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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-08 09:59:00

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I can't understand why older established stars still wear face paint. Sting, Hardy and Dustin Rhodes come to mind. I understand Rhodes plays a character. I think its childish and goofy. They can still draw a crowd bring themselves.

There are two reasons. One, that is how they are known to the fans. But more so than that, with face paint you don't realize Sting is in his mid fifties or Goldust is in his mid forties.

OK. Dixie turned heel last week and showed how truly awful her acting ability is. When the heel turn proves to be a failure, which I strongly predict, how will TNA turn her back to a babyface? Or will TNA ignore this stupid idea and go in a different direction.

If you look at past TNA storylines, they don't really worry about tying up loose ends or strictly adhering to logic. I would bet that Dixie will turn face again at some point.

Just wondering where Shane McMahon is? It would be pretty cool if Shane came back to WWE TV and opposed the HHH/Stephanie fiefdom. Then have Shawn Michaels come in as Shane's backup. It could go up until Survivor series and culminate in a HHH/Stephanie team lead by Randy Orton vs a Shane/Shawn lead team by Daniel Bryan.

Shane is doing his own thing with his own company. Thus far, he has show no interest in returning to WWE.

So... Triple H says in interviews that he doesn't have the luxury of making choices based on personal interests. He has to make the choice based on what's best for business, then in the next interview he says he had Daniel Bryan knocked out because he made it personal, then in the next interview, he makes the statement how his choices aren't based personally when they ask him about Stephanie's actions on Dusty Rhodes.... THEN in the SAME interview, claims the excuse for her actions was that Dusty made it personal. "#WTFWWEcreative". Your thoughts on it?

I got nothing. But it doesn't make any sense to me either. Neither TNA or WWE goes out of their way to use logic or consistency in their storylines.

What ever happened to Orlando Jordan? How is he doing?

I haven't heard his name much at all since he was let go by TNA. I know that he has been working with Luke Hawx training people down in New Orleans.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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