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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-06 09:59:00

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Can you give me one reason to order the Battleground PPV?

You would make WWE very happy? Seriously, the build for this show is really lacking but I can think of three things that could be good. They are Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan and the storylines between The Rhodes Family-Shield and CM Punk-Paul Heyman. Yes, it's not a great reason but it's something. If you decide not to, join us here. We are taking the bullet and will have full coverage here on the site tonight.

What do you think of the "zoom in and out, up and down" motion of the camera that WWE does when a wrestler is getting beatdown? It makes me dizzy and makes Shield beatdowns unwatchable.

It doesn't bother me at all.

What's with Dusty Rhodes' polka dot wrestling gear in the early 90's? True fashion? or an attempt to humiliate him? Was he not liked by the powers that be?

It was not his call, that's for sure. Dusty came to WWE as a former top star and booker for Crockett Promotions. The WWF wanted to show he may have been a big fish there, but he was a small fish in their company (exactly like they did with the WCW guys after they bought the promotion in 2001). To his credit, Dusty turned that dopey gimmick into something worthwhile. That speaks volumes to his talent.

Is Stephanie's ego so big that she feels she shouldn't get pie-faced from Dusty? Why get mad? He's a bigger star than her and her husband combined could ever be.

I have heard that story too, but haven't been able to second source it. What I heard was that she was supposedly mad because he went off script and "that wasn't the story that they wanted to tell" with Steph. I am with you though. Dusty being submissive to her is not entertaining at all to me and I think it's one of the reasons viewership has dropped so quickly of late for WWE.

My question is in regards to Stephanie McMahon's recent unloading of her WWE stock. It seems like the majority of the shares she sold were unloaded almost immediately before their guidance adjustment for the rest of the year. Now, as Stephanie is a WWE executive, wouldn't she have had foreknowledge of the adjustment, and know that it would cause a drop in the stock price? I'm far from an expert from the stock market so forgive me if I'm way off here, but isn't knowing in advance the stock price is going to drop and unloading a significant amount of it immediately beforehand considered insider trading? And...isn't that illegal? Again, please forgive me if I'm wrong, I know about as much about the stock market as I do building spaceships (which isn't near as much as I'd like)

All I know is that the SEC watches that kind of think very closely and if they think there is something to investigate they most certainly will do so. Just ask Martha Stewart.

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