Maverik Center.

The former Derrick Bateman officially debuted last night as Ethan Carter III:

Set for next week's Impact Wrestling:

*Bully Ray-AJ Styles contract signing.

*TNA champ Bully Ray vs. Magnus.

*Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin.

*Gunner vs. Knux.

*Robbie E vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young vs. Christopher Daniels

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