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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-10 12:56:43
Daniel Bryan was interviewed by to promote the upcoming Smackdown taping in Kansas City at this link. When asked about the insane popularity of the "Yes!" chant, Bryan commented, "It's so bizarre. It feels like it's not even real. It feels like it's not my life. It feels like I am a character watching my life unfold, and I'm walking down and looking at all of these people and I'm doing the motion myself, but I'm also looking at them going, "What are these people doing? Why are they doing it with me?" Sometimes you get that moment of complete escapism, where it's almost like I'm looking down on myself in this arena as all this is going on, going, "What did I do to deserve something as awesome as this?"

Here is the video of Bruno Sammartino's appearance Monday in Pittsburgh at the Raw taping:

WWE is among the official sponsors for the upcoming Special Olympics.

Headlocked writer Mike Kingston (Thurs-Sun) and Jerry Lawler (Fri-Sun) will be appearing this weekend at the New York Comic Con at booth 1278. Lawler will be signing copies of Headlocked, taking photos, and sketching. For those that can't be there, any online orders of the Headlocked: A Single Step collected edition from between now and Sunday will have their books signed by Lawler at no additional cost.

Jimmy Uso was interviewed by The Anchor Online.

Sheamus will also be appearing this weekend at the New York Comic Con, but we don't have full details on that appearance yet.

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