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By Patrick Conkling on 2013-10-06 11:05:10

Attended the show in Albany.  Decent crowd.

1.  Great Khali b Jinder Mihal.

Khali wins with the chop.

Heyman and Axel promo hyping the handicap main event.  Poll choices are 2/3 falls and no DQ.

2.  Kaitlyn and Natalya b AJ Lee and Tamina

AJ tapped to the sharpshooter.

3.  Justin Gabriel b Damien Sandow.

Pre match promo from Sandow saying he is the uncrowned champion.  Gabriel wins with a moonsault from the middle rope.  Sandow cuts a post match promo once again promising to be champion.

Wyatt promo.  Usual creepy stuff.

4.  Los Matadores b Heather Slater and Drew McIntrye

Mascot was way over.  Matadores win with their torture rack drop type finisher.

5.  RVD b Del Rio via DQ

Del Rio hits a low blow for the DQ.  Post match RVD lays out Del Rio with chair and hits five star splash.  Sandow tries to cash in the briefcase but Van Dam knocks him out and splashes him also.

6.  Ryback b Zach Ryder

Pre match promo from Ryback doing the bully stuff with Josh Mathews and Ryder. Ryback wins with the Shellshock.  Heyman greets Ryback at the top of the ramp after the match.

7  Rowan and Harper b Usos

Spinning clothesline for the win.  Postmatch Bray Wyatt hits his finisher on one of the Usos

8.  Punk b Axel & Paul Heyman

No DQ stip won the poll.  Bunch of Kendo sticks shots.  Punk gets out of the double team and hits the GTS on Axel for the win.

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