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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-06 21:48:59

Welcome to my live blog from tonight's Battleground PPV. As I have mentioned a few times in the past week, I don't have high hopes for this show. Sometimes when that is the case, WWE fools me and delivers a good show. Hopefully it will be as good as the Denver Broncos-Dallas Cowboys game I just watched. That was some fun stuff.

The kick off match is Damien Sandown vs. Dolph Ziggler. As the match just started getting good, they went to a commercial recapping the CM Punk-Ryback feud. Uh, did you really need to do that? You have plenty of time later to push the PPV. ... Back from commercial, Damien is in control for the early part of the match until Dolph took over with a barrage of punches in the corner. JBL just said what if Sandow loses then cashes in the MITB later tonight. Yeah, that would GREAT booking because they have gotten Sandow SOOOOO over to this point. ... Dolph hit the Famouser, but only got a two. ... Sandow came back and was in control until he hurt his knee when he was trying to cheat. Ziggler got the pin. It was a good match for what it was. ... Oh yay, a recap of Steph emasculating Dusty Rhodes. No wonder so many people have tuned out of Raw the past two weeks.

Back to the panel, Titus and Tensai talked about how great WWE is a family product and they both want the Rhodes Family to win. I guess it's lost on them that the McMahon family are the ones causing all the problems.

Renee Young was in the back talking when El Torito came in and got all horny on her. It was, well, just what you would expect. Edge and Lita win the best power couple in WWE over HHH and Steph.

The show opened up with Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Title in a Hardcore Rules match. Ricardo introduced RVD. ADR made Lilian do his intro en espanol. They started immediately talking about whether Sandow would cash in or not. Wow, if they had booked him well, maybe there would be some anticipation for that. ... RVD hits a big spot immediatly with a somersault knee to the back of ADR's head off of the ring barrier. RVD took ADR and hit a DDT on a chair for a two count. ... ADR came back with a back stabber. He pasted RVD across the back with the chair a few times. He got a two count. ADR got cocky when RVD pasted him and took control, hitting a slingshot legdrop across ADR's throat. Then, RVD grabbed a ladder. The two men fought over it and ADR got the worst of it. RVD hit a kick from the top and set the ladder up in the corner. RVD did a few shots on ADR against the ladder. ADR then moved and RVD caught himself on the ladder. ADR hit an enzigiri and then took control again. He yelled ADR to mock RVD. ADR went under the ring and got a trash can. Put out the can, here comes the garbage man! ADR beat on RVD with the can, denting it up. ADR came off of the top with it and RVD jumped and kicked the can, literally, into ADR's face. RVD got back in control and set the ladder up and slammed ADR on it. He followed with a split legged moonsault on ADR when he was prone on the ladder. Two count only. RVD laid ADR on the ladder and did Rolling Thunder, but ADR moved. RVD went splat. ADR put on the armbar. Ricardo came in and hit ADR with a metal bucket to break it up. RVD got a two. ADR tossed RVD out and began yelling at Ricardo. ADR wanted Ricard to give him the bucket. RR suckered him and and then hit him a few times. But then ADR got control and began beating up Ricardo. He went to grab the ladder when RVD came from the other side of the ring and kicked it into him. ADR hit the floor with the ladder on his chest. RVD did a frog splash from the apron onto it. OUCH! The crowd chanted "this is awesome" and they are right. RVD goes back in the ring and gets a two count. Then the psycho fans said they want tables. RVD held up a chair, that worked for them. RVD went to the top rope but missed a Van Terminator. ... ADR hit a drop toehold on a chair then put Rob's arm in it and kicked the chair. He then locked on the cross armbreaker for the win. That was a great freakin' opener.

Poor Dutch Mantell, he had to do a bad promo saying that there are Hispanics in Buffalo and that Canadians sneak across the border. Uh, no they don't. Santino and Khali are foreigners so his team with one foreigner will tell them how to be American. Or some such nonsense. This match is next. Yes, hold back your excitement.

Swagger and Santino started off. Santino was in control early and brought out The Cobra. Shwagger was scared. Hornswoggle had a cobra too, but mean old Swagger took it off him and ripped it up. Cesaro took out a distracted Santino and the heels went to work on him. Then Khali tagged in and took control. God he is terrible, really terrible. Santino went to the floor on Swagger, leaving Cesaro to do the Big Swing on Khali. It was a cool visual. Even better, he pinned the big guy. This match is exactly what you would think it was.

Curtis Axel vs. R Truth for The IC Title is up next. They referenced Truth's "shoot" interview of being in WWE 17 years and not having a title in a long time. So now is his time. ... Truth was in control ealy on, but Axel came back. On the floor, he rammed Axel into the ringside barrier. Once they got back, they went back and forth on each other. ... The first near fall went to R Truth on a roll up. Then he got another. The fans were so into the near falls that they were chanting "JBL". Truth got another two with a face plant. Then as Axel took control, they chanted Walrus. Axel then got the pin out of nowhere. ... The match was fine but the lack of interest from the fans showed how poor of a job creative did in getting these guys over.

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