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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-08 08:51:58
We've been asked a lot about whether the next set of EVOLVE/DGUSA shows in New York City will feature talent coming in from Japan or not. I was told that they are waiting for DG to hold their next big show in Japan and see what direction the mothership promotion takes before making that decision. Once they determine whether the shows will be branded EVOLVE or DGUSA, they will put tickets on sale.

Already locked in stone for 11/16 in Queens, NY at the Queensborough Elks Lodge and 11/17 at the Lyceum in Brooklyn, NY are Ricochet vs. Tony Nese based on Nese's attack on him at the last Brooklyn show and The Young Bucks defending the DGUSA Tag straps against The Bravados, who won the Bucks Invitational over the last set of shows. Which events those matches are set for has not been confirmed.

DGUSA Champion Johnny Gargano, EVOLVE Champion AR Fox, Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor are also all set for the NYC weekend.

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