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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-06 18:18:20
During a book signing in Fresh Meadows, NY this afternoon, WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura noted that his TruTV series "Conspiracy Theory" had completed its run after three seasons and would not return for a fourth season as it had been canceled by the network.

Ventura, who now lives half the year in Baja California, Mexico, noted that he had signed with Ora.TV, the online provider that produces Larry King's online series, and would be doing a series broadcast from his home in Mexico online. Ventura did not provide a timeframe for the debut.

During the appearance, which promoted his new book on the JFK Assassination "They Killed Our President", Ventura noted that he's never owned a cell phone and never will and will no longer fly due to his issues with the TSA.

Since the subject often comes up, Ventura stated he would run for President in 2016, but feels that in order to do so, he needs Howard Stern to be his running mate so that Stern's listenership on Sirius Radio (which would not fall under FCC's equal time rules) could help raise the funds needed for the race in a way that would allow Ventura, as an independent to potentially win without being forced to deal with the lobbyists that often wield political power due to their financial donations to the major political party. He noted that he'd never get on the ballot without that sort of power behind him. Ventura also joked that he'd like to see what would happen if everyone voted for him as a write-in candidate.

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