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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-07 09:21:23
Jeff Jarrett was in Japan yesterday, working for Great Muta's new Wrestle 1 promotion at Korakuen Hall. Jarrett teamed with Muta and Masakatsu Funaki & Jeff Jarrett to defeat Masayuki Kono, Ryouji Sai & KAZMA SAKAMOTO when Funaki defeated SAKAMOTO.

Speaking of Jarrett, he'll be at this Saturday's FWE event in Brooklyn, NY, signing before the show. Karen Jarrett is booked to appear and I believe it's her birthday weekend, so Jeff will be taking the trip to NYC with her. He is not slated to wrestle on the show. For more, visit

Scheduled for thus Thursday's live Impact Wrestling in Tula, Oklahoma is the follow-up to Hulk Hogan quitting TNA, more matches being announced for Bound for Glory on 10/20, Bobby Roode being inducted into the E.G.O. Hall of Fame, more on the debuting Ethan and more. They will be filming the go-home 10/17 episode as well, so we'll have a pretty clear picture on the BFG undercard this week.

The latest edition of the TNA podcast was released over the weekend, featuring Bully Ray dragging Jeremy Borash around for a night of debauchery in Las Vegas at this link.

Abyss/Joseph Park turned 40 this past weekend. Our best wishes to him.

A few years back, there was a Twitter rant where Eric Bischoff attacked Jeremy Borash and painted him as well, worthless to TNA and as a liar. A fan referenced this on Twitter over the weekend and Bischoff noted that he had apologized to Borash about it, that Borash didn't deserve the attack and admitted he was "being a d***" when he did it.

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