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By Eric Sturrock on 2013-10-06 08:37:01

I went to the WWE Live Event at the Times Union Center, in Albany, New York Saturday Night. This was the emptiest I have ever seen the Times Union Center for wrestling. The ring announcer for the show was Josh Matthews.
1st Match: Great Khali vs Jinder Mahal. Referee: Ryan Tran.

Jinder came down to the ring with a black scarf wrapped around his head that only his eyes were showing. Jinder tried to hit Khali’s chop on Khali to no avail. Khali won with the chop.
Josh Matthews said everyone can vote via tweet or text for the main event match type. No DQ or 2 out of 3 Falls.
On the screen was Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel. Paul said they are in Albany. Paul said Albany is the capital on his home state of New York. Heyman wished Albany would succeed already so they can have a real capital like Minneapolis.   
2nd Match: AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn & Natalya. Referee Marc Harris.

Tamina wore a black leather vest and black pants to wrestle in, no more singlet. Kaitlyn wore her Breast Cancer awareness shirt over her gear for the entire match. Tamina kept protecting AJ throughout the match. Natalya & Kaitlyn did double team work including a double suplex on Tamina. Kaitlyn kept trying to go after AJ. In the end Tamina tried to save AJ but was speared out of the ring by Kaitlyn, and Natalya made AJ tap right away to the sharpshooter. I enjoyed the match a lot more time then they usual get on TV. Tamina pulled AJ out of the ring and carried her to the back after.
3rd Match: Damien Sandow vs Justin Gabriel. Referee Ryan Tran.

Before the match, Damien wanted silence from the crowd. Gabriel won in the end. Tran gave Damien a mic after the match, and with pauses Damian said he is still money in the bank holder.
4th Match: Los Matadores w/ El Torito vs. 3MB(Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre). Referee Marc Harris.

The crowd loved Los Matadores 4th loudest cheers of the night. They did their usual entrance like on TV. The Matadores have new added features to their masks, they now have white straps coming from under their pink masks down to their chin. Matadores had Slater chase the cape like a bull at the start and Slater kept missing and fell out of the ring. Matadores won. After Slater chased Torito around and Torito layed him out after hitting a hurricarna off the top rope. They posed after in the ring for 3 Ole’s.
5th Match: Alberto Del Rio(World) vs Rob Van Dam for the World Championship Title. Referee Ryan Tran.

Alberto got the 3rd loudest cheers of the night. Alberto taunted multiple fans as he took his time coming down to the ring. RVD got the 2nd loudest cheers of the night. Fun back & forth match. Some near falls. Alberto tried to leave at one point but RVD stopped him. Alberto caused a DQ by hitting RVD with a low blow. Matthews announced RVD as the winner but Alberto still champion. Alberto went towards Josh and took his chair. Alberto ran towards RVD missed him hit the turnbuckle and RVD kicked the chair in his face. RVD put the world title on Alberto, and hit the frog splash on Alberto & the Title. Damien Sandow carrying his briefcase came running down to the ring with Marc Harris, Damian handed Harris the case but walked into a kick from RVD and then a frog splash. Damien and Alberto left. RVD posed with the title and then walked around ringside shaking hands and talking to every fan at ringside and then went towards 2 sections of seating by the ramp.
Matthews plugged Merch stand and took a intermission.
6th Match: Zack Ryder vs Ryback. Referee Marc Harris.

Before the match. Ryback got the mic from a scared Josh Matthews. Ryback said he saw Ryder bully Matthews into a handshake. Ryder said he bulled Josh because his tiny. Ryback also said Josh Matthews was a worthless person, has no girlfriend, has no family, no friends, is a small man, a Tough Enough reject, a WWE reject. Ryback said he and the people of Albany would not accept Ryder bullying someone like that. Ryback told Albany not to worry that he would take Ryder out. Ryback dominated but Ryder did get some stuff in, Including a Broski Boot. Ryback won with a shell shock. Ryback was greeted by Paul Heyman on the stage.
7th Match: Usos vs Wyatt Family w/ Bray Wyatt. Referee Ryan Tran.

Erick Rowan just stared at the Usos in the ring for awhile at the start of the match. The Usos complained to Tran that Rowan should take off his sheep mask. Luke Harper got the win with a spinning clothesline. Bray Wyatt after layed out the one Uso.
Matthews said they would be back in Albany in the near future.
8th Match: Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs CM Punk. Referee Marc Harris.

Before Punk came out Josh Matthews announced that it was going to be No DQ Match. Heyman laughed and said it’s even better that way as Punk can’t beat Paul Heyman. When Punk’s music played he did not come out right away and Heyman looked around the ring. Punk got the loudest cheer of the night. Punk before the match talked about how he loves Albany. Punk said if he did not live in Chicago he would live RIGHT HERE in Albany, NY. Punk saw a sign and he read it that said “It’s Open Season on Paulrus Heyman” Heyman stayed on the outside for the match. Crowd chanted “Paulrus Heyman”.

Punk had Axel down and held his legs and went to stomp on his gut, but Punk asked each side of the crowd which side to do it on. Punk pulled Axel around running in circles before he stomped on him. CM got a Singapore cane out from under the ring. Both hit each other with the cane. Axel brought out a table but because the crowd cheer he put it back under the ring. Axel stabbed Punk in the back with a steel chair. Punk had a lot of fun with the crowd.

Punk got knocked off the top rope by Heyman. Axel called Heyman into the ring to hit Punk with the cane. Heyman slithered in and hit Punk with the cane and danced around with the cane taunting Punk. Punk low blowed Heyman and hit him with the cane afew times. Heyman got out of the ring and Punk won with the GTS on Axel. Punk shook hands with some fans after the match.


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