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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-10 10:03:20

Ring of Honor issued the following:

A Special Thank You To Our Ringside Members!!!


We here at Ring of  Honor Wrestling just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our  Ringside Members for your support over the years and particularly for your  participation in the Ringside Program! 


Thanks to amazing fans like  yourself, and the ROH Store  have been consistently growing! We  are always looking to find new & exciting  ways to reward you for your  involvement in Ring of Honor Wrestling and in that vein, for the next 2 days the  ROH Store will be running a massive sale EXCLUSIVELY for Ringside  Members!


Starting at 12:01 AM EST Thursday October 10th and ending  at 11:59 PM EST Friday October 11th, nearly EVERYTHING will be on-sale! All  Ring of Honor DVDs, both events and compilations, will be on-sale for 50% off  the regular price! That includes everything from classic event releases like  Final Battle 2010 or Double Feature II to the newest ones in-stock this week with The Road to Greatness Night 1 & 2 events! If you are interested in compilations then pick up The Summer of Punk, Bryan Danielson: World Champion,  or Kevin Steen: Descent Into Madness and they will all be 50% OFF! Click here to check out all the titles available!


The  sale doesn't end there though! In addition to DVD's, ALL official ROH Apparel  will be available for 25% off the regular price! Again, from the newest shirts  like Kevin Steen “Package Pile drive Everybody” or Mark Briscoe Has A Posse to  the This is Wrestling & Version 2.0 ROH Logo t-shirts, they are all on-sale  for 25% OFF! Click here to see all you can order!


As one final bonus to the sale, you can also pick up the Ring of Honor Filsinger Games Introductory Set and Expansion packs for 50% OFF! Click here to order yours now!


This is just our way of giving back to you, the faithful ROH  Ringside  Members, for all your support in the past and for your continued  support as 

Ring of Honor continues to grow! THANK YOU!


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