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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-10 10:00:25

It was reported that WWE Divas champion AJ Lee was scheduled to face Kaitlyn on Raw Monday night but due to suffering from a concussion at Battleground the bout was cancelled. First I hope the best for Ms Lee. I wish her a full and complete recovery. Second. Why didn't they have Kaitlyn face someone else perhaps Layla or Natalya Neidhart instead of enduring another six girl tag match? It would have been great to see Kaitlyn. Again Godspeed to AJ Lee.

Lee vs. Kalityn was never scheduled for Raw.

Whatever happened to former LPWA star the Magnificent Mimi?

Mimi is still living in the Los Angeles area, but retired from the business.

A dusty finish, which a bunch of people used as a reason to get a refund, followed by a non-finish, which will probably get the same result: Are they trying to kill PPV as a revenue stream? Maybe if their plan is to run everything on the network, they're starting to process of salting the ground.

It's possible they are indeed salting the ground for the network, but from those I've spoken to in the company, the idea was to keep creating a massive controversy that could be absolutely settled inside Hell in A Cell. From that point of view, they accomplished their goal. However, whether the means justified the ends will be a tale that will only be told once we see how the PPV buyrates fluctuated over the last several months in a row.

Why would WWE prevent the Great Khali, or any of their talent, from appearing in a major motion picture? I understand the exclusivity aspect, but this seems like a win-win situation.

It could have been the scheduling didn't work out with their plans or the money offer wasn't good. There are a lot of factors. As far as the Khali story, we've only heard one version, so who knows what the actual story is.

If the Rhodes family loses at the pay per view could you see them doing an angle where Dusty sends in a video telling that he called an old friend to right the wrongs being done in the wwe and introduces a new Midnight Rider (Cody in the Rider mask)? I think it could lead to a group of people in the Midnight Rider mask able to stand up to HHH without fear of getting fired.

Obviously, this is being answered after the PPV, but I don't see WWE ever doing the "babyface hiding under a mask" deal.  They did it a few years ago with Hulk Hogan and it didn't really get over, plus it would be putting over a concept that they didn't create themselves with the Rider - and traditionally, WWE doesn't do well when promoting concepts they didn't cultivate themselves.

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